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Tom Ridge Confronting Terror

Posted by Martin C. Fox on December 20, 2015

Tom Ridge 12-18-15

The attached Tom Ridge editorial appeared in the 18 Dec Erie Times News.  Tom Ridge is a neocon poster boy.  He accepted W’s offer to start the department of homeland security after 9/11.  Ridge is a local hero.  First a representative, then PA governor, had the Erie airport named after him, then made the father of DHS, now an international security consultant making a bundle from terrorism.  The editorial is worth a read to see where Ridge and my editorial response below come from.

Tom Ridge’s 18 Dec editorial on confronting terror was so divorced from reality I am forced to comment.

“(America) has led the free world by tapping into humanity’s courage and sense of duty, not hate, to overcome evil.” So many empty words in such a small space. What sense of duty led the US to tear the Middle East apart? Was it the CIA’s duty to overthrow the Iranian government in 1953 and install the brutal Shah? Was it Ambassador Alice Glaspie’s duty to give Saddam Hussein the green light to invade Kuwait so we would have an excuse to retaliate? Is it our duty to vaporize every Middle Eastern male capable of holding a gun or shovel, broom, hoe or anything that looks like a gun from a drone camera?

And no, Donald Trump is not a ‘go it alone’ guy. When Trump says he has no problem with Russia taking on ISIS fear strikes the hearts of neocons. Anyone that threatens US control and power anywhere on the planet must be put in their place.

Next come the real whoppers.

“Syria…the birthplace of the Islamic state” and “the epicenter of Islamic fundamentalism…Iran”. WOW! Modern day Islamic fundamentalism was birthed by the House of Saud. US backed Mujaheddin has morphed into ISIS. ISIS is the hardcore Sunni Wahhabism of Saudi Arabia, Iran is Shia!

“Tehran and Damascus…supply…Extremism”. Al Qaeda and ISIS are supplied mainly by Saudi Arabia. Turkey border is porous to Al Qaeda looking for refuge. Israel and Turkey treat wounded Al Qaeda. The US arms and trains non-existent “moderates” that desert and sell their weapons or defect to ISIS with their US supplied training and arms. The US is now openly supplying Al Qaeda in it’s attempt to oust Assad. Ridge is correct in that the epicenter of terrorism lies between Riyadh and the Ankara.

“There is ample evidence Assad’s intelligence service has propped up the Islamic state…” Assad, Hussein, Qadhafi were/are the only bulwarks AGAINST Sunni extremists. Assad, Kurds and now Russia are the only effective entities fighting ISIS.
Why the bloviating about bad Shias, “ending Assad’s rule” and “join(ing) forces with moderate Muslims”? Neocons are all about world hegemony, that is worldwide influence via bribery, threats and puppet governments. Those that don’t do what they are told (Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Ukraine, Chile to name a few) suffer the consequences. Look at a map. You will see shortest oil and gas pipeline route from Saudi Arabia and Qatar to Europe lies straight through Shia Iraq and Syria. No worries about the Strait of Hormuz and Russia gets shut out.

That is what the subject editorial was all about.

I would rather have read an explanation of why Mr. Ridge’s progeny, the DHS, completely failed us (again) in San Bernardino.


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