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Erie Times-News Endorses Clinton Because Of Her Accomplishments But Fails To Name Any-I Will

Posted by Martin C. Fox on October 31, 2016

…her intellect, cumulative experience and long record of public service make her a better choice than Republican nominee Donald Trump by a long shot.

..Clinton has built a breadth of experience and a record of leadership that equips her to lead the nation through the tricky currents and perilous rapids of these turbulent times.

That record includes an enduring dedication to the welfare of children, her stature as a global role model for and champion of women, and crucial experience as a leader of the nation’s foreign policy apparatus.

This sounds great except nowhere does the ET-N actually mention any accomplishments.

Regarding women and children-Clinton acknowledges her child welfare model was Margaret Sanger, the inspiration for planned parenthood.  Sanger like Hillary was a progressive, one of the originals.  Being true to Progressives of the time Sanger was a eugenicist.  Deplorables such as those of color, lacking in skills and or “feeble-minded”, as determined by the government, should be sterilized, not permitted to reproduce.  If per chance a deplorable should find themselves with child there was always abortion.

her stature as a global role model for and champion of women…Iraq WAS a relatively good place for a Muslim woman as is Iran.  Saudi Arabia whom she loves and supports (and in turn is supported) not so much.

Hillary’s foreign policy accomplishments are her number two defining quality (number one described below).

Hillary’s Middle East foreign policy is more for Israel’s and Wall Street’s benefit than you or me.

Kosovo.  Muslims were getting a hard time so Hill badgered Bubba to bomb Kosovo back to the stone-age.  Plus it was a distraction from stained dresses. The result was everyone not a Muslim who did not manage to escape was put to the sword.  The area is now a magnet for drug and organ trafficking.

She voted for the oil field and pipeline expansion program commonly called war in Iraq.

She handed hundreds of million$ to Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai and his drug dealing brother to do our bidding.  The result was Karzai told US to pound salt and bailed with literally shrink wrapped pallets of US taxpayer millions.  Karzai played Hillary and the warparty like a fiddle.

Hillary is equal opportunity when it comes to war.  She never met one she didn’t like.

She ringed Russia with missiles saying they were to defend Eastern Europe from Syrian attack.  No one with a functioning brain cell believed that. She and Bubba helped break our promise to “not move NATO one inch closer” to Russia.

Russia is being punished for placing their country in the middle of our military bases.  Hillary’s clamoring for a no fly zone will undoubtedly lead to some sort of dramatic confrontation with Russia.

She is the war machine’s puppet.  She apparently doesn’t have the mental chops to understand she is helping to start WW III.  Then again maybe she does.

Clinton’s Libya speaks for itself. It went from a controlled populace that squashed European emigration to an ISIS hellhole with a moving walkway to Europe.

Thanks to Wikileaks we know Hillary wants to follow-up on the North American Union. One big country where our lives will be dictated by Mexicans and Canadians. Open borders where anyone can join our party including Middle Easterners of military age with no families in tow.

Apparently “Erie’s Newspaper” feels using the State Department as a vehicle to collect bribes donations for the Clinton Foundation is a positive policy.  In Washington it undoubtedly is.

Hilary’s number one defining characteristic is a tie between making a buck and her pathetically poor pathologically lying.

I heard early in the email story that Hillary kept her server on a closet shelf.  I wonder if was the same closet where she stumbled on all those “lost” Whitewater files.

But her decades of commitment and service, and the overall arc of her record and what it tells us about her, match up solidly with the challenges ahead.

Her decades of service were to herself.

Is the world better off than eight years ago?  Or ten or twenty or thirty?

The Donald has his faults but he doesn’t want war with Russia nor keep lining Saudi, Al Qaeda and ISIS pockets.

Be seeing you



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