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James Comey-Who Is Pulling his Strings? Is The Crude Criminality Too Much? Who Are The Heroes?

Posted by Martin C. Fox on November 1, 2016

Why did Comey flip on Hillary emails? If you believe the media it is because his people feel betrayed and are resigning right and left.

FIB FBI integrity is a hard argument to buy. This is the same bunch that invents terror plots and entraps half-wits into taking the blame just so the FIB can look like they are accomplishing something.

Maybe there are swans that look and sound like ducks.

Comey is an operator, a Clinton apparatchik. Why bite the hand? Perhaps larger forces are at work.

Have Hillary and Bubba become so inept at hiding their crude criminality it is too much even for the warparty neocons? Do they think she is toast? The Daily Bell speculated a few months ago that the deep state was turning against her. Obama is taking it easy on Comey. Following orders?

So what now? Is the dark side accepting The Donald, hoping they can manipulate him? He is anti-NATO, anti-war, anti (so called) free trade, anti-ISIS and willing to accept Russia as a military and trading partner. Everything the deep state and neocons hate. He would be a project.

It is late in the game. Let Donald win and take him out later if he is un-trainable?

The prospective VPs would be more than suitable. Two sides of the same coin. One a big government progressive, the other a big government four-star neocon.  Pence represents everything Trump disdains, dangerously so.

The crazy thing is the truth, available for everyone to see via the internet, is affecting this election along with Trump’s ‘flyover country’ oriented platform. The internet is changing everything. No wonder the deep state and Hillary want a gatekeeper. Obama is doing his part by ceding control of internet domain names to the anti-Christ Soros/UN.

Truth tellers (Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, James Okeefe, Kim Dot Com, Wikileaks and Project Veritas) are deciding our future. There is a first time for everything.

Glory to all the not so big name whistle blowers, in prison or otherwise wrecked for life. Like bugs enticed into stepping over the precipice by the Obama spider (Liaris Obama) waiting at the bottom of his pit.

Be seeing you



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