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Facebook ‘must pay to police internet’ or face fines: UK parliament

Posted by M. C. on May 1, 2017

Social media firms may be forced to pay for the cost of policing digital crimes and should be fined if they do not quickly censor illegal posts, under plans published by a parliamentary committee on Monday.

It is amusing that an entity the UK is demanding to eradicate terrorism/hate material from the internet is a tool of the CIA. The same CIA that funds Al Qaeda and ISIS Syrian rebels.

Facebook policing the internet is like the FBI investigating itself.

Facebook does indeed have police experience. Ridding German Facebook of anti-immigration comments for Angela Merkel.

The age old quandary is-one man’s terror posting is another man’s freedom statement.

The example that comes to mind is some Libertarians’ position on discrimination. We discriminate daily. What we buy, from whom we buy, whom we let in our home, with whom we chose to associate, whom we marry, with whom we do business, which club we join, what we read…or not.

We have to be permitted to discriminate for what we perceive as our own benefit. To be denied this means we do not own ourselves.  Therefore, we are not free. Private property (including one’s self), access to a truly free market and the Non Aggression Principle are pillars of Libertarian philosophy.

Here is another form of discrimination.

Who should decide what action or speech is correct for you? Bernie, Hillary, The CIA, Google, John McCain, The Weekly Standard?

The last person all the above want to decide what is best for you is…you.

Does no one notice that, generally, the level of terror activities in a given country is proportional to the level of military interference and/or unchecked immigrant level?

Why the reluctance to cure the cancer instead of just treating the symptoms?

Following the money usually answers such questions.

Be seeing you



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