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Martyrs to the Cause: Carter Page and Julian Assange – Original

Posted by M. C. on July 23, 2018

For it wasn’t Page they were really after: they simply used him to get to other members of the Trump campaign staff.

Name names and we will let you go. Sounds like the ’50’s.


In an unprecedented move, the Justice Department has released the FISA application submitted by the FBI to spy on Carter Page, the rather hapless would-be advisor to the Trump campaign who has been smeared as a “Russian agent” – but has not been charged after almost two years…

In order to get the judge to agree to the surveillance, the FBI had to establish a fairly convincing probable cause: at a minimum, agents had to identify multiple sources indicating that an act of espionage may have occurred or is about to occur imminently. This FISA application shows that the FBI had a single source: the unverified “dossier,” compiled by “former” MI6 agent Christopher Steele, bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign to dig up dirt on Trump. The other ostensible “sources” were news articles by journalists whom Steele had leaked to. There was a clear intent to deceive the judge who read this application.

This technique is a familiar one: remember how the neocons used to quote each other as “proof” that Saddam had “weapons of mass destruction”? It’s the old echo chamber trick, and every third-rate smear artist deploys it. The question arises: so is this how the FBI carries out its “investigations” into espionage?…

Carter Page is just a high profile victim of a widespread practice on the part of those supposedly assigned to guard the nation against espionage, saboteurs, and spies – they make it up as they go along. Since their goal is to conduct surveillance on everyone, they cast as wide a net as possible in hopes of “catching” a real villain. Yet the powerful tools at their disposal married to dubious methods enable the worst excesses – and that is certainly a fair description of what happened in the case of Carter Page. For it wasn’t Page they were really after: they simply used him to get to other members of the Trump campaign staff…

I won’t reiterate the many tortures Assange has had to endure due to his unique position as the greatest truth-teller of modern times. Suffice to say that his long – six years! – imprisonment in London’s Ecuadorian embassy is a sentence that was neither deserved nor was it legal. As far as we know, Assange has not been charged with any crime: contra journalistic malfeasance, he was never actually charged by the Swedish authorities for supposedly engaging in bad behavior with two women…

There will be considerable pressure on President Trump from his base to pardon Assange if charges are made public and he’s dragged to the US by his British captors. I don’t see how he can pull that one off, politically: I have no doubt that the top leadership of the CIA, the FBI, and various other agencies would collectively resign in protest.

From my perspective, that would be a good thing: it’s one way to get rid of the Deep State, or at least pry the worst ones from the levers of power. Then again, I’m not the President of the United States, Donald Trump is, and I can’t imagine him deliberately provoking an unbelievable uproar and taking the slings and arrows that would come his way if he dared to do it.

On the other hand, I can imagine it. Can’t you?…

Assange, who is very sympathetic to libertarianism, has been swimming against the tide for all of his public life. To say he hasn’t taken the easy way out is a bit of an understatement. Instead of mouthing the expected leftist bromides, and exhibiting the well-known prejudices of the species, Assange has gored everyone’s ox without fear or favor. As a result, his enemies are legion – a situation I can personally sympathize with.

The aura of inevitable doom that has permeated the air around Assange has finally descended on him, and may very well devour him in the end. We can’t let him go down without a fight. President Trump – who hailed WikiLeaksduring the campaign! – is his only hope. Yes, yes, I know – that’s not exactly reassuring. But it’s all we have: it’s all Assange has, at this point….

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