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The Lame Duck Obama Will Be The Most Dangerous-Domestic Terrorism and Total Population Control

Posted by M. C. on October 18, 2015

This WND article describes Obama’s latest threat to freedom-the Domestic Terrorist Council. Domestic terrorist is meant to include anyone anti-government or whom considers themselves a sovereign citizen.

Side note: What is a sovereign citizen? Definitions vary from anyone who believes in their Constitutional rights see here

to those who pick and choose what laws they prefer to obey see here

to the FBI’s definition which includes anyone who does not like to do as they are instructed.

Anyone that speaks out against government atrocities, advocates for gun rights, protests police violence, is a military veteran, is a Libertarian or even just conservative is a target. The list will grow to anyone that questions government actions in any way.

The culprits consist of the usual rogues gallery that includes the justice department and its dominatrix Loretta Lynch, the NSA, Facebook, George Soros, the UN’s strong cities network that implants federal police in local departments and the Southern Poverty Law Center (if they had their way a white man jaywalking would be a “hate” crime) and Barack Obama.

The article quotes William Binney, the government persecuted NSA whistle-blower, as saying the NSA is all about “total population control”.

Indeed, that is what terrorism legislation and government in general is all about.

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