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Mclane Church and Take Me To Worship

Posted by Martin C. Fox on July 17, 2016

When I think I have things figured out, I usually find out differently.

Prayer was exorcised during my tour of government education. Government has eliminated Christianity from its other tentacles also.

So what have we now? Many local government schools have allowed their facilities to be used for Sunday services. I don’t know whether they charge, won’t be surprised, maybe that is why they do it. None-the-less Christian, yes Christian, services are being held in government facilities.

Violent crime in Erie, like many locales, is escalating. There are a couple different remedies being tried. These are after the fact remedies. The program of enlightening known bad guys on what life has in store if they continues their ways shows signs of helping, if what one reads is true.

There is an once of prevention cure. It’s local acceptance and prominence in the news is another of those-I thought I had it figured out-moments.

It is “Take Me To Church”. Recently there was a speaker at Mclane church in Edinboro PA that outlined data showing how young people who had an hour or more of religious exposure a week were more likely to do well in things they should and avoid things they should avoid.

“Take Me To Church” is an area wide program designed to encourage adults to take youth to church. It will get a lot of exposure in the coming weeks.

It is the best thing I seen come down the pike in a long time. With a lot of luck (oops, there is my attitude showing again) it may help.

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One Response to “Mclane Church and Take Me To Worship”

  1. Robert Cogan said

    Martin, you should know as well as I that, while police call-ins may have a short term effect, this religion treatment is nonsense. Illegal drugs remain a GIGANTIC BLACKMARKET turf protected with guns. I think the whole drug addiction scene should be legalized – and medical custodialized. Make it legal to produce all drugs and consume them. Expand methadone clinics, hire even un-convicted dealers to administer legal (purity – tested buzz – creating nonfatal doses for demonstrably addicted people.) Their’ll be some increase in addiction for a while and after the black market price is no longer worth the trouble most of the black market would disappear. Relatives – friends could for a while engage in civil commitment proceedings if they fear some loved one is being lost to drugs. But essentially drug use is a liberty issue, isn’t it?

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