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Enough is Enough: Antifa Attacks Reporter in Portland

Posted by M. C. on August 26, 2021

It also doesn’t say a lot about the ethics of mainstream press outlets that they let behavior like this go without comment. How is any of this “progressive”?

This past Sunday, while covering a protest in Portland, Oregon for our video partner News2Share, a reporter named Maranie Staab was attacked by members of an Antifa-affiliated group. After complaining about a report she’d done in Colombia in conjunction with TK News, they maced her, shot paint at her, and threw her to the ground.

The backdrop for this scene was explained to TK readers this past weekend in our latest episode of “Activism, Uncensored” called “The Great American Fistfight.” After a series of violent street clashes between left and right activists in Los Angeles, right-wing protesters planned a “United We Win” rally in Portland, Oregon for this past weekend. Antifa and left-wing groups pledged to “defend Portland from racist fascists.” News2Share’s Ford Fischer predicted violence, and he unfortunately turned out to be right.

The exact sequence of events will be detailed in a longer report Ford has coming — the whole day turned out to be a mess, replete with violent confrontations and ending with an exchange of gunfire, in which a right-wing protester fired first (a Black Bloc protester returned fire but was not apprehended). Staab, it should be noted, was also first sprayed with WD-40 by a right-wing protester. But the more serious incident took place later.

In the relevant sequence, an Antifa-affiliated protester called Staab a kutta (a Hindi word meaning, “dog,” apparently) and “slut.” Then the masked protester demanded that press “get the fuck out” and stop filming, pointing in Staab’s face and making the following bizarre comment about a story we ran in July called “Colombia in Chaos”:

You fucking endanger people by flying to fucking Colombia and endangering everyone by opening them up to Covid!

Beyond the total incoherence of that comment generally, calling a woman a name like “slut” obviously flies in the face of what antifascist protesters generally claim to be their beliefs about things like misogyny. In any case, Staab then approached the protesters without her cameras out to try to talk things through, at which point they tossed paint at her, maced her, and threw her to the ground. Eventually, they also smashed both her iPhone and the lens for her digital camera. “Out!” they screamed. “How many fucking times do we have to tell you?”

In the coming longer video report on this site, viewers will see that the idiocies of Sunday ranged far and wide, with no shortage of violence from the Proud Boys and other rightist groups that showed up that day. However, only one group saw fit to attack a videographer, and I think it’s time the wider press took more notice, because this is not an aberration with this type of activist.

Having encountered Antifa-type protesters in the past, my impression was always that they were neither organized nor terribly numerous, and I always found them more ridiculous than threatening. I too have had the experience of being ordered not to photograph or film Antifa protesters, instructions that always made me wonder about the intelligence level of these people.

Yes, putting masks on prevents you from being identified, but it doesn’t confer the right of invisibility. Also, if you show up at a publicly-announced protest in a public place in broad daylight dressed like GWAR roadies or extras to a Terry Gilliam movie and start smashing things, one really has to wonder about the sincerity of your commitment to anonymity. Someone is going to film you, whether it’s the right-wing counter-protesters on the other side or the police, and in the case of the press, it’s actually their job to do it in a responsible way. You have a right to wear a mask, they have both the right and the obligation to film you, that’s how this works.

Nonetheless, antifascist protesters have taken their absurd demands of non-coverage quite far in the past, making lists of protester-approved media and going after reporters and videographers from papers like local CBS and ABC affiliates as well as the Washington Post, NPR, the Toronto Sun, and others. Their rationale is that filming hurts their cause by making them vulnerable either to arrest or doxing, a dubious concept one could argue on multiple levels, but again, that’s what masks are for. Moreover — and I know this can be a hard concept — cameras generally help public protests, with the exception being when activists behave stupidly or unattractively in public. If you don’t do things like knock female reporters to the ground, you’re probably not going to end up dealing with negative press.

By general assent many mainstream outlets and politicians have taken the position that “Antifa” doesn’t exist, with outlets like Vanity Fair writing pieces like “Sure looks like the right’s Antifa boogeyman doesn’t exist,” and people like Jerrold Nadler calling Antifa violence a “myth.” It does seem to be true that there is no “Antifa” in the sense of a nationally organized phenomenon, and they certainly are not the threat Donald Trump claims they are, but that doesn’t mean they are a completely harmless non-entity either. Too many news outlets have respected the desire of such protesters to remain invisible when they behave atrociously, and this is one of those cases.

If the protesters from this past weekend had any integrity, they would come forward and start with an apology. There’s no excuse for attacking press, especially when your modus operandi is moronic attention-grabbing public stunts. I’ll let Ford and News2Share tell the rest of this story, but to say I’m furious about the events of this weekend would be an understatement. It also doesn’t say a lot about the ethics of mainstream press outlets that they let behavior like this go without comment. How is any of this “progressive”?

Be seeing you

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The Antifa/FBI Coalition – American Thinker

Posted by M. C. on July 24, 2021

The New York Times has reported there have been twenty terrorist plots against the U.S.  Three of those plots were real; the other 17 were created — and then stopped — by the FBI.

By John Dietrich

Over two dozen people were killed during the Antifa and BLM protests in 2020.  It is routinely reported that “five people died as a result” of the Jan. 6 disturbance.  This is a totally accurate statement, however, it is still misleading.  Only one of the deceased died as a result of violence.  She was actually murdered by a government official. Relating these deaths allows the media to routinely describe Jan. 6 as a “deadly insurrection” as opposed to the “mostly peaceful” protests by Antifa and BLM.  Prior to Jan. 6, Trump supporters had held dozens of mass rallies without burning cities or murdering people.  This was a major embarrassment for the Deep State.  Media coverage of the Jan. 6 event has been largely successful in minimizing that embarrassment.  This was a major Deep State coup and the planning and execution of this “insurrection” reveal a disturbing relationship between the government and radical groups. The FBI did not only fail to adequately prevent the disturbance, they appear to have actively facilitated it. The FBI and radical leftists are branches of the Deep State.

FBI agents “taking a knee” in homage to BLM

Large group of FBI agents (25) take a knee with protestors near the national archive. — Jim Manico (@manicode) June 4, 2020

The FBI has a history of instigating terrorist plots that they thwart with great fanfare. This is not a conspiracy theory. 

The New York Times has reported there have been twenty terrorist plots against the U.S.  Three of those plots were real; the other 17 were created — and then stopped — by the FBI.  

The Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping case is based on evidence provided by two FBI informants and two undercover agents according to the FBI’s affidavit.  As many as twelve informants were used in this case.  Enrique Tarrio, leader of the Proud Boys, was at one time an FBI informant.  Several sizable right-wing organizations were involved in the Jan. 6 disturbance.  The FBI had infiltrated every one of them and therefore knew exactly what they had planned.  

The DC Metropolitan Police also had at least one undercover employee embedded within the pro-Trump crowd.  This is not speculation.  It is based on court records.  

It is preposterous to contend that the FBI did not have operatives in this disturbance as Christopher Wray contends.   Journalist Glenn Greenwald commented, “What would be shocking and strange is not if the FBI had embedded informants and other infiltrators in the groups planning the January 6 Capitol riot.  What would be shocking and strange—bizarre and inexplicable—is if the FBI did not have those groups under tight control.”

The FBI and the Capitol Police knew in advance that the demonstration would turn violent. 

The New York Times reported: 

The Capitol Police had clearer advance warnings about the Jan. 6 attack than were previously known, including the potential for violence in which “Congress itself is the target.” But officers were instructed by their leaders not to use their most aggressive tactics to hold off the mob, according to a scathing new report by the agency’s internal investigator.

 Yet the head of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, Steven D’Antuono, told reporters that the agency did not have any intelligence suggesting the Trump rally would not be peaceful.  

During Senate testimony, Senator Amy Klobuchar suggested that the FBI had not infiltrated these groups.  She asked Christopher Wray, “There must be moments where you think if we would have known, if we could have infiltrated this group or found out what they were doing, and that — you have those moments?”  Wray did not correct her.  The knowledge that there would be violence was based partially on a document acquired by the Norfolk FBI.  It asserted, “Be ready to fight. Congress needs to hear glass breaking, doors being kicked in, and blood from their BLM and Pantifa slave soldiers being spilled. Get violent. Stop calling this a march, or rally, or a protest. Go there ready for war. We get our President or we die. NOTHING else will achieve this goal.”  

The FBI does not reveal the source of this document.  Was it really the work of a Trump supporter?  Still, the violence could have been prevented.  

According to Kash Patel, Chief of Staff to Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller, “We had offered the Capitol Police, and Mayor Bowser of Washington, D.C., thousands of National Guardsmen and women, two days before Jan. 6. And they turned us down.”

Defenders of left-wing radical groups stress the fact that they are “decentralized.”  Wikipedia‘s description of Antifa mentions its “decentralized” nature numerous times.  Yet, the left is capable of acting in unison, as if under the command of a single director.  Mike Podhorzer, senior adviser to the president of the AFL-CIO, is mentioned in a Time magazine article giving a reason why left-wing groups were not visible on Jan. 6. He credits the activists for their restraint: “They had spent so much time getting ready to hit the streets on Wednesday. But they did it.  Wednesday through Friday, there was not a single Antifa vs. Proud Boys incident like everyone was expecting. And when that didn’t materialize, I don’t think the Trump campaign had a backup plan.”  Podhorzer continued, “To preserve safety and ensure they couldn’t be blamed for any mayhem, the activist left was ‘strenuously discouraging counter activity.’” All these “independent” groups decided in unison to stay home that day.  Or did they?

Antifa activist John Sullivan’s brother James claims that there were 265 disguised Antifa members at the disturbance.  The FBI will investigate this just as they are investigating child sex crimes.  (Unfortunately, David Harris, who was in charge of investigating crimes against children, was arrested for numerous child sex crimes.)

Part of the reason for the feds not releasing the government videos is that there are literally tens of thousands of researchers who plan on viewing the tapes. They may reveal FBI informants taking part in the violence.  The left has an extensive network of training facilities for agents provocateurs.  

Scott Foval, former National Field Director at Americans United for Change claimed, “We have to have people prepared to go wherever these events are, which means we have to have a central kind of agitator training.”  He continued, “I’m saying we have mentally ill people that we pay to do sh—, make no mistake.”  Robert Creamer, founder of Democracy Advocates and husband of Rep. Janice D. Schakowsky, stated, “Wherever Trump and Pence are going to be, we have events, we have a whole team across the country that does that.”

According to Rep. James Comer, the Republican leader of the U.S. House Oversight Committee, protestors are kept in deplorable conditions.  Yet, John Sullivan, who is recorded on tape saying “Let’s burn this shit down” was released without bail and placed on house arrest.  Many of the “unindicted co-conspirators” appear to have been more violent than those placed in solitary confinement.  This is possibly why the Department of Justice refuses to release to the public over 14,000 hours of video taken at the Capitol during the “insurrection.”  Selected clips are presented in court as evidence against Jan. 6 defendants.  Capitol Police argue that making all the tapes available to defense attorneys —let alone to the American public—could provoke future violence.

John Dietrich is a freelance writer and the author of The Morgenthau Plan: Soviet Influence on American Postwar Policy (Algora Publishing).  He has a Master of Arts Degree in International Relations from St. Mary’s University.  He is retired from the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.  He is featured on the BBC’s program “Things We Forgot to Remember:” Morgenthau Plan and Post-War Germany.

Be seeing you

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Watch “Soviet-Style Justice: The Persecution Of Paul Hodgkins” on YouTube

Posted by M. C. on July 20, 2021

January 6 protester Paul Hodgkins committed no acts of violence, nor did he damage or destroy any property when he entered the US Capitol Building on Jan 6th. He walked into the Senate Chamber and took a selfie. He walked out after 11 minutes. He now faces eight months in prison and a lifetime as a convicted felon. Meanwhile, violent protesters from last summer’s BLM and Antifa riots were not even charged with crimes. That is called political justice and it has no place in a free society. Also today: Strange Covid outbreaks, why are Soros and Gates buying a Covid testing company, and more…

Be seeing you

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The reporter who keeps exposing Antifa is being silenced by the establishment. Why are they so afraid of him? — RT Op-ed

Posted by M. C. on July 1, 2021

But, like many people, I’ve gone well past the point of expecting the Democrats to do the right thing.

Micah Curtis is a game and tech journalist from the US. Aside from writing for RT, he hosts the podcast Micah and The Hatman, and is an independent comic book writer. Follow Micah at @MindofMicahC

What’s the problem with Andy Ngo? SoundCloud has banned his podcast and Joy Behar attacked him on national TV, and yet his only ‘crime’ has been his tireless work to expose the shameful violence of Antifa’s left-wing thugs.

One look at conservative journalist Andy Ngo, and you wonder why so many people find him so threatening. Yet, it seems that any time his name is mentioned, there are plenty who don’t want to hear his voice and try to downplay his significance. If that doesn’t work and he finds himself attacked by Antifa, the victim-blaming is so loud you can hear it across several continents. 

There’s a quote from George RR Martin’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ books that can be paraphrased along the lines of “you would only tear out a man’s tongue if you’re afraid of what he might say.” Joy Behar of The View recently seemed quite frustrated over the attention that Ngo’s book on Antifa, ‘Unmasked’, is getting. On top of that, his podcast has been banned from SoundCloud. According to Ngo, editor-at-large of The Post Millennial, he has not received a reason for the banning, aside from a blanket statement about ‘terms of service violations.’ 

So why is it that people fear what he is going to say? Why does he provoke such an emotional reaction, as seen in the online response to Mumford & Sons’ Winston Marshall tweeting praise for his book? If the things he is reporting on are not that big a deal, then shouldn’t he just fade into the background? I think it boils down to his willingness to specifically highlight the actions and agenda of Antifa, which many on the political left seem to want to ignore.  

Let’s be clear: when it comes to Antifa, the left absolutely refuses to accept the truth of what this group is. Ngo’s book, which quickly became an Amazon bestseller, is more than happy to expose the reality. This is the exact opposite of what Joe Biden suggested when he claimed that they are “just an idea.” Don Lemon of CNN has also tried to downplay the group as people who simply fight fascists – neglecting to mention that Antifa seem to see most Americans as fascists. The simple fact that Ngo is not willing to deny reality seems to be the crux of all of this controversy.

He is, purely and simply, doing his job as a journalist. His job is to honestly report on stories of interest. If Ngo had buried his head in the sand while half the country was on fire last year, he would have stood alongside the mainstream media that failed to fully acknowledge what was going on, and who was behind it. 

Ultimately, I believe that Andy Ngo is doing the right thing by reporting on the activities of a group that should have been officially declared a terrorist organization long ago by the US government. It’s about time the Democrats paid attention to what he is saying and took action to put a stop to Antifa’s violence. If they were honest, they would acknowledge that many of the things Ngo has reported on need to be addressed instead of ignored.

But, like many people, I’ve gone well past the point of expecting the Democrats to do the right thing.

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Be seeing you

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Winston Marshall’s brilliant stand against cancel culture – spiked

Posted by M. C. on June 28, 2021

Brendan O'Neill

Brendan O’Neill

Winston Marshall’s brilliant stand against cancel culture

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There is something both stirring and sad about Winston Marshall’s goodbye letter to Mumford & Sons after he found himself in the eye of a Twitterstorm for praising the work of anti-Antifa journalist Andy Ngo.

It’s stirring because here we have a public figure making an enormous sacrifice – leaving the band he loves – in order that he might more freely express his political beliefs. That’s rare in this age in which celebs, columnists and politicians usually respond to Twittermobbing with abject apologies, mistakenly believing that public displays of atonement will appease the thoughtpolice. Of course it does the opposite. Apologies embolden the cancel-culture mob. They feast on retractions. The thrill of having successfully forced someone to recant deepens their lust for power.

So to see Marshall stand up for himself feels bracing. His ‘offence’ was that he tweeted favourably about Andy Ngo’s book, Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy. The woke left fantasises that Antifa’s Fisher-Price revolutionaries, its pampered TikTok vanguard, its masked middle-class activists who love beating up journalists and punching stupid working-class Trump supporters, are the 21st-century equivalent of the International Brigades. So anyone who takes the side of Mr Ngo – who recognises that Antifa is actually a bunch of dangerous arseholes – must be evil. And that includes Marshall.

The reaction to Marshall’s pro-Ngo tweet was, even by the standards of today’s viral inquisitions, deranged.

See the rest here

Brendan O’Neill is editor of spiked and host of the spiked podcast, The Brendan O’Neill Show. Subscribe to the podcast here. And find Brendan on Instagram: @burntoakboy

Be seeing you

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‘Multiracial Whiteness’ Is the Latest Leftist Branding Iron

Posted by M. C. on February 15, 2021

And so now we understand. “Whiteness,” or what Beltrán elsewhere designates as “multiracial whiteness,” does not refer exclusively to Caucasians as opposed to black people or to some other race. It is holding a “discriminatory worldview” that causes someone to engage in the “dehumanization” of others. This may be what President Biden (or his speechwriter) had in mind when he went after “white nationalists” but conveniently forgot to mention Black Lives Matter and Antifa as persistent hellraisers.

The cat is finally out of the bag about the identity of supposed “white supremacists.” We are not speaking here about white people who set out to do harm to nonwhites. We are describing those whom financially secure leftists are out to debase and ruin.

By Paul Gottfried

Fraser Myers recently asked at Spiked how blacks and Latinos could vote for Donald Trump and in some cases enthusiastically join demonstrations for him, given the supposedly obvious fact that that Trump is a white supremacist. According to Myers, New York University professor Cristina Beltrán answered this troubling question in the Washington Post in a memorable gloss on “whiteness”:

Whiteness is the politics of aggression, exclusion, and domination. And multiracial whiteness reflects an understanding of whiteness as a political colour and not simply a racial identity. It is a ‘discriminatory worldview in which feelings of freedom and belonging are produced through the persecution and dehumanisation of others.’

And so now we understand. “Whiteness,” or what Beltrán elsewhere designates as “multiracial whiteness,” does not refer exclusively to Caucasians as opposed to black people or to some other race. It is holding a “discriminatory worldview” that causes someone to engage in the “dehumanization” of others. This may be what President Biden (or his speechwriter) had in mind when he went after “white nationalists” but conveniently forgot to mention Black Lives Matter and Antifa as persistent hellraisers. And white supremacists are people we should ostracize and strip of their rights because they practice dehumanization. Moreover, the disease of “whiteness” has befallen nonwhites as well as biological whites, and we would do well to reeducate these bigoted nonwhites, particularly the ones who wore MAGA hats and voted for Trump.

Allow me to make another point that may strike some readers as strange. The main struggle in which we are now engaged as a society and civilization has little to do with race. Blacks, like Muslims in Europe, have an assigned function that comes from those higher up in the food chain. Their job is to aid the cultural Left as an auxiliary force. They are there to help predominantly white elites crush and humiliate other whites, a.k.a. the Deplorables or les Ploucs in France. Therefore, minority members who misbehave should be severely disciplined, lest others in their ranks insist on their own thoughts.

This is not to say that those minority groups recruited by the Left don’t have issues, e.g., dysfunctional societies, unjustified or exaggerated resentments against police, or atavistic tribal prejudices. As the young West Indian economist Lipton Matthews points out on the Chronicles blog, a black upper class controls the black underclass by engaging shamelessly in race hustling. There is a gaping financial disparity between these race hustlers and those whom they manipulate, and so the attacks on whites launched by such notables as U.S. Representative Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and Reverend Al Sharpton may be intended to hide an otherwise embarrassing truth. 

But such problems are not the main causes for the upheaval in our society or the disintegration of civilizational norms. Even if all the radicalized minorities departed, we would still be faced with the challenge of affluent, and influential whites who are promoting and paying for the derailment in progress. The usual suspects would go on causing mischief, including the financing of rioters, unless we found some way of replacing them or drastically limiting their influence. 

The focus on critical race theory is not really meant to make blacks feel good about themselves. It is an enterprise pushed by those whites who run our cultural and educational institutions. It is designed to degrade other whites, whom our leaders profoundly despise. The same is true for the pulling down of monuments, starting with Confederate Memorial statues and then going on to those of Columbus, Washington, Lincoln, Jesus, and so on. This too is being done to humiliate ordinary, patriotic, God-fearing Americans, and white vandals are often on the forefront of the destruction. 

The cat is finally out of the bag about the identity of supposed “white supremacists.” We are not speaking here about white people who set out to do harm to nonwhites. We are describing those whom financially secure leftists are out to debase and ruin. And they don’t have to be white to become targets of these leftists, since “whiteness” is not primarily about skin color. It refers to those whom the powerful classify as “dehumanizers,” and therefore set out to dehumanize. Terms like “white nationalist” and “white supremacist” serve the same function in our denatured republic as “running dog of capitalism” did in Maoist China or “parasitic capitalist” did in the Third Reich. They are terms that the powerful apply to those whom they deem enemies of their “unified” regime. 

Presumably, Joe Biden in his newest incarnation opposes “whiteness” in the same way as Professor Beltrán and Spiked. This branding iron is reserved for the opponents of an advancing leftist agenda. And this new form of denigration couldn’t have come at a better time, or so our rulers might imagine. Since American whites have been beleaguered with talk about white privilege and systemic racism, it may be easy to frighten them into submission by condemning them as white supremacists. Members of other races will naturally avoid contact with carriers of the whiteness bacillus, which has now spread even to nonwhites. Beltrán’s “multiracial whiteness” will soon find a place in the rhetoric of our socially radical rulers.

About Paul Gottfried

Paul Edward Gottfried is the editor of Chronicles. An American paleoconservative philosopher, historian, and columnist, Gottfried is a former Horace Raffensperger Professor of Humanities at Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, as well as a Guggenheim recipient.

Be seeing you

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In America Truth Is the Hardest Thing to Find –

Posted by M. C. on January 29, 2021

Of course, it is part of the China demonization to blame it on China. The facts seem to be different and unsupportive of the narrative. There is abundant evidence that Dr. Fauci of the National Institutes of Health funded gain-of-function research of the Coronavirus at the Wuhan laboratory in China This is not conspiracy theory. This is data of record.

Research on making viruses more infectious borders on biowarfare, an illegal enterprise. In order to avoid violating the biowarfare convention, did Fauci shift the research to China? Did the virus escape the Wuhan lab or was the US financing of the research in China a set-up so that when the virus was released in order to gain more control over populations China would take the blame? Whenever there are no proper investigations, conspiracy theories emerge.

Paul Craig Roberts

The FBI and a grandstanding acting US attorney, Michael Sherwin, are after Trump supporters. The FBI has arrested 150 people for their alleged role in the alleged “Capitol riot.”  The fact that there was no Capitol riot doesn’t matter.  No facts matter.  This is a shut-down-all-opposition-to-The Establishment operation.  Sherwin is doing his best to concoct a “conspiracy” case against the arrested, as those arrested are not guilty of anything real.  No one broke into the Capitol.  A few were allowed in by the Capitol police.  Videos show the police opening the doors, people entering in single file, walking around, and exiting.  One video shows a black police officer provoking people up the stairs where a few did selfies sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair.  That was the extent of the “storming of the capitol.” But law enforcement (sic) officials say their investigation of the Trump conspirators is one of the most expansive in the FBI’s history, comparable to the Oklahoma City bombing and the Boston Marathon bombing, two suspected false flag operations.  

Videos also show that Antifa personnel and a CNN journalist were among those the police let into the Capitol.  They are celebrating that they had succeeded in getting some Trumpers inside and videotaping it as evidence that the Capitol was stormed. I posted these videos or links to them previously.

In other words, nothing happened at the Capitol except a black police officer for unknown reasons shot and killed a woman who was a veteran and who was not threatening the black policeman. The other four reported deaths seem unrelated to the alleged “deadly violent assault on the Capitol.”  Three of the four, a woman and two men, died from “medical energencies.”  In a crowd as large as the Trump supporters, three natural deaths from heart attacks, especially as many protestors of the stolen election were from older generations, would not be unusual.  I have seen no report connecting the reported deaths to being trampled in a riot or hit with tear gas canisters, bricks, or other objects associated with a riot.  One policeman is reported to have been hit in the head with a fire extinguisher, but details have been spotty. Of course, details do not matter to the presstitutes, and the narrative can survive without them. 

The presstitutes present the reported deaths as if they are victims of Trumpers urged on by Trump. But the alleged riot occurred before Trump finished his speech, which was delivered some distance away from the Capitol. This raises questions about who the people at the Capitol were. If they were Trumpers, you would think they would be at  Trump’s speech.

As for the alleged pipe bombs, if they exist and are not another invention to enhance the story against Trumpers, why the assumption that those Americans rallying for Trump placed them?  How would they have gained access to DNC and RNC offices.  If any pipe bombs, real or fake, existed, how do we know that Antifa or the FBI didn’t place them as enhancements to the narrative?

We cannot know what really happened, because the narrative is fixed as a weapon against Trump and his voters.

Shift gears now.  Do you remember the violent riots, billion dollar looting and destruction of business districts in Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, New York and many other cities? Clearly these violent riots were an organized conspiracy.  There is no FBI and US Attorney investigation of these real riots, real destruction, and real murders.  This wasn’t a make-believe “Trump insurrection.”  It was real. And there is no FBI investigation. No US attorney putting together a conspiracy charge.

What else do you need to know?  The FBI is after ordinary, good, decent, Americans who can be accused of anything and the presstitutes will report it as fact.  The FBI has no interest in real riots, real property damage, real murder.  The FBI and the acting US attorney Sherwin are not bringing charges against Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They are bringing charges against Trump Americans and against the Proud Boys.

Reuters reports that Enrique Tarrio, leader of the Proud Boys and clearly not a white supremacist, is an undercover police informer.  This might or might not be true. There is no doubt that the Proud Boys are infiltrated by police agencies.  We can’t even know that the organization wasn’t formed by FBI undercover agents.  On the other hand, Tarrio might simply be being set-up by the FBI so that he is removed from the leadership. As the Proud Boys are demonized by the pressitutes and Democrats as “an extremist organization,” having a Hispanic at the head doesn’t fit The Establishment Narrative.  The Establishment needs to have Tarrio removed and a white male put in his place.  As all white people are “systemic racists,” once the Proud Boys are led by a white male, it is transformed into an “extremist white supremacist organization” and is guilty of everything by definition.

Shift gears to Covid. The entire world is involved in lockdowns, mandatory wearing of ineffective masks, rushed vaccination with an untested vaccine.  The PCR Covid test has been disavowed by its creator as a misleading test for Covid. All deaths from other causes are reported as Covid deaths.  Masses of people have lost their jobs from lockdowns and cannot service their debt. Seasonal flu cases are no longer reported and are conflated with Covid cases.  In all of this confusion, the question of where did Covid come from has gone unexamined.

Of course, it is part of the China demonization to blame it on China.  The facts seem to be different and unsupportive of the narrative. There is abundant evidence that Dr. Fauci of the National Institutes of Health funded gain-of-function research of the Coronavirus at the Wuhan laboratory in China  This is not conspiracy theory.  This is data of record. 

Gain-of-function research has to do with making a virus  easier to spread.  Why was this research being done?  The Establishment’s answer is that the research is necessary in order to gain scientific insight into how to prepare for a deadly pandemic.  First you create a highly infectious pathogen and then you seek knowledge of how to devise a vaccine that protects against it.  

Research on making viruses more infectious borders on biowarfare, an illegal enterprise. In order to avoid violating the biowarfare convention, did Fauci shift the research to China? Did the virus escape the Wuhan lab or was the US financing of the research in China a set-up so that when the virus was released in order to gain more control over populations China would take the blame? Whenever there are no proper investigations, conspiracy theories emerge.

All of this might sound far-fetched, and I agree.  But we are surrounded by conspiracy theories. Which are false and which are true? We have the 9/11 conspiracy that a man hiding in a cave in Afghanistan destroyed the World Trade Center and part of the Pentagon. The conspiracy against Saddam Hussein of “weapons of mass destruction.” The conspiracy against Assad of “Assad’s use of chemical weapons.”  The conspiracy against Russia of “Russian invasions” and “interfering in US elections.” We have the “Russiagate” conspiracy against Trump.  And now the “violent storming of the Capitol” conspiracy. 

The reason that democracies fail is that disinformation causes deadly attacks on democracy and civil liberty to go unrecognized by the people.

What does it take to get people to demand that their government give equal investigation to real Antifa and BLM riots as to a pretend “storming of the Capitol” by Trump supporters disturbed by what they regard as a stolen election?

What does it take to get people to demand to know why the US National Institutes of Health financed the research that made Covid infectious and easy to spread?

Why don’t we know how Covid came to be?

Isn’t it a conspiracy that the media speak with one voice–the voice of The Establishment?  Why are explanations controlled and alternative explanations censored?  Clearly, this is conspiracy.

Be seeing you

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Rough Ridin’ with Biden | Kunstler

Posted by M. C. on January 23, 2021

The threatened impeachment trial will be a marvel of casuistry — a procedure for removing someone from office who is no longer in office — and also for the transparently flimsy charge of “inciting the insurrection” at the capitol. As if to underscore the absurdity of that, Antifa squads rioted in Portland and Seattle on inauguration night. Their banners expressed less-than-jubilant sentiment for the new regime.

James Howard Kunstler

Speaking of the inauguration, I don’t know what was more peculiar: Lady Gaga sweeping out onto the capitol dais in Hunger Games drag —and I mean but exactly, down to the golden mockingjay pinned above her left breast — or Garth Brooks’s post-hymn dash to the exit as though he just heard the repo man was coming for his Gulfstream jet parked across the Potomac at Reagan National Airport.

The immense ranked American flags deployed silently down the mall in place of annoying US citizens lent a funereal vibe to the proceedings (as in the death of your country), while the thousands of massed national guard troops signaled the paranoia crackling under the surface as Ol’ White Joe Biden stepped forward to commence his party’s punishments against the unWoke (disguised as a call for “unity”). He was surrounded by a virtual wax museum of Deep Staters salivating for the upcoming blood-feast: The Obamas, Hillary and Bill (nodding off), Nancy, Chuck, Mitch… but just who was the Asian chap sitting behind the man-of-the-hour? Secret Service? Or his new minder (courtesy of Uncle Xi)?

As for Mr. Trump, he departed as he had arrived in 2016: stridently contemptuous toward the parasitical oligarchy that finally expelled him like a bladder-stone. The threatened impeachment trial will be a marvel of casuistry — a procedure for removing someone from office who is no longer in office — and also for the transparently flimsy charge of “inciting the insurrection” at the capitol. As if to underscore the absurdity of that, Antifa squads rioted in Portland and Seattle on inauguration night. Their banners expressed less-than-jubilant sentiment for the new regime. The Portland outfit broke windows and spray-painted the city’s Democratic headquarters, faking-out pols who had warned against an uprising of “white supremacists.” Of course, all those arrested would be promptly released without charges — demonstrating just how serious the Wokester officials running those cities really are about criminal anarchy. The grannies swept into the capitol rotunda by Antifa incursionists January 6th won’t be so lucky.

Neither did a much chattered-about military takeover happen during the tension-filled transition hours, though kibitzers on the web insist days later that it remains secretly underway. On his way out, Mr. Trump failed to pardon either Julian Assange or Edward Snowden, a disturbing failure, while he commuted the sentences of a couple of two-bit rap-stars, based on their contributions to advancing human dignity. And whatever Mr. Trump finally rooted out in the way of declassified FBI documents has already disappeared into the DC quicksand.

Much adored as he is for valiantly opposing everything swampish, it might be best now for Mr. Trump to just retire from the political scene and leave the battle to others. He made his point, colorfully and often bravely, considering the astounding bad faith of his adversaries, though he certainly could have articulated the stakes better and with more decorum. He leaves not merely a vacuum but a sucking chest wound of leadership opposing hysterical and tyrannical Wokery. Who will step forward in his absence? Probably someone we haven’t heard from yet. That’s how these things work.

The narrative instructs us that the election is resolved — so shut up about it already. But the election is not resolved. Enterprising gumshoes will be sifting through the evidence, interviewing witnesses, and combing through the thickets of fraud for a long time to come. Crime will be outed, if not prosecuted. Mr. Biden moves under a cloud of illegitimacy. Beyond the lingering election dispute lies all that evidence about the Biden family’s money-grubbing operations in foreign lands, clear down to the money-laundering records. Think that won’t bite eventually?

Nothing else is resolved about the national drift toward the Niagara of woe just downstream of here. Mr. Biden couldn’t have asked for trouble more loudly on Day One than by shutting down deportations of foreign nationals here illegally and signaling an open borders policy. The legions of newly unemployed and financially ruined US small business owners and workers may take a dim view of that. Rent and mortgage moratoria are extended as far ahead as June, as if landlords and mortgage-lenders don’t need to be paid to keep the banking system running. The new president has promised further, and even more severe, Covid-19 lockdowns. The Democratic Party apparently wants to utterly destroy what’s left of the real on-the-ground economy. No incoming US president has gotten off to a more feckless and ill-fated start.

Be seeing you

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Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook (Mark Bray)

Posted by M. C. on January 20, 2021

Oh, I’m not ruling out future violence occurring—it’s already visited on us, obviously, as part of a deliberate plan. That’s the loud-and-proud message of this book, after all. I’d be surprised if the Right isn’t forced to act defensively at some point, but most likely there will first come fracture, bringing chaos, and in that chaos, the debilities currently accompanying Right violence will fade. The sooner that fracture, whether economic collapse or some other mechanism, comes the better, because the Left is ascendant and knows its danger, and is already making swift moves to kill us all—something in which Mark Bray will no doubt eagerly participate. In short—don’t be a patsy.

written by Charles

More than twenty years ago, as a very young man, I traveled in Ukraine. In one place, the local authorities were excavating a mass grave from the 1930s. Hundreds of skeletons, men and women, many with flesh and clothes still attached, had been laid out on wooden platforms, for attempted identification before reburial. If you looked, it was easy to see the cause of each person’s death—a square hole in the head. Why square? Because the Communists had hammered in a railroad spike. Why does this matter? Because what screams from every page of this book of Antifa apologetics is that the author, Mark Bray, and his compatriots, today’s direct ideological successors of those murderers, want to do the same to you.

Bray, who works as a “part-time lecturer” at Rutgers University, and who was a sometime organizer of Occupy Wall Street back in 2009, published this book in 2017. No surprise, he claims relevancy for his book based on a supposed surge in fascism due to Trump’s election. But it was only this past summer, with the rise of Antifa to prominence during the nationwide BLM-led Floyd Riots, that this book really became relevant. It is the only book-length treatment of modern organized left-wing violence directed against the Right, and although it is tendentious in the extreme, reading it is very instructive. (I bought it used, naturally, so that Bray didn’t get a cent from my purchase.) Print (PDF)

My first purpose is to understand the violence generated by Antifa. I mean not the fact of violence itself, which (and what should be the immediate response to it) is a tactical question, not difficult to understand. What I want to explore is the thought that drives that violence. And then I want to comprehend how that violence is organized, how it is funded, and how it interlocks with the broader Left ecosystem of today. Bray’s book, the goal of which is to justify the works of Antifa, not to man but to his political allies who have yet to fully publicly embrace violence, is a useful place to start this exploration, though we will have to go well beyond it.

The author begins, as we can all agree is necessary, with a definition of fascism, which he says is “difficult to pin down.” He endorses a lengthy definition offered by Robert Paxton, a historian of Vichy France: “a form of political behavior marked by obsessive preoccupation with community decline, humiliation, or victimhood and by compensatory cults of unity, energy, and purity, in which a mass-based party of committed nationalist militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elites, abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restraints goals of internal cleansing and external expansion.” This may be a good description of 1930s and 1940s fascism, or it may not be, but no matter, since Bray never recurs to any aspect of this definition. Rather, in practice throughout the book, fascism is implicitly, and often explicitly, defined as any effective opposition to whatever the demands of the modern Left are at any given time. And the more effective opposition is, the more fascist it is.

To his credit, Bray admits this. He seems personally offended by dissembling about his real goals, yet realizes it is necessary, which gives his book a schizophrenic feel. We should reject needing a “finely-tuned” analysis of fascism, he tell us. We should understand the term is actually “a moral signifier that those struggling against a variety of oppressions have utilized to highlight the ferocity of the political foes they have faced.” The key is “solidarity with all those who suffer and struggle.” In other words, the only thing is the victory of the Left, and anyone who opposes that, is fascist.

As I say, this is a book of apologetics, directed primarily at normies. (Keith Ellison, the former Congressman who is currently the Attorney General of Minnesota, was famously photographed endorsing this book.) The chief hurdle Bray faces in this endeavor is that he completely endorses the violent silencing of all opposition to the Left, yet knows that sells poorly in normie America, and to normies, you look bad when your own supposed definition of fascism centers on how fascists “abandon democratic liberties” and use “redemptive violence,” yet both those are the core of your own self-definition. Bray wrote this book in an attempt to square this circle. He doesn’t succeed, because not even God can square a circle. The result is instead protean word salad, where Bray returns again and again to halfheartedly trying to show that Antifa is something other than merely joint action to violently suppress all opposition to the Left, and fails. Then he gives up, and admits his project.

We will step backward into history in a moment, but the Left here, by opposition to which fascism is defined, is the modern Left—just as radical as the 1930s Communist-dominated Left of the West, but having little in common with it other than its basic premises and utopian vision. The focus today is any form of supposed “oppression,” which, as the late Roger Scruton pointed out, is the bedrock of all modern leftism. Although the modern Left pays lip service to economic oppression, the almost sole focus of the 1930s hard Left, there is no actual concern whatsoever in this book for the urban “worker,” much less the rural proletariat in flyover country, or the struggling lower-middle and middle class. Despite frequent obligatory references to “the workers,” what comes through loud and clear is that Antifa, just like the modern Left as a whole, is a movement of the elite, not the proletariat. Bray uses as the meat of much of his book anecdotes and quotes taken from Antifa pseudo-soldiers around the world; none of them, as far as can be determined, is a worker in the traditional sense. Almost certainly most or all of them are upper-middle class in background and work, if they work, in some nonprofit-type job aligned with their politics. Bray is part of the fraternity, as he gladly admits, and his own background is, naturally, of this type.

See the rest here

Be seeing you

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The Party With No Ideas

Posted by M. C. on January 7, 2021

There Aint No Success Like Failure…

Dear Friends of the Ron Paul Institute:

Like me you are probably looking over photos of supposed Trump supporters breaching the ramparts and storming the Capitol today. That is if you can find them. To “protect” us from viewing these incredibly “disturbing” scenes, Twitter has helpfully announced that it will severely restrict their distribution across its network. We can all rest easier, I suppose. Though even memory-addled Americans may recall the free-for-all in posting BLM and Antifa violence on Big Tech’s Big Platforms.

“Gee that’s not fair! Twitter is discriminating!”

Conservative politicians and “responsible” Beltway libertarians are wringing their hands over the supposedly horrible optics of people breaking through police lines and violating that Most Holy of Sanctuaries, the Senate Floor! The religion of America is politics and any violation of the sanctity of that Holy Body is to be condemned.

Many of us, myself included, are not concerned about weirdos in buffalo horns occupying that sacred space reserved for Saint Mitch McConnell. “Oh no! It will give CNN something to say about how horrible is the opposition to the incoming robber Administration, whose ‘victory’ is doubted even by almost one in five Democrat voters!”

Because absent that, they’d provide balanced coverage.

The mainstream media and whinging Republicans are having a panic attack over those evil people who don’t like the feeling that their vote was stolen! The opportunities for “responsible” Republican virtue-signaling are endless and too intoxicating to resist. 

So do we support the “occupation” of the Senate Chambers as an expression of righteous anger over the feeling that the election was stolen? Not really, because it will not achieve anything. As we said in today’s Liberty Report, the Republicans have lost both chambers of Congress mostly because they are devoid of ideas. They scream about socialism while voting for insane spending bills that only benefit the rich and well-connected. They decry the Democrat obsession with Russia as the enemy not because they know it’s bogus, but only because they want their own enemy: China! They dream of war with Iran and endless occupation of the Middle East. They drool over the prospect of more “American global leadership” without pausing for a moment to think that the rest of the world has had quite enough “leadership” from US neocons and “humanitarians.”

Is anyone shocked that Republican empty minds were rejected at the polling place?

So let’s look for a silver lining. Opposition to Leviathan must be based on principle. The Democrats and Republicans are nearly identical in their view that only the political elites, from the Sacred Throne of Democracy recently defiled by the unwashed masses, can save us from ourselves. We don’t know how to manage our lives, we don’t know how to manage our health, we are far too stupid to simply live without their constant guidance.

Remember the monster Victoria Nuland? Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State who was the prime mover behind the murderous coup in Ukraine? Where thousands died unnecessarily because Obama’s foreign policy geniuses thought bringing Ukraine into the US orbit – regardless of what Ukrainians actually wanted – would be a great idea? The nasty woman who actually walked amongst the most violent US-sponsored thugs and offered them cookies to keep them energized as they murdered their fellow citizens?

Remember Nuland’s intercepted phone call where she did not even try to hide the fact that the United States had arrogated to itself the authority to determine who would run post-coup Ukraine? “‘F’ the EU,” she said. Yeah, that’s “American global leadership,” neocon style.

How many Republicans supported this most idiotic and pointless policy? Most. Because they have no principles.

Well the big failure Nuland is back, demonstrating that there is nothing like being catastrophically wrong in foreign policy to boost your career in Washington’s foreign policy establishment! Incoming Biden has announced that he would reward neocon Nuland for her incompetence with an Assistant Secretaryship for Policy at the State Department.

There are many areas wide open for us – we non-interventionist, non-partisans – to affect the debate in the coming people. It has in a way fallen into our laps: we oppose interventionism on principle and we have no opposition because no one else has any principles! It’s only about empty-headed power. 

Schumer is drooling all over himself with his newfound power, Tweeting “buckle up” earlier today. But he has no real power because he has no ideas. We have the ideas and as Dr. Paul always says no army can stop an idea whose time has come. Our time has come!

Be seeing you

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