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The Nunes Memo Matters—But Not For the Reason You Think | The American Conservative

Posted by M. C. on February 6, 2018

the intelligence community played an ongoing public role in deciding who ended up in the White House, and they’re now continuing that role to determine how long the elected president remains there.


…But when you wave away all the partisan smoke, what’s left is that the Nunes memo confirms that American intelligence services were involved in a presidential campaign and remained so in the aftermath. That’s the real takeaway from the political hysteria of the past week.

The FBI conducted an investigation, the first ever of a major-party candidate in the midst of a presidential contest, that exonerated Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing over her private email server, a government-endorsed “okay” for her expected victory. No real probe was ever conducted into the vast sums of money moving between foreign states and the Clinton Foundation, dead-ending those concerns to partisan media…

We will never know. The Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Act (FISA) court works in secret. The standards are secret; the results and decisions are secret. None of us knows what matters to a FISA judge in rendering a decision to spy on an American campaign associate. Someone could release the so-called “underlying documents” (they’re typically dozens of pages long) that the DOJ used for the FISA application, but without knowledge of FISA standards, those documents won’t be much help. Yet the apparatus of spying in America, including the FISA court, is widely supported and the authority to spy was just extended with backing from both parties….

That includes my “representatives” Kelly, Casey and Toomey-MCViewPoint

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