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Souffler en Arriere Big Time In France

Posted by M. C. on November 17, 2015

Souffler en Arriere (French for Blow Back according to Google Translate) is what happened Friday the thirteenth.

When I hear blowback I think of overthrowing the Iranian government in 1953 and the resultant Embassy takeover in 1979. I think of 9/11 when Bin Laden said we went over there because you are over here. I now think Paris and that ISIS went there because the French are over there.

Not that anyone acknowledges those realities nor that some of the perps were known entities. Instead we hear failure speeches on how the Paris attacks are the fault of Edward Snowden and publicly available encryption.

Now that France has been again placed in the frying pan Francois Allende wants to turn up the heat. He is calling on his “friends” to help fight the bad guys. Allende will not be doing himself any good by ratcheting up the French presence in the Middle East. Allende’s piece of the oil pie will be expensive.

Friend USA is training non-existent “moderates” to fight ISIS only to have them join ISIS with US paid for training and equipment, head for the hills leaving their tanks, Toyotas and rocket launchers to be collected by ISIS or just wiped out. We are intentionally arming Al Qaida and ISIS to overthrow Syria.

The so-what attitude of the media and the sheeple that prop it up is beyond comprehension.

Friend Turkey is fighting the Kurds who are the only effective deterrent to ISIS save Russia. They let Al Qaida wonder back and forth across their border to keep the Kurds in check. Turkey has half a million or so troops right next door to ISIS, what is the hold up? Obama, Kerry and Allende aren’t asking.

Friend Saudi Arabia funds Al Qaida, ISIS and anyone who will kill a Shia. Oh yeah and they funded the 9/11 operation.

Friend Israel sits back, enjoys the show and takes in Al Qaida and ISIS wounded so they can fight the Shia another day.

Have you noticed that ISIS hasn’t bothered Saudi Arabia, with all its oil, nor Israel? A follow the money moment.

The only friend doing any good is a relatively new one, Russia.

Asking these friends to help the cause of peace and freedom is like asking a suicide bomber what the button is for. Allende knows score. Peace is not the goal, control of the Middle East is. Control by the US of the Middle East via Allende’s puppet strings in this case. Al Qaida and ISIS have become a means to an end. Rid the Middle East of Shia influence.

What do you bet Allende’s current call to arms will again blow back in France’s face?

The US Middle East foreign policy is the text-book definition of insanity. Keep doing the same thing always expecting a different result. These friends are good at war but, sadly, not at winning. We need an alternative strategy.

Ron Paul has answer. Focus on trade and friendly relations, stop shipping weapons, abandon “regime change” and other manipulations, respect national sovereignty, and maintain a strong defense at home including protecting the borders from those who may seek to do us harm.

Here is a question. US/Israeli supported Mujahedin morphed into a worse US/Saudi/Israeli supported Al Qaida who morphed into a worse US/Saudi/Israeli supported ISIS. What will be the resulting issuance from this latest escalation?

Be seeing you

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