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NATO-The Original ‘W’ Advised Against It

Posted by Martin C. Fox on August 2, 2016

George Washington may have been a poor field commander but he was a wise politician. When departing the White House he advised us to avoid entangling foreign alliances.

World war one was the result of a spider web of European alliances. So complicated no one can figure it all out.

World War two began as a result of the UK commitment to protect Poland. When Hitler invaded Poland England was honor bound to come to their aid.

The rest of that story was Churchill and Roosevelt sold out Poland to ‘Uncle Joe’ Stalin at Yalta. With friends like that… Honor was never in the bulldog’s nor FDR’s vocabulary.

Not having learned from history, we are now guaranteeing protection to NATO countries from the ogre du jour Russia and its evil leader Vlad. Estonia, Poland, the Baltics, Georgia, Latvia, Ukraine-how are these countries vital to US? Answer: They aren’t.

We have expanded NATO right to Russia’s border in violation of the deal made with the Soviets when they dissolved their union. We sail our warships right up to her shores and the presstitute media voice scripted outrage when Russian jets fly across a warship bow.

As Pat Buchanan and others repeatedly point out. How would we react if Russia created a Caribbean Alliance and sailed warships within viewing distance of Florida beaches?

Donald Trump is right. NATO needs a stake driven in it’s heart. It is a tool of the Deep State (the Pentagon, CIA, Gladio). Not a tool for peace, it’s purpose is to intimidate, aggravate and enable US hegemony in Europe.

NATO also keeps the US war machine manufacturers living large. Being in NATO means keeping up to snuff. The US gives money to NATO countries so they keep up to date by buying US weaponry. That is right, NATO countries buy US weapon systems with our taxes. The money they spend is first stolen from our pockets.

War is a racket.” By someone who learned first hand general Smedley Butler.

War party neocons hate Trump because, despite all his faults, he wants to develop a peaceful, productive relationship with Russia. Neocons want to crush Russia and keep it under the US thumb. NATO is their tool as is Hillary Clinton.

What makes more sense, gaining an economic, if not military, ally or gaining yet another enemy? We do more of the latter than former.

Russia is in no shape for a major war. But their back is to the wall. They would make a painful fuss if pushed.

Having Russia on our side would help our relations with China whom we are also threatening with the help of sock puppet SE Asian minions like Australia.

Why would we want to go to war with China over Taiwan or a few rocks in the South China Sea? Well, OK, oil! Besides, the Pacific is a US lake and don’t forget it!

Government-It is all about control and not just here at home.

Trump and relative peace or Hillary, NATO and war. That is the choice.

Be seeing you



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