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(Disease) Patterns

Posted by M. C. on March 12, 2020

The deadly animal virus epidemic spreading globally may have originated in a Wuhan laboratory linked to China’s covert biological weapons program, according to an Israeli biological warfare expert.

Radio Free Asia this week rebroadcast a local Wuhan television report from 2015 showing China’s most advanced virus research laboratory known the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Radio Free Asia reported.

The laboratory is the only declared site in China capable of working with deadly viruses…

Major Alert: US Bio-Weapons – African Source Lab Exposed

The U S Government may have just been exposed committing BIO terror and Genocide upon the African people as African BIOWEAPOS lab closes in Heart of Ebola stricken Sierra Leone Africa. This is a Bombshell and should awaken the WORLD. Please watch this video and help get the Word out.

Journalist Yoichi Shimatsu’s article about Ebola, The Ebola Breakout Coincided With UN Vaccine Campaigns. The ebola pandemic began in late February in the former French colony of Guinea while UN agencies were conducting nationwide vaccine campaigns for three other diseases in rural districts. The simultaneous eruptions of this filovirus virus in widely separated zones strongly suggests that the virulent Zaire ebola strain (ZEBOV) was deliberately introduced to test an antidote in secret trials on unsuspecting humans…

The Creation of Lyme Disease on Plum Island: The Logic of Claims​

by Chris

There is one of only two possible realities that could have unfolded in regards to Lyme disease “originating” on Plum Island, New York.

The first is that Lyme disease originated on Plum Island, and by “originated” we could only mean “a genetically modified single celled organism” and not born or created. Humans possess the knowledge that life is essentially complex chemistry, but we don’t yet know how chemistry turned into biology (i.e., life), let alone recreate this natural doing in the lab.

The second is that Lyme disease didn’t originate on Plum Island. The bacteria itself may have been researched there throughout Plum Island’s history, but if humans don’t know how to create life, then the bacteria had to come from somewhere — nature…          (emphasis MCViewPoint)

Be seeing you

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Coronavirus: A Contrived Pandemic? Caused by a Gene Mutation or by a Meteorological Phenomenon? – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on January 30, 2020

I would bet this is another Plum Island/Kenema Hospital research scenario gone bad. gone bad.

How would the US know so soon about the particular virus and it’s epicenter? We knew what the Chinese were researching and/or we were doing it also and/or in partnership with China and/or in competition with China.


In October of 2019 a researcher at Johns-Hopkins Center for Health Security predicted 65 million people could die of coronavirus worldwide within 18 months under the right circumstances.

By December 31, China was reporting its first case of a mutated coronavirus infection.  It took only one day for the US Centers for Disease Control to identify a seafood market in Wuhan, China as the epicenter of the outbreak.

A Reuters news report claims the newly mutated coronavirus wasn’t identified until January 10 and hospitals in Wuhan didn’t have testing kits till January 20, with testing prior that date taking 3-5 days because they had to be sent to a laboratory in Beijing.  So how did the CDC all the way in the U.S. so quickly identify Wuhan as the hub of a coronavirus outbreak?

Of interest, Wuhan is the location for China’s Institute of Virology.  Authorities are calling this a coincidence.

One wonders if the current epidemic isn’t actually a contrived and pre-planned reality drill to see how the world would handle such a pandemic?  All the usual suspects participated in the drill planning, pharmaceutical company executives, the World Bank, public health authorities, news media execs, and representatives for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Why did the Johns-Hopkins doctor pick a mutated coronaviral pandemic instead of some other virus?

Wuhan ghost-town

I write this report on January 29, 2020.  The 11-million city of Wuhan, China is gripped by the coronavirus.  Quarantines are in place.  Fear of the spread of the virus is omnipresent.  The weather is wintery.  The temperate chilly, 44° Fahrenheit/7° Celsius.  Cloudy skies will predominate over the next few days.  The UV index in Wuhan goes unreported by news media.  On a scale of 1 (lowest)-10 (highest), the UV index in Wuhan is ~3-4 at the height of the crisis.  Wuhan is 30.5928° North latitude and it is unlikely for its residents to obtain enough sunlight to produce sufficient amounts of vitamin in winter months.

One study (2012) reveals vitamin D deficiency in China is rampant (percentage of vitamin D deficiency among Beijing and Shanghai adults of 69.2%).

Wuhan is now a ghost town. There are photo images of an empty city park, train travelers with warm clothing that blocks any chance of sunlight/skin exposure, video of the empty streets in Wuhan, and more ghost town video footage.  The virus appears to spread internationally by air travel, but not spread outward from destinations of infected travelers.

News reports concede this “deadly” coronavirus is just a new strain of a familiar virus which in the past has been called SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome).  It’s genetic makeup is 96% identical to the coronavirus found in bats.

Viral mutations

Slight changes of the mutation rate can determine whether or not some virus infections are rapidly cleared by the host immune system.

RNA viruses (like the coronavirus) are susceptible to damage from oxidation which can affect their rate of mutation.  This has been demonstrated in mice deficient in the trace mineral selenium.  China is known to be a “low selenium” country by the World Health Organization.

But fast-mutation rates mean any potential epidemic would peter-out due to rapid mutation rates.

RNA viruses (like the coronavirus) have high mutation rates—up to a million times higher than their hosts—and these high rates are correlated with enhanced virulence.  However, their mutation rates are almost disastrously high, and a small increase in mutation rate can cause RNA viruses to go locally extinct. Their mutation rates are said to be an exploitable Achilles’ heel.

Mutation or lack of sunshine vitamin D?

A report published in 2004 in BMC Evolutionary Biology (abridged) said this:

The estimated mutation rates in the SARS-Coronavirus using multiple strategies were not unusual among coronaviruses and moderate compared to those in other RNA viruses. All estimates of mutation rates led to the inference that the SARS-Coronavirus could have been with humans in the spring of 2002 without causing a severe epidemic.  The earliest confirmed case of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) occurred in November, 2002.  The SARS-Coronavirus will likely be with humans for years to come.  On the other hand, if the pathogen (particularly the genes coding for major antigens) evolves rapidly, an effective strategy to prevent transmission of the SARS-CoV must be the top-priority, and an effective vaccine program may be problematic.  In comparison to other coronaviruses, this rate is lower than that in the mouse hepatitis virus, similar to that in the transmissible gastroenteritis virus, but higher than that in the infectious bronchitis virus.  The estimated mutation rate is at the same order of magnitude as in other RNA viruses.  The SARS-CoV is not an unusual coronavirus or RNA virus in terms of its speed of nucleotide changes. One possible scenario is that the SARS-CoV had already infected some people in the spring of 2002 but failed to cause serious epidemics; its spread was however suppressed in the summer (similar to the summer of 2003), and re-emerged around November to cause the epidemic in 2003.

If that isn’t confirmation that coronavirus is always with us but due to geo-meteorological changes (the earth shifting away from the sun in winter) then I don’t know what is.

In 1981 R. Edgar Hope-Simpson proposed that seasonal flu epidemics are associated with a lack of solar radiation in winter months.  John J. Cannell MD convincingly proposes the lack of sunshine vitamin D in winter explains virtually all of the factors involved in seasonal viral epidemics including why these epidemics spread so rapidly in the past despite the lack of modern transportation, why a second-wave of the epidemic so low, why intentional inoculation of healthy individuals does not cause illness in all volunteers, and why flu-related mortality is not significantly affected by vaccination.

Vaccine on the way

A news report says researchers have already produced a vaccine from an isolated “unknown” virus from the first case reported in Hong Kong.  The fastest way to get a vaccine developed and approved is to create an imagined pandemic that elevates the urgency of its development and gets government to cover the R&D cost.  Two companies are said to be developing the world’s first coronavirus vaccines.

Given such a global pandemic from a mutated coronavirus was estimated to cause $570-billion of economic losses should it occur, it would cost just ~$9 billion to provide 30-days of vitamin D pills to 3 billion people in Asia (calculated at 10-cents per pill).

Be seeing you

Plum Island Animal Disease Center – Orient, New York ...


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Did China Steal Coronavirus From Canada And Weaponize It? | Zero Hedge

Posted by M. C. on January 26, 2020

We shall see…maybe.

Speaking of laboratories, remember Kenema hospital being the epicenter of the ebola outbreak?

Another Plum Island?

Submitted by Great Game India


Last year a mysterious shipment was caught smuggling Coronavirus from Canada. It was traced to Chinese agents working at a Canadian lab. Subsequent investigation by GreatGameIndia linked the agents to Chinese Biological Warfare Program from where the virus is suspected to have leaked causing the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus Bioweapon – How Chinese agents stole Coronavirus from Canada and weaponized it into a Bioweapon

The Saudi SARS Sample

On June 13, 2012 a 60-year-old Saudi man was admitted to a private hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with a 7-day history of fever, cough, expectoration, and shortness of breath. He had no history of cardiopulmonary or renal disease, was receiving no long-term medications, and did not smoke.

Egyptian virologist Dr. Ali Mohamed Zaki isolated and identified a previously unknown coronavirus from his lungs. After routine diagnostics failed to identify the causative agent, Zaki contacted Ron Fouchier, a leading virologist at the Erasmus Medical Center (EMC) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for advice.

Abnormalities on Chest Imaging of the Saudi patient infected with Coronavirus. Shown are chest radiographs of the patient on the day of admission (Panel A) and 2 days later (Panel B) and computed tomography (CT) 4 days after admission (Panel C).

Fouchier sequenced the virus from a sample sent by Zaki. Fouchier used a broad-spectrum “pan-coronavirus” real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) method to test for distinguishing features of a number of known coronaviruses known to infect humans. Read the rest of this entry »

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AMA, CDC, DHS,U, Me and Gun Abolition

Posted by M. C. on June 16, 2016

I see the American Medical Association (AMA) president is once again designating gun-owners as health hazards. He didn’t say that exactly but that is what the administration…AMA meant. They want to put the kibosh a law that prohibits fed funding for gun death research too. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is mentioned as a player. They don’t mince words. Guns are a disease and the Administration…CDC is the cure. The CDC is an obedient Progressive lap dog. Jeh Johnson (DHS) says gun control is now a homeland security issue. The same DHS that fights in no foreign lands but stockpiles hundreds of billions of rounds of ammunition…to use against whom?

Big government and big medicine are blood brothers. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why Are We Sending Ebola Patients To The US?

Posted by M. C. on October 13, 2014

We are sending up to 4000 US troops to Africa to build treatment centers primarily for health care workers. When the inevitable Ebola cases start showing up among the troops will they be sent home for treatment? How many non-symptomatic carriers will be sent home only to spread the disease in the US?

We have had an infectious disease research center in Sierra Leone since at least 2006. Why are we so in the dark?

The conflicting stories on how ebola is spread tells me we don’t know all the transmission vectors. It is obvious we are scrambling, know little about what we are dealing with and are shooting from the hip. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ebola- Another US Government Success Story?

Posted by M. C. on August 13, 2014

Remember the anthrax mailings to some Senators in 2001? After much prodding the government finally admitted the bugs came from the Army’s Ames Research Center.

Researcher Bruce Ivins was accused but no one really believes it was him. Ivins couldn’t take the pressure and pulled his own plug. The FBI pulled out and declared victory.

Then there is Plum Island. This facility near Lyme CT was started to help combat contagious animal disease such as hoof and mouth. It is now a restricted access biological disaster area. There have been past reports of disfigured animals washing up on nearby shores. Read the rest of this entry »

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