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TISA, TIPP, TPP, Trouble

Posted by Martin C. Fox on May 26, 2016

From The Daily Bell which you should all be reading:

Trade treaties

Leaked TISA Docs Reveal Secret ‘Global Constitution’

Corporatism actually serves two purposes. In an era of elite globalism, corporations are transnational and thus provide a platform for pan-regional transactions.

Additionally, corporations, properly positioned, are not subject to the inevitable restraints of the democratic process.

Corporations and the technocrats who run them fit into the globalist structure now being erected.

Ever wonder why it takes a 5 or 10 thousand page treaty to make trade “free”?  That is not counting the thousands of regulations each country needs to put in place to conform to the treaty.

It takes about one page – no tariffs, no conditions.

The only thing free about trade treaties is what corporations and governments can do to you and me.  Wage and hour regulations, environmental regs, don’t trade with Russia nor China, three restrooms, who knows what else.

The only thing missing is George Soros as trade negotiator.

Like Obamacare, everything is done in secret and for good reason.  We won’t know what is in it until we feel the hot poker coming up from behind.

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