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Is Hillary Wiped?

Posted by M. C. on September 9, 2016

The Hillary situation is beyond ridiculous.

Her neocon foreign policy and influence starting in during Bill’s regime has resulted in a world of disaster. Hundreds of thousands dead and millions displaced. W and O have done their share also but peaceful discourse is not Killary’s forte. Ask any Christians left alive in Kosovo, Libya, Iraq etc. How can anyone take the MSM and their Hillarious coverage of her legacy seriously?

Remember when courageous Hillary as first lady, her daughter and a fat comedian dodged bullets after landing in a firefight at a Bosnian airport?

Coughing fits and the returning mystery man with the Epipen looking device. “Bones” with a TriOx pen! Beam her up.

Remember “I don’t know what wiping a drive means, you mean with a cloth?” This coming from someone who knows how to hide evidence.

“C” means Confidential? How is an ex-first lady and secretary of state to know that?

The slow dribble of her FBI interviews. The FBI via Loretta Lynch (and a chance meeting with Bubba aboard his airplane) has been stalling. I am surprised anything new is coming from the FIB.

How about the (formerly) hidden ear piece? Is BFF Huma coaching her through the rough bits? Keeping track of all those lies must be really tough.

Perpetual Wiki-leaks – Is Julian saving the best for last? What happens if Hillary gets her server wiped? Will the DNC go hat in hand to Bernie? He will make quite a stink because of being shafted. He has bailed from the party so maybe the Bern is extinguished. There is grandpa Joe Biden. He would bite in a New York minute. He, like The Donald, tends to shoot from the hip. Hopefully he won’t ask too many more paraplegics to stand and take a bow at press conferences.

Imagine a debate between Grandpa Joe and The Donald!!!

If Assange times his efforts right and Hillary is wiped too close to election day for the Deep State to sell us on their replacement, what then?

I can’t wait for what comes next.

Be seeing you

2 Responses to “Is Hillary Wiped?”

  1. Doug Rowley said

    Notice how Obama doesn’t praise Hillary too much? He mostly attacks Trump. Guess he’s leaving the door cracked and greased to quickly wheel her out and roll old Joe in.

  2. Good point about O. A fuddy duddy like Joe might appeal to Bernie supporters.

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