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Leaked document reveals Facebook conducted research to target emotionally vulnerable and insecure youth

Posted by M. C. on May 1, 2017

The allegation was revealed this morning by The Australian which obtained internal documents from the social media giant which reportedly show how Facebook can exploit the moods and insecurities of teenagers using the platform for the potential benefit of advertisers.

The social media services we use can derive immense insight and personal information about us and our moods from the way we use them, and arguably none is more fastidious in that regard than Facebook which harvests immense data on its users.

The secret document was put together by two Australian Facebook execs and includes information about when young people are likely to feel excited, reflective, as well as other emotions related to overcoming fears.

More good news from America’s favorite socialist and Soros wannabe Mark Zuckerburg.

The sheeple are Zuckerberg’s and In Q Tel’s/CIAs useful idiots, as Lenin is said to have called them.

Yet the deaf and dumb, cell phone GPS always on public, particularly millennials, cry out ‘Sir-may I have another?’.  The number of social media apps is astounding.

Many will have no idea that some innocent or not so innocent social media comment is the reason for their door being knocked in and their being dragged out into the night by government stooges.

Many will have no idea of the extent of their manipulation by secret government agencies and their smiling tee shirt clad billionaire front men.

One day they will see their Facebook ‘follower’ in the adjacent FEMA camp cell and ask ‘What happened?’. What happened is they are all blind ‘followers’.

Be seeing you



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