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Snowden The Movie – Thank you Edward and Oliver.

Posted by Martin C. Fox on September 25, 2016

Just saw it.  Just see it!

Oliver Stone has done a great job.

My expectations were moderate as I knew this is a ‘Dramatization’.  But knowing a bit about the subject the film seemed real.  Nothing was OTT except for what we already know.

The government collects all comms from everyone.

Yes they can turn on your cameras and microphones without your knowing it.

The FISA court is a rubber stamping joke.

This country’s government lies to US every day.

I highly recommend this as even if you are mildly cognizant of reality, there are  interesting details and sidelights to Edward Snowden’s life you probably are, as I was, not aware.  The real beneficiaries will be those sheeple you know that have their heads in the sand. Tell them to see the film.

That is all I will say as my meager talents cannot do the film justice.

Thank you Edward and Oliver.

Be seeing you



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