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San Bernardino-Remember The Third Man?

Posted by Martin C. Fox on December 16, 2015

There was a fourth Soviet spy in the sieve that was MI 5 during and after WWII. Kim Philby was the spy in charge of MI 5. Guy Burgess and Donald McLean were his minions. Anthony Blunt confessed to being the “fourth man”.

Moviedom has its Third Man. Orson Wells in the movie (bad dude) and Michael Rennie in the short lived TV show (cool dude).

San Bernardino has its third man (bad dude)…or had.

Here are first hand accounts of their being a third shooter, one via NBC news. This third man has disappeared faster than Harry Lime down a manhole.

I can’t wait for the “conspiracy nuts” to fire up their websites. Like the rifle that supposedly mowed down kids in Sandy Hook and subsequently found in a car trunk…somethin’ just ain’t right.

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