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Senator Burr Says We Are In More Danger Than Ever-So Renew A Failed Patriot Act

Posted by Martin C. Fox on May 10, 2015

The Patriot Act is up for renewal. Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr says we must renew as we are in more danger than ever.

He is right about the danger part. All the US efforts since Desert Storm have made the Middle East go from mildly bad to incredible disaster.

The Patriot Act and its FBI, DHS, CIA, NSA enablers have been a complete failure in bringing peace. A figure I heard on the Scott Horton show (Philip Giraldi interview) was 2 million dead in the war on terror.

As far as I can tell most domestic ‘terror’ events have been squashed by civilians on the scene (underwear bomber) or by tips from out of the blue (oxygen tank bombs in an airplane baggage compartment).

Two bozos in Garland Texas who were in the FBI’s sights for years were allowed to nearly kill a bunch of people.

What good is a law if the enforcers are incompetent?

The only thing killed by the Patriot Act is the Constitution. It is time to kill the act before it kills us.

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