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The FBI Forgets The Script, Or Not.

Posted by Martin C. Fox on July 17, 2016

The FIB FBI just announced that Omar Mateen’s Orlando shooting motive was not anti-gay. That puts a damper on Obama’s wailing and gay baiting propaganda campaign. Mainstream media’s entire story line is toast.

Speaking of baiting we haven’t heard a lot from Sharpton or Jackson on this one.

So where does that leave us? What was the motive? Oh no! Could it be Islamist extremism? Even worse DOMESTIC Islamist extremism.

We will continue to blame guns and in this come together, rainbows and unicorns administration blame white racism. But as we have said before this just diverts our narrow scope from the obvious.

The continued failure of our $trillion national security police state.

My simpleton Stepford representatives Kelly, Toomey and Casey will no doubt see this as a reason to increase funding for various freedom sapping programs. More grannies will get porno scanned at the airport.

More domestic Islamist terrorism doesn’t follow the script, but maybe it does. Attention is diverted from other issues. Like presidential candidates that think the law is for the little people and lie about landing in Bosnian free fire zones with her daughter and a fat comedian.

Fear spreads, the sheeple baa baa for help. Help will cost them and US (the Paul Harvey “us” if you remember that).

Anti-gay motives or not, mission accomplished and Bin Laden keeps on winning.

Be seeing you



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