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FBI Hair Analysis Is Booooogus – The Death Sentences Are Real

Posted by Martin C. Fox on April 22, 2015

FIB Rule Number Three-Get convictions

Rule Number one-Do nothing to embarrass the bureau

Rule Number two-Do not violate rule one

Justice for the innocent and arresting the guilty are somewhat further down the list.

The recent string of sting operations against FIB coerced, half-wit “terrorists” being portrayed as investigative success stories illustrates the level of government honesty and integrity for which we are paying.

Now comes this Guardian story where the FIB admits their famous hair analysis technique is completely worthless.

In July 2013, the FBI admitted that the foundations of what it called “hair comparison evidence”…were scientifically invalid.

Again with that pesky integrity thing:

The results, first reported by the Washington Post, concluded that an astonishing 26 of the 28 FBI agents who had provided testimony as expert witnesses at trial based on microscopic hair analysis had made statements to juries that were known to be false. Their erroneous evidence was found in a full 90% of the trial transcripts the team has studied.

The government has identified almost 3,000 cases in which FBI agents may have given testimony involving the now-discredited technique. So far only about 500 of those cases have been been reviewed.

Some 268 of those involved FBI examiners providing expert evidence in court that pointed to the guilt of the defendant – of which 257, or 96%, included false testimony.

Most shockingly, at least 35 defendants received the death penalty, 33 of which were the subject of false FBI testimony. Nine of the prisoners were executed and five died from other causes on death row.

As stated elsewhere in the article this does not even begin to cover the cases prosecuted on the state level using FIB trained hair analysts.

How many other FIB forensics techniques are equally flawed?How many FIB agents tell the truth?

Gee Wally, are they really this bad?

Yeah Beaver they are, just the rest of Washington. But what can you expect from an organization developed to its current level by a racist, jealous and power-driven, lying, (some say cross-dressing) scumbag?

Ward…I’m worried about the Beaver, he is disillusioned again and wants to eliminate the death penalty!

June, there is hope for the lad yet!.

Be seeing you


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