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bionic mosquito: The Fog Slowly Lifts…

Posted by M. C. on September 9, 2017

An interesting turnabout in antifa coverage and intriguing theory on why the movement exists.

I refer to the events in Berkeley about ten days ago: Trump supporters planned an event; antifa crashed the event and began their chaotic violence. As I felt at the time, the news to me was not so much the news; the news was how the news was covered.

I wrote something on the events the day after, based on a report from the Los Angeles Times. The Times placed the blame on the left and antifa, and not on the right and Trump supporters (aka fascists, Nazis). This was quite surprising to me at the time, considering the completely opposite narrative a couple of weeks earlier after Charlottesville.

One of the better bits of analysis on this that I read, early on (a couple of days after the event), was by a regular commenter at this blog: Unhappy Conservative (2.0) August 29, 2017 at 3:00 PM. I will only summarize, and poorly, his analysis: the violence of the left is being used as a tool to crush all dissent – right and left; no peaceful protest will be allowed by anyone, because of the violence.

Somewhat, I will expound.

Antifa functions as the street enforcers of the present order. The media isn’t trying to cover it up so much as they are trying to rhetorically frame it so they don’t have to cover it up.

“Violence broke out”
“Clashes between demonstrators and counter demonstrators”
(Always passive language)

In the case of the challenger incident “neo-nazi attack.”

Make no mistake, antifa tactics require police complicity. They could easily just arrest anyone wearing a mask and keep both sides separate. They want the violence to occur because terrorism works. Who would bring their wife and children to a public event knowing they could be seriously harmed? The only people who will be willing to go are going to be people willing to fight.

The issue is that the state is outsourcing its suppression of the first amendment and this game can only continue for so long. They will be forced to either affirm or deny the first amendment.

The intimidation tactics come from 3 sources and they are all part of what I call “the system.”

1. Economic intimidation from corporations (lose your job for bad-think)
2. Street level goons with clubs
3. High level goons with guns, clubs, and badges who will throw you in prison for standing up to #2

We are reaching a classic revolutionary situation where all peaceful means of addressing grievances are being cut off (or more accurately it is becoming obvious to more people they were cut off awhile ago).

As libertarians should know, magaged crisis is the greatest tool of power. 

>subjects notice what is being done to them 
>their protests are shut down with violence 
>they are forced to defend themselves
>state uses this as pretext to go full Gulag Archipelego 

In the case of the years of lead, the man behind the curtain was the NATO occupation forces (see operation gladio) that used the violence between red and black to solidify their grip on Europe. This is what I fear in America.

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