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New Hit Show-Begging For Dollars In Pennsylvania

Posted by Martin C. Fox on October 25, 2015

The sight of the Erie school director begging governor Wolf for our money back should raise questions, but not about gridlock.

State and federal governments steal our money before we even have a chance to look at it. Then we have to beg to get just some of it back. There are always strings. Raise the drinking age for highway money. Implement common core or no child left behind for education money. In this case in PA agree to tax increases. The taxpayer must submit to extortion to get stolen money back. The US department of education was budgeted $68B in 2015. It inefficiently processes ineffective programs throwing dollars down the drain. Every year we hear how students in other countries outperform US students. Ask any old teaching hand if their work environment is better now than when they started.

Until we totally replace what we have now the next best thing is to eliminate “departments” that purport to help us. Let us keep our money to spend as we see fit.

I am coming to the conclusion that the best path to reining in the federal government is nullification.  The place to learn about it is the Tenth Amendment Center.

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