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Zuckerberg And Fake News

Posted by Martin C. Fox on November 20, 2016

There is something trage-comic about Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his campaign against ‘fake’ news.

This is the same Zuckerberg that advocates the Soros globalist agenda. The same Zuckerberg caught on an open mike assuring Angela Merkel he would filter anti-immigration news from German Facebook users.

This the same Facebook that was financed by CIA front company In-Q-Tel.

In-Q-Tel was founded in 1999, with the express purpose of funding companies that could develop technology the CIA would use to “gather data.”

With these CIA/Darpa connections, it’s no surprise that Jim Breyer’s jackpot investment in Facebook is not part of the popular mythology of Mark Zuckerberg. Better to omit it. Who could fail to realize that Facebook, with its endless stream of personal data, and its tracking capability, is an ideal CIA asset?

The company is too important as a data-mining asset of the intelligence community to let it fall into disrepair and chaos. The CIA and its cutouts will save it and gain more power over it. It’s what they’ve wanted all along.

Mark Zuckerberg is setting himself up as the Decider of what is true and what isn’t.

Is he the next Soros, ready to take over the Open Society?

The cherubic new face of one world UN government?

Is Zuckerberg a useful idiot or willing partner? Billionaires aren’t usually idiots. Romney aside.

Think of that the next time you broadcast yours and your children’s’ personal info all over the CIA’s Facebook’s website.

Social media…data banking machines.

Be seeing you



One Response to “Zuckerberg And Fake News”

  1. Thanks for the interesting link.

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