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Trans Pacific Partnership-Free Trade? Anything But

Posted by Martin C. Fox on November 20, 2015

TPP The international trade law and accountant full employment act.

You don’t have to hear much about the TPP to realize it will be a nightmare.

A five thousand page document with each country having to produce untold number of regulations to assure compliance. The few tidbits I have seen indicate there are labor and environmental standards that must be met. There are regs dealing with sourcing from non-treaty countries. If you work for a company that has to deal with just figuring if it can print Made In USA on the box, you know the paper work will be a nightmare. Is thirty thousand pages of regs just for the US guessing too high?

What is ‘free’ about five thousand pages of regs let alone thirty thousand? Nothing.

But it takes a lot of pages to insure control.

Labor standards, environmental standards, sourcing and who knows what else? We will have to pass the treaty to find out what is in it. We know how that works. This will cost US 100’s of $billions.

There will be winners. I am talking Goldman Sachs, the Military Industrial Complex, Wall Street, Big Banksters, Obama’s union voting block. The deal will likely be loaded with loopholes, special privileges, tax breaks and waivers.

The big boys like regulations. They have the wherewithal to deal with them. This plan likely has their input. Regulations are often a means to keep the little guy down and SOL. If you think safety and health are the only reasons the government mandates tough automobile emission standards and crash testing a dozen of each model you better think again.

As with Obamacare, the hidden costs of Obamatrade will become painfully apparent.

A free trade plan should take only a few pages.

Eliminate tariffs

Let currencies float

Ban dumping below cost

Maybe a few other things-maybe not.


You are welcome.

Be seeing you


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