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BREAKING: Democrats conspiring to stage false flag bloodshed on Jan. 20th in Virginia – “Charlottesville 2.0” – in order to ignite a civil war and mass chaos –

Posted by M. C. on January 18, 2020

We shall see. Whenever Antifa is involved there is always (media accepted) violence.

What is so wrong with Virginians that they would elect people such as Northam?

BREAKING: Democrats conspiring to stage false flag bloodshed on Jan. 20th in Virginia – “Charlottesville 2.0” – in order to ignite a civil war and mass chaos

Image: BREAKING: Democrats conspiring to stage false flag bloodshed on Jan. 20th in Virginia – “Charlottesville 2.0” – in order to ignite a civil war and mass chaos

(Natural News) The stage is being set by Democrats and the complicit left-wing media (CNN) to turn Jan. 20th “Lobby Day” in Richmond, Virginia into a false flag bloodbath that will attempt to frame gun owners as terrorists and provide the justification for state-wide martial law and the confiscation of all firearms from citizens.

Ultimately, the plan is to escalate the conflict into regional civil war and widespread chaos that Democrats hope could help destabilize America and remove Trump from office, no matter what it takes.

We are issuing this urgent warning because all the signs of this imminent false flag are rapidly falling into place. For example, yesterday the pro-infanticide, blackface-wearing Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, issued an executive order filled with false, deliberately deceptive information that lays the groundwork for framing gun owners as terrorists. That executive order is found at this link and is entitled, “DECLARATION OF A STATE OF EMERGENCY DUE TO POTENTIAL CIVIL UNREST AT THE VIRGINIA STATE CAPITOL.”

The EO falsely claims that “credible intelligence” has determined that armed militias intend to engage in “violence, rioting, and insurrection.” This is further confirmed by Gov. Northam telling left-wing media sources that, “armed militia groups plan to storm the Capitol.” (See The Organic Prepper.)

Newsbusters is reporting that CNN is already laying out the Charlottesville narrative, preparing to blame gun rights supporters for the violence that left-wing operatives are conspiring to cause.

Dave Hodges’ The Commonsense Show is also hearing from sources that say Antifa operatives are already in place, preparing to dress up like Trump supporters and commit acts of violence for CNN’s cameras. It’s all theater, of course. But in this case, at least, they can’t cover their faces with black masks, so it’s going to be more difficult for them to pull this off (watch for them to cover their faces with patriotic-looking American flag bandanas to avoid being identified). As Hodges writes:

Antifa has long been rehearsing the belt-buckle strategy. This is where Antifa will dress up as Trump supporters, wearing MAGA hats and start trouble against the Left, or Northam’s storm troopers at the roadblocks.

Virginia has been designated “ground zero” for the next false flag violence intended to ignite nationwide chaos

As we previously reported on, Virginia Democrats have long been plotting to unleash martial law and attack the Second Amendment by rolling out roadway checkpoints where all firearms would be illegally confiscated from law-abiding citizens. This effort is intentionally designed to spark kinetic attacks on law enforcement, granting Northam the justification to declare a state-wide emergency and label all gun owners “terrorists.”

From NewsTarget, Dec. 19, 2019:

After passing extremely restrictive anti-gun legislation in early 2020, Virginia has a plan to deploy roadblocks at both the county and state levels to confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens (at gunpoint, of course) as part of a deliberate effort to spark a shooting war with citizens.

Their end game is to unleash a sufficient amount of violence to call for UN occupation of America and the overthrow of President Trump and the republic. Such action will, of course, also result in the attempted nationwide confiscation of all firearms from private citizens, since all gun owners will be labeled “domestic terrorists” if they resist.

The purpose of the roadblocks, to repeat, has nothing to do with public safety or enforcing any law. It’s all being set up to spark a violent uprising against the Virginia Democrats and whatever law enforcement goons are willing to go along with their unconstitutional demands to violate the fundamental civil rights of Virginian citizens.

We call on the DOJ to arrest VA Gov. Northam and Virginia’s treasonous Democrat lawmakers before they ignite a shooting war

One obvious solution to all this is for the DOJ to arrest VA Gov. Ralph Northam and his top Democrat co-conspirators for attempting to carry out acts of treason against the United States of America. It’s time that these criminals be arrested and brought to justice. Sadly, it increasingly appears that the DOJ is part of the corrupt deep state that’s actively working against Trump and the American people. The DOJ is playing a “long con” on patriots, claiming that if we just keep waiting, sooner or later they will get Comey, Brennan and Obama. Maybe even Hillary. It’s all a con. There is no intention to ever hold those people accountable for anything. The entire DOJ strategy, along with the FBI, is to keep the patriots in check while they plot the overthrow of America.

If the DOJ won’t do its job and arrest Northam for treason, it’s probably only a matter of time before the good people of Virginia decide to put their own house in order by arresting and removing these treasonous criminals from public office. This is why Virginia’s lawless, dangerous Democrats keep changing all the rules to shore up their own power.

As described in a popular Facebook post that has been going viral:

So Virginia introduces a bundle of radical laws to destroy 2A rights, militias, sale transfer and registration bills, and the People of Virginia says no, and we’re going to vote you all out next term.

Virginia government responds by introducing a bill to eliminate voter ID.

Virginia says we’re not going to wait, we’ll petition your removal from office and gets almost a 3rd of the 240K signatures to remove the governor and starts petitions to remove delegates.

Virginia government responds by introducing a bill to raise the amount of signatures from 10% of the prevailing vote, to 25%.

Folks, this is the a textbook example of tyranny. “We’re the government, and we’ll do anything we want, whether you like it or not. We won’t let you vote us out, we won’t let you remove us from office…. And if you can’t possess the weapons that a militia would need to force us out, of office, then there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.”

Prepare for WAR: The Democrats are launching all-out attacks on America and all those who try to defend her

Prepare for Democrats to initiate WAR! The Democrats have already declared their intentions against America and its citizens. Democrats are lawless, dangerous, criminal-minded lunatics and terrorists who abuse their power to destroy the liberties and civil rights upon which America was founded.

Gov. Ralph Northam is a treasonous criminal who has betrayed all Virginians. He is an affront to America and a clear and present danger to the liberties of all good people across this nation. He must be stopped, defeated and removed from office.

The Democrats know that Americans are about to make a stand against tyranny, and those Dems plan to stage acts of violence to try to discredit the organic uprising against tyranny. So roll your cameras 24/7 when you’re in public. We must capture these treasonous actors in the act and expose their criminal terrorism plots for all the world to see.

The time has come to stand up against tyranny and defeat it. No wonder Northam is demanding a ban on firearms, since the citizens of Virginia have every right to invoke the Second Amendment to defend their lives, their families and their state against the lawless tyranny that Northam is attempting to bring down upon innocent people who have violated no law.

The real criminals are the treasonous terrorists running Richmond.

Sic Semper Tyrannis.


Be seeing you





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What the Boris landslide means for the climate debate | Watts Up With That?

Posted by M. C. on December 16, 2019

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

The fasmunist haters of democracy in Antifa have been rioting in London in protest at the landslide that the voters accorded to Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party in Thursday’s general election.

Like the election of Donald Trump in 2016, the election of Boris Johnson in 2019 demonstrates just how far the totalitarians in the “Democratic” and “Labor” parties have departed from their working-class roots, and how much they hate and fear democracy itself, and how much good reason they have to fear the common sense of the voters – especially those in the working class.

Johnson, like Trump, concentrated his campaign on rust-belt constituencies deserted by the now-metropolitan-illiberal hard Left and, worse still, laid waste by official global-warming policies – ironically, by the very global-warming policies that Johnson, unlike Trump, slobberingly endorses. Johnson’s current partner – the First Squeeze, as the tabloid newspapers call her – is a climate fanatic, and his father Stan has joined the violent urban terrorist mob Extinction Rebellion.


A Communist cartoon from the general election campaign

The 80-seat majority won by the Conservatives is remarkable given that the now openly hard-Left BBC, ITV, Sky News and Channel 4 were scandalously, in-your-face prejudiced against the Conservatives throughout the campaign.

The usual fake news techniques were deployed. When Boris Johnson refused to take part in a Channel 4 leaders’ debate, on the ground that the channel was so prejudiced, it demonstrated his point by replacing him on air with an ice-sculpture intended to look like him.

A mother put her four-year-old son on a pile of coats on the floor of a hospital emergency ward. He was photographed, and the photo was circulated to these propagandists, who duly made them headline news.


Note the chair in which the child had been sitting before this photo was staged

The truth was that the child had already been seen by the emergency team and had been assessed as low-risk. He had been sitting quietly in a chair next to his mother, waiting for a CT scan. It had been she, not the hospital, who had put her little son on the floor, presumably because he found it hard to sleep in the chair one of whose legs can be seen in the photo.

The media, of course, did not bother to check the story. Read the rest of this entry »

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“Antifa” Organization Has 501(c)(3) Status, by Eric Striker

Posted by M. C. on December 15, 2019

Terrorism is now tax deductible.

OPP’s activities are in flagrant violation of their 501(c)(3) obligations, and it’s shocking that an IRS investigation did not uncover this.

An organization run by veteran left-wing extremist Daryle Lamont Jenkins, One People’s Project, has 501(c)(3) status, according to a public document obtained by National Justice.

The IRS filing shows that OPP received favorable determination in March 2017, which means that people subsidizing his group’s activities can write contributions off on their taxes. The above image, obtained through Open Source Intelligence, shows Jenkins tabling the “Antifa” booth at the 2018 New York Left Forum.

Jenkins, based out of Somerset, New Jersey, is a prominent figure in violent left-wing paramilitary circles and one of their chief spokesmen. In 2018, a film called “Skin” dramatized Jenkins’ collaborative effort with the Southern Poverty Law Center to remove tattoos from a skinhead.

A source familiar with paramilitary groups organizing in Philadelphia and New Jersey told us that Jenkins plays the role of bridging the gap between masked terrorists and respectable liberals.

Jenkins is close friends with Thomas J Kennan, another native of Somerset who moved to Philadelphia at the same time Jenkins was there and was the de facto leader of Philly Antifa.

Keenan is currently being charged with a 12-on-2 gang assault against two Mexican-descended off-duty Marines, which is being upgraded to a hate crime due to his alleged use of racial slurs during the unprovoked attack. Losing Keenan and Jenkins leaving Philadelphia have weakened Philly Antifa.

Jenkins’ OPP pioneered the tactic of “doxing” political rivals, where the personal information of nationalists and conservatives is published on the internet in order to intimidate them and their families into silence.

Jenkins has publicly stated that he was inspired by anti-abortion terrorists of the 1980s and 90s, who would publish the information of abortion doctors with the unspoken understanding that they would be targeted for assaults or assassinations. The Nuremberg FIles, a directory of the home addresses belonging to abortion doctors, was utilized in the shooting of Barnett Slepian.

OPP’s activities are in flagrant violation of their 501(c)(3) obligations, and it’s shocking that an IRS investigation did not uncover this.

Concerned citizens can file a complaint here.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
Be seeing you

Obamacare criteria for forced home inspections ...




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How active shooter drills are used to terrorize the public into supporting gun control –

Posted by M. C. on October 11, 2019

Fear, Control and of course the Money.

Take my former governor, please. Cashing in.

Another reason to ban Natural News from social media.

(Natural News) In lieu of the media-generated threat over mass shootings, public schools throughout the country are regularly conducting active shooter drills with some of these drills featuring simulated gun fire to further terrorize children.

(Article by Shane Trejo republished from

One such drill happened last week in Dayton, OH – the site of a mass shooting in August by an ANTIFA-linked killer which resulted in 10 deaths.

The Dayton Daily News reported about the drill that took place on Oct. 1:

School Resource Officer Amanda Myers said students will meet in their homerooms and will be taken to the auditorium for a presentation about the drill they are about to experience. She said teachers in the building went through a similar drill two weeks ago.

Myers said after the presentation, students will return to their classrooms and await the start of the scripted drill. She said teachers will have the option to say where the shots were coming from or not during the drill. During each set of shots, the students and teachers will talk about it and a possible plan of action whether to barricade their classroom or evacuate.

Outside of the building, staff members will be wearing safety vests to assist and direct students to pre-determined safe zones. In addition, there will be school buses circulating in the adjacent neighborhood which will also be safe zones. The safety staff members will have a list of safety steps relating to medical treatment, cover and concealment, bus locations.

Following the drill, students will return to their homerooms as well as back to the auditorium for a one-hour debriefing. After lunch, students will have discussions with their teachers and participate in social emotional activities.

Other drills featuring simulated gun fire have occurred without any prior notice and were done to send the message to children that they are never safe.

Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte Springs, FL issued a “code red” lock-down on Dec. 8 of last year. A voice broadcast over the PA system that “this is not a drill,” as teachers were sent text messages telling them that an active shooter was on the premises. It sent the entire school into hysteria, for what turned out to be a cruel hoax perpetrated by the county Sheriff’s Office.

“It took a lot of people a lot of time to process what was happening,” said 17-year-old Miryam Elshaer, who was traumatized by the ordeal, to the Orlando Sentinel. “In my head I was like, ‘Oh my god I could’ve died today.’”

“My first reaction was anger,” said 16-year-old Sabrina Bonadio after the drill tok place. “No one really talked about the emotional impact, which I feel like is more longer lasting. I feel like [administrators] never really recognized that people had panic attacks.”

Experts have indicated that there is no evidence showing that these active shooter drills increase public safety at all. They are routinely compared to the laughable and futile “duck and cover” drills that children were made to do in the 1950s in case of a nuclear holocaust.

Be seeing you



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New Netflix Movie fantasizes About Time-Traveling LiberalsCarrying Out – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on September 30, 2019

While today’s progressives are thrilled when people from Somalia love
Somalia (i.e. Ilhan Omar), or when people from Mexico love Mexico,
somehow when Americans love their own country, that’s extremely evil and
worthy of the label, “white nationalism.” Again and again throughout
the last half of this film, the message becomes increasingly clear that anyone who loves America must be killed. That’s the real message of the radical Left which now controls Hollywood.

Pre-crime kill lists sounds alot like DHS looking for “radicals” based on your on-line political views.

By Mike Adams
Natural News

As the delusional, insane cult of liberalism continues to infect every institution across America, Hollywood has been transformed into the place where left-wing fantasies are played out on the big screen to satisfy the delusions of the brainwashed masses. The latest example of these left-wing fantasies is found in a new Netflix feature movie called, “In the Shadow of the Moon.”

This new film imagines time-traveling liberals who wear Antifa hoodies murdering patriots across America, following a pre-crime kill list that includes a concert pianist, a grill cook, a bus driver and other people who have done nothing wrong. The pre-crime murder is intended to execute these people before they start an uprising against globalism, which of course seeks to overrun America and destroy our national sovereignty. The entire point of the film is to make sure all these people who defend America are killed, ensuring globalism succeeds in overrunning this nation and enslaving humanity. (The film’s writers are clearly in the pro-enslavement camp and believe that the ends justify the means.)

In the Shadow of the Moon, starring Boyd Holbrook and Cleopatra Coleman (see comments below about their acting skills, which are superb) depicts patriots as so evil that “their crimes defy time.” With all the usual smears you would expect from a left-wing Ministry of Truth propaganda operation — after all, even the NY Times now just fabricates total fantasy to try to destroy Trump — this new film conflates patriotism with white supremacy and anti-globalism paranoia. All the typical symbols of patriots are demonized in the film, including the American flag, AR-15s and resistance against global tyranny.

Pre-crime “kill lists” to murder patriots before they can defend America

The premise of the film is that an alignment of the moon and the Earth causes a time-traveling wormhole to open up once every nine years, somehow allowing one specific person to travel back in time so that they can murder patriots at ever-earlier opportunities. The “pre-crime” murder is fully justified by the characters in the film, who explain that killing patriots is necessary to stop a civil war that might kill millions.

Nowhere in the film, of course, is any character concerned about the Democrats’ total destruction of the Bill of Rights, their trampling on the First Amendment and Second Amendment, or the rise of global authoritarianism, or even the fact that the entire mainstream media today has become nothing but a fiction fantasy fake news cartel that pushes lies in order to destroy America from within. In fact, this film functions as an example of rising globalist authoritarianism and how it rolls out propaganda campaigns to try to brainwash the masses into believing that loving your country is somehow evil.

The film parodies itself, in other words. The writers seem to have no clue that their project is, itself, an exactly of exactly the kind of dystopian authoritarian tyranny that sci-fi films of an earlier generation fought against.

While today’s progressives are thrilled when people from Somalia love Somalia (i.e. Ilhan Omar), or when people from Mexico love Mexico, somehow when Americans love their own country, that’s extremely evil and worthy of the label, “white nationalism.” Again and again throughout the last half of this film, the message becomes increasingly clear that anyone who loves America must be killed. That’s the real message of the radical Left which now controls Hollywood. This is literally what they believe about our world today, and that’s why they demand to take away all the firearms of conservatives, Christians and Trump supporters. Because once they disarm you, they quite literally want to murder you. (But they have to convince you to disarm first, hence all the false flag operations and coordinated anti-gun media propaganda.)

Not surprisingly, the main character carrying out all this pre-crime murder is wearing an Antifa hoodie and has a shaved head, sporting a gender-neutral look that’s all part of the transgenderism indoctrination now targeting children. I’m surprised the film didn’t show all the cities flooding with ocean water and try to terrorize the audience with more climate change hysteria, but then again filming movies on water is horrendously difficult (remember Waterworld?). Apparently, even Leftists can only pack so much propaganda into one film before the whole thing becomes absurd.

Read the Whole Article

Be seeing you


The ISIS head chopper look. Cultural appropriation!


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The Fascist History of Antifa – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on August 28, 2019

As can be plainly seen, Antifa is not anti-fascist; they are the true successors of fascism, considering their propensity for mob violence and the “fanatical socialism” that Hitler proclaimed in 1941

It was H.L. Menken who predicted in 1938 that “Fascism… is very apt to come in under the name of anti-Fascism.”


Recently in Portland, Oregon, Antifa again went on the warpath against common civility. In a string of violent political attacks, these extremists have become the flashpoint in an effort to divide the nation. Worse, supporters of Antifa continue to play the anti-fascist card, painting opponents as fascists and racists. Such deceptive language simply hides the true history of Antifa and the role it played in World War II Italy.

The various Italian so-called anti-fascist groups that organized to fight Mussolini from 1943 to 1945 found themselves joining forces with many of Mussolini’s Blackshirt units. Historian Charles F. Delzell, one of the leading experts on modern Italian political history, explained this historical fact in his books.  He wrote that since “a good many Fascists (beginning with Mussolini himself) came from the ranks of left-wing Marxism and syndicalism,”… it was easy for a “certain number of ex-Blackshirts to swing to left-wing political extremism.” Delzell and other historians clearly make the case that Mussolini’s Blackshirts and Antifa factions in Italy forged an alliance because their ideologies were so similar. After all, Mussolini had been diehard Marxist for decades, even when he was the avowed leader of the Fascist Revolutionary Party.

In discussing why militant socialists would flock together, Delzell offered this explanation: “Fascists and Communists often found themselves appealing to the same kinds of alienated people.” Other historians, like Zeev Sternhell, agreed: explaining that fascism was a “direct result of very specific revision of Marxism.” UC Berkeley political scientist A. James Gregor regards “Fascism as a variant of Marxism.”

As can be plainly seen, Antifa is not anti-fascist; they are the true successors of fascism, considering their propensity for mob violence and the “fanatical socialism” that Hitler proclaimed in 1941. Moreover, the comrades of Antifa could be described “anarcho-statist militants,” who bully, terrorize, and attack anyone who will not join their crusade. That is because Mussolini was not only an “authoritarian communist’ who believed in a big state, but advocated street violence as an “anarcho-syndicalist.” Modern-day Antifa echo similar demagogic and contrived sentiments. They repeatedly engage in the sort of militarized street theatrics that were fashionable among Fascist and Communist mobs prior to World War II. In fact, Hitler’s Brownshirts emulated the Italian Blackshirts, attacking and violently disrupting other political groups, such as conservative German National People’s Party (DNVP) in the early 1930s, knocking down, kicking down and throwing “stink bombs and tear gas” during violent scuffles. Astonishingly, theAntifa shock-troop rioters continue to behave like Fascists in order to oppose fascism, which illustrates their complete ignorance of Italian Fascism and German National Socialism.

Moreover, these modern-day Antifa stormtroopers have even abused minorities to obtain power and control. In June of this year, a mostly white army of so-called “anti-racist” Antifa militants attacked Andy Ngo, a gay Asian-American journalist from Portland, sending him to the hospital for cuts and possible brain damage. Amazingly, the mainstream media took little notice of this attack on the free press and on a gay man, who was completely marginalized by people who dismiss civil society and individual rights.

In another alarming case, at U.C. Berkley in 2017, jackbooted black-clad Antifa goons beat up and kicked peaceful protesters, wielding clubs and pepper spray as they carried homemade shields that read “No Hate.” Incredibly, these neo-Fascists are unaware of the irony of their message and of who they are actually imitating. They are also oblivious to the fact that the original fascists had blind faith in a totalitarian worldview that sanctifies physical violence as ethically justifiable.

It was H.L. Menken who predicted in 1938 that “Fascism… is very apt to come in under the name of anti-Fascism.” Antifa needs to be identified as what it really represents: a movement that America fought and defeated in World War II, but which seems to be gaining ground again.

Much of the material is excerpted from L.K. Samuels’ new book, Killing History: The False Left-Right Political Spectrum.



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Antifa – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on July 9, 2019

By Chas Holloway

I’m watching the latest Antifa protest on YouTube.  The mob is mocking and pummeling a meek, conservative reporter.  It looks like great fun.

So, why is a fascist mob claiming to be “anti-fascist?”  What’s their main malfunction?  Can’t they see the contradiction?  If you’re asking this question — and many outraged people are — you’re missing what is really going on.

Ask this, instead:

Do these “protesters” even know what fascism is?  No, how could they?  They are in their twenties.  Fascism is just a media image.  A legend.  An ancient myth of something that happened more than a half-century before they were born.  You might as well invoke Pancho Villa’s raiders or the Athenian League, for all they know.

Do they care what fascism is?  No.  They’ve simply found a way to annoy adults and have a wild party.  This is nothing new.  The 1980s had raves.  The 1960s had the Hells Angels.  The 1920s had the Ku Klux Klan.  Antifa is just the latest shocking violent party craze.  Now, they wear black masks.

Antifa is a savage bash.  Nothing deeper.  Rage against “fascism” is just an excuse.  The media gives them coverage, foams at the mouth, and that makes it even more fun.  They watch themselves on TV and feel accomplishment: “Hey, that’s us!”

Is Antifa dangerous to society?  Yes.  Because behind the scenes, unknown to the Antifa protesters, are the organizers.  The operatives, who put up the Antifa web pages.  Who schedule events.  Create slogans.  Show up at protests with a van full of black masks and printed banners and signs.

They are hard core socialists, and they don’t want the party goers to understand what fascism is.  In fact, the more ignorant they are, the better.  It keeps things malleable.  The organizers can change what “fascism” means, whenever they want.  The fascist can be Joe Biden.  Or Trump.  Or the idea of America, itself.

The “protesters,” themselves, only think in bumper sticker slogans.  And they only care about the rush of action — so, they are tools…

Be seeing you


The ISIS head chopper look. Cultural appropriation!



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The Western Leftwing Preaches Hatred of the Working Class –

Posted by M. C. on July 4, 2019

Oxford University, formerly a member of the world’s best, has announced a policy of lowering its standards so that unqualified students can pass, thus advancing equality.

A leftwing that lives in such myths is totally useless.

Paul Craig Roberts

Considering the American rightwing’s adsorption in war and hatred of Muslims, worship of capitalism whose operatives have sent American middle class jobs abroad, and blind support of Israel, a racist country, Americans desperately need a real leftwing.  All we have is a fake leftwing.

I sometimes think the last American leftist was British born Alex Cockburn, whose mother was a British aristocrat and whose father was a muckraking journalist.  I knew Alex.  He was a gentleman leftist, but more or less a real leftist.

Today’s leftists are into hate, not the hate of the capitalist exploiter, who most likely has bought them off, but the hate of white people, especially straight white males.  The American left is into Identity Politics and Antifa.  Identity Politics damns the working class as the “Trump deplorables.”  The working class is no longer a favored victim group.  Indeed, it is a victimizer. The official victim groups are “racial minorities,” who actually are huge majorities in the world, females, homosexuals and lesbians, and the “transgendered.”  Anyone can become transgendered simply by declaring themselves to be the opposite gender from what they are.

The working class is under attack for being “white supremacists.”  This is the way to shut them up, while sympathy is directed to the poor male who has declared himself transgendered into a woman and just won a woman’s sport event.  Normal people (soon a crime) have criticized letting a man win a women’s sport contest, and the leftwing comes down on these normal people for being ‘transgender phobic.”

Alex Cockburn’s creation, CounterPunch, with his death has become a forum for Laura Carlsen and other such haters of white males to demonize the endangered core populations of the Western world. According to Laura, we face the “threat of rightwing terrorism.”

Laura goes on to define “white nationalist” as “Ku Klux Klan, neo-Confederate, neo-Nazi, racist skinhead, and Christian Identity.” The ignorance Laura displays in these associations is astounding, but ignorance is the leading characteristic of America’s fake left

Laura goes on to define “White” as “the racism directed at all non-white peoples and nations.”  Nationalism “refers to the territorial aspirations of the movement and the goal of a nation or homeland.”  Is Laura talking about Israel?  She wouldn’t dare…

Universities, like corporations and media, are working to “correct an implicit gender bias.”  In the UK “only 41% of scientists and engineers are women.” In Germany only 33% are women. Therefore, reverse discrimination is employed to correct a fabricated gender bias in order to make the female the family provider. The fabricated attack on males ignores that the natural function of women is to raise the next generation.

In the UK and the US, and little doubt elsewhere in the Western world, universities, once centers of learning, are being destroyed in order to abide by “political correctness” and gender and racial balance. For example, the University of Nottingham had a philosophy department that had a world rank.The value of the degree to graduates was destroyed when the university put in office a chairman who drove off the white males whose scholarship had made the university notable. In the place of scholars, the department hired “quota hires,” the correct gender and race, but absent the scholarship.  Consequently, the University of Nottingham  Ph.D. in Philosophy lost its ranking, and the degree declined in value.  All recent graduates with the degree are harmed. But women have the positions of the men who were jettisoned by the university.  In the British university system, this constitutes progress.

Oxford University, formerly a member of the world’s best, has announced a policy of lowering its standards so that unqualified students can pass, thus advancing equality.

There is no way to avoid the fact that in the Western world the white male is portrayed as the enemy that must be demonized and defeated. Here is Laura’s wrap-up description of white nationalists: “toxic blend of totalitarianism, white male violence driven by collective entitlement and frustration, and manifestations of extreme racism, sexism, xenophobia and homicidal gun-adoration.”

Imagine the uproar  if a white male spoke this way about a preferred minority.

Obviously, a socially dominant class could not be spoken of in this way.  Yet Laura presents the white male as an absolute ruler that must be overthrown.  How come only the allegedly “socially dominant” can be demonized and mistreated with hurtful words?  Why isn’t the “socially dominant” class protected by hate speech prohibitions?  Why do the allegedly “victim groups” have all the rights?

A leftwing that lives in such myths is totally useless.

“Beyond White Nationalism (militarist, racist, patriarchal, capitalist)” by Laura Carlsen, CounterPunch, Vol. 26, No. 1, 2019.

Be seeing you

Antifa BTFO as police allow violence at FMI event ...

How Antifa protests violence.



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Radical Leftist Regime Continues Multi-Cultural Terror Against Unarmed German Civilians

Posted by M. C. on February 14, 2019

Michael Quinn

Ever notice that mainstream US news almost never has on-the-ground reporting from Germany? That’s because none of the main networks have bureaus there – instead they fly people in from London. Not so the hard-working people at Vesti, who have a full-tme bureau in Berlin, and a great correspondent there who really knows the country, and does great reporting. Oh, and RT has a huge office in Berlin too. We’re telling you, watch Russian news, it is really very good.

Germany’s government can’t seem to bring enough tolerance and diversity to the country. Sometimes the diversity is “refugees” engaging in mass sexual assault during New Year’s celebrations, other times tolerance comes by police questioning and interviewing women with braided hair for “Nazi” beliefs.

All of this is part and parcel of the “Changing Germany”.

The political temperature is rising. Recently a bombing occured at the office of Alternative for Germany (AfD), a nationalist-learning party that has risen to prominence in the last few years. The most likely culprit–the far-leftists collectively known as Antifa. Read the rest of this entry »

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When Guns Are Outlawed Only Outlaws Will Have Guns –

Posted by M. C. on January 8, 2019

Their agenda is the disarming of the American people, a people already disarmed of the protections of the US Constitution by the fake “war on terror.” The only remaining barrier to tyrannized Americans is the large percentage of the population that is armed and skilled in the use of “gun violence.”

Paul Craig Roberts

Guns are banned in the UK, but the black market is booming and criminals are loading up on firearms.

I have often wondered what is the real agenda of gun ban advocates. More people die from falls than from being shot. Deaths from accidents far exceed deaths from being shot.

The FBI reports that there were 1,247,321 violent crimes in the US in 2017.

Aggravated assault and robbery account for 91% of violent crimes. Rapes account for 7.7%. Murders accounted for only 1.4% of violent crime.

According to the FBI, there were 17,284 murders in 2017.

Assailants using rifles killed 403 people, and 1,591 were killed by people using knives. Handguns were used in 7,032 killings, many of which resulted from criminals killing one another over, for example, drug distribution.
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