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AMA, CDC, DHS,U, Me and Gun Abolition

Posted by Martin C. Fox on June 16, 2016

I see the American Medical Association (AMA) president is once again designating gun-owners as health hazards. He didn’t say that exactly but that is what the administration…AMA meant. They want to put the kibosh a law that prohibits fed funding for gun death research too. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is mentioned as a player. They don’t mince words. Guns are a disease and the Administration…CDC is the cure. The CDC is an obedient Progressive lap dog. Jeh Johnson (DHS) says gun control is now a homeland security issue. The same DHS that fights in no foreign lands but stockpiles hundreds of billions of rounds of ammunition…to use against whom?

Big government and big medicine are blood brothers. The AMA lobbying effort rivals that of lawyers and Wall Street Banksters. The resultant government regulation has raised prices so far out of sight the government, let alone us mundanes, can’t keep up the payments.

Remember the Clinton years when the Surgeon General told doctors to ask patients gun ownership details? I do.

This is all part of the ‘below the radar’ anti-gun effort Obama open miked to Sarah Brady.

Government and it’s minions should be answering other questions.

What about medical errors being the third leading cause of death?

What about the psychotropic drugs that power all these killers?

What about the US Ebola lab in Kenema hospital being the epicenter of the ebola crisis?

What about the Plum Island bio-weapons research center and lyme disease?

What about the current prescription drug crisis? These drug dealers are government registered and government controlled. Special permits (prescriptions) are required for sale. The government prescribed plan is not working.

What about another government prescribed disaster, the war on drugs that has prisons populations beyond the breaking point? Mexico has always been corrupt but the US drug war now has Mexico essentially run by drug lords. The Patriot Act, the DHS’ Rosemary’s baby, is used more for drug arrests than real terrorism investigations. When you get pulled over out of state, are illegally searched and the cop sees that box of Sudafed in your purse your cash (and freedom) will be ‘forfeitured’.

What about the root cause of the Orlando shooting? The Neocon/CIA foreign policy that has turned half the Middle East into rubble and the whole Middle East into America haters. How about those millions of dead and maimed? Not to mention the displaced. Dead brown people ‘over there’ don’t count.

What about the US is feeding weapons to Al Qaida with the pipe dream that they will defeat ISIS and dethrone Assad.

What about the Progressive wrought degradation of the family in the last 100 years?

What about the DHS equipped SWAT teams that have to justify their existence so they serve common warrants as though they were SEAL missions often with disastrous results?

Am I digressing? NO! It is all related. No matter the realm, government metastasizing intervention is the problem.

Leaving Iraq alone after they took over Kuwait (like we promised them) would have been bad for the casket and artificial limb business but would have saved the rest of us several $trillion and several Constitutional amendments. But hey, there are always trade-offs!

Government is the ultimate mad gunman. Cancerous megalomania dressed in 3 letter monogrammed lab coats selling oppression labeled as freedom.

Liberty and The Non Aggression Principle is the answer.







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