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The Clap(per)

Posted by M. C. on February 5, 2018

The key to getting a letter printed is to turn your initial thought-“What *****ng moron thought inviting this scum to Erie was a good idea”-into something insightful and elegant!

Letter to the Erie Times-News

The Erie County Bar Association has hired James Clapper, former NSA chief, as it’s featured speaker this May. If you wondered what the military/industrial/bankster/deep state complex looks like, a close up view is a mere $40.00.

I can understand Clapper’s attraction for a lawyer. He commits the ultimate crime in congress’ eyes, lying under oath (his denial of collecting every electron’s worth of personal communication of every honest US citizen). Later he admits to the crime as it has become so obvious. Then gets away without indictment nor wrist slap, let alone deserved jail time. Quite an accomplishment. It might be worth the price of admission to admirers.

Indeed, Clapper is rewarded by making a killing in the very lucrative anti-terrorism business.

The questions you should be asking the ECBA:

Where do peace and liberty stand after his 7 years in power…err… office?

What is the benefit in exposing young Erie County minds to James Clapper?

Be seeing you

be seeing you


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