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Nothing Says ‘Hillary’ Like An Almost New, Slightly Used Replacement Colon

Posted by Martin C. Fox on August 1, 2016

This is about one of Hillary’s first foreign policy success stories, Bosnia. Bosnia Muslims were freed from the Serb aggravation by bombing the country back to the stone-age at the nagging prompting of Hillary. In a crazy coincidence, this none of their business, UN sanctioned bombing pogrom was initiated around the time Monica Lewinski and Bubba were outed by Linda Tripp.

Bosnia is now free of Serbs as well as Christians, Jews and all other infidel rabble. Those not killed were forced to flee their homes by peace loving Muslim inhabitants.

So what does a bombed back to the stone-age citizenry do to make ends meet these days? Well, there is a lot of heroin and human organ trafficking going on. The area is considered by some to be the world headquarters of organ trafficking.

This is where Pathological Liar Hillary says she, Chelsea and Sinbad the comedian were forced to run through a hail of bullets to the air terminal upon landing. If Hillary makes a return trip to vacation-land Bosnia she will likely have to dodge (real) beheading knives instead of bullets. Much like if she visited some of the other regions she has blessed with her loving touch. Libya, Iraq, Syria or say a French Christian church.

You don’t have to be full-blooded Apache to track Hillary’s body strewn, depleted uranium projectile laden foreign policy trail.

A relining job is what us ‘little people’ (the folks forced to obey laws) will need after another dose of Bubba and Hill.

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