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Foreign Policy Failure: America Has Not Learned from Its Wars | The National Interest Blog

Posted by M. C. on May 1, 2018

In 2011, I observed directly and graphically that our war, which was ten years old at the time, had failed to accomplish our objectives and reportedthat U.S. leaders were claiming success where they knew there was none.

US Government. Lying about war for 240 years.

Daniel L. Davis

It’s time for the Washington foreign-policy establishment to consider the seemingly unthinkable: perpetual foreign-military operations and occupations do not enhance American national security and economic prosperity.

Overwhelming evidence—currently on painful display in Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen —reveals the stark reality that these operations drain our nation of critical resources, produces a slow-bleed of U.S. troops, and deteriorates our ability to respond to potentially existential battles in the future. Changes must be urgently made if we are to reverse this negative condition…

Instead, the troops have remained and numerous officials in the White House and Pentagon have been searching for other jobs the troops can accomplish. Rather than strategy driving troop deployments, Washington fiercely resists bringing any troops home, almost irrespective of the lack of need; once a mission has begun, the mission itself becomes the objective. The operation in Yemen is a case in point.

There was never a threat to American security in the Yemen civil war. While it may be argued that the United States has an interest in seeing its ally Saudi Arabia succeed in general terms, Riyad’s intent to intervene in that war was solely related to its security, not America’s. The war has been an abysmal failurefrom every perspective, with no side close to victory—and upwards of twenty million people who suffer acute food shortages and more than ten thousand people killed.

Yet despite this obvious failure and absence of any American vital national interests at play, the Pentagon has lobbied hard to ensure the mission continues without restriction and select members of Congress have blocked efforts to end America’s involvement. A bipartisan ground of senators tried to force a vote to end support of the mission last month, but the measure was defeated 55–44. Today, the war continues without purpose or resolution…

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