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Trudeau, Papoulia, Corbyn, Sanders The World Is Going Socialist

Posted by Martin C. Fox on November 2, 2015

I have noticed the current tendency of western countries to go socialist. Canada is the latest, electing Trudeau the younger. He is losing no time following in the old man’s footsteps promising money for everything under the sun.

Greece’s president Karolos Papoulia, elected while Greece was in the middle of impending default, promised the people everything. Then when the EU made a fuss he was forced backed off or as much as a dedicated socialist is able.

The UK Labor party has elected a far left socialist, Jeremy Corbyn as it’s leader.

The leading US Democratic presidential candidate is Bernie Sanders, an anti-capitalist, socialist.

Most people don’t comprehend the implications of the printing press and ‘government money but maybe they are sensing the impending doom. The Europeans certainly understand that they are in danger of losing their free stuff.

I listen to NPR as it is the only option during my drive time. I notice there are a lot of students interviewed during Sanders rallies. The concerns are always minimum wage and more government help in paying off student loans. There is never any discussions on why tuitions are so high, that the Fed is the prime culprit nor the reasons for young black youth unemployment and the upsurge in automated customer service and order taking.

Our fate in the hands of an ignorant electorate that will turn US into the next Greece.


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