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No Fly List Doesn’t Fly

Posted by Martin C. Fox on June 25, 2016

A secret list, kept by a secret group, with secret criteria, developed by grossly incompetent secret organizations (DHS, TSA, US government). One finds out they are on the list only after buying an expensive airline ticket and being refused boarding privileges or after attempting to purchase a firearm if the Progressives have their way. This is straight out of Kafka.

If The List has actually stopped any terror acts, that is secret too.

Omar Mateen the Orlando shooter, having flown to the Middle East at least twice, had been spewing hatred to anyone within earshot since the third grade was deemed a good guy by the FIB FBI and global security agency/DHS contractor G4S.

Yet John Lewis, the sponsor of the people gun control sit-in and the godfather of people gun control Ted No-Drive-List Kennedy have been on the no fly list. Then there is the 18 month old terror suspect.

The patriot act is used as much for drug arrests, padding cop arrest records and facilitating asset forfeiture for heinous crimes such as transporting Sudafed across state lines than for anti-terror. Similarly the no fly list is used to hassle dissidents and hostile reporters. David Miranda partner of The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald (a supporter of Anthony Snowden) for one.

If Teddy Kennedy had trouble getting off the no fly list how tough is it for us innocent mundanes?

The no fly list should be scrapped but that is unlikely. It should be made completely transparent. The administrators, the rules and those on the list. Not likely either.

The no buy list would be inherently as inaccurate, unfair and politicized as the no fly list.

An armed populace is anathema to progressives. As I indicate above, it is all about people control.

Just listen to freedom terrorist Maxine Waters.

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