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How will Facebook, Google and Twitter define the Hate they plan to censor? | Fox News

Posted by M. C. on April 23, 2017

The list seems endless. Virtually any belief opposed by the radical left is branded “hatred” and that belief spoken becomes “hate speech.” The goal is to silence the conservative world view through censorship, period. The fringe will use every means available to pressure these online giants to follow suit. Will Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft comply?
If you are really concerned about censorship ( and industrial scale data mining) just bail out of FB, google, MS etc. 

Find or create something better. Better yet get rid. We managed a long time without them. I believe those, particularly young people, who broadcast every detail of their lives will regret the future that is in store.

Mr. Bozell presented a caring Mark Zuckerberg. This is the same MZ that conspired with Angela Merkel to censor anti-immigrant Facebook news. 

Is MZ the next George Soros?

To paraphrase a former president ‘it depends on what your definition of censorship is’. 

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