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Another Step Toward Armageddon –

Posted by M. C. Fox on January 12, 2018

Adjustable yield bombs is helping to make this happen.

Being able to destroy just one city as opposed to an entire region makes nukes “acceptable”.

It seems to me proliferation of nuclear weapons a violation of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. But then what does a dum ‘ol country boy know?

The US military/security complex has taken another step toward Armageddon. The Pentagon has prepared a nuclear posture review (NPR) that gives the OK to development of smaller “usable” nuclear weapons and permits their use in response to a non-nuclear attack.

As Reagan and Gorbachev understood, but the warmongers who have taken over America do not, there are far too many nuclear weapons already. Some scientists have concluded that even the use of 10 percent of either the US or Russian arsenal would suffice to destroy life on earth… Read the rest of this entry »


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Nobel Prize For Nuclear Re-Armament/Serious Consideration Of Low Yield Nukes

Posted by M. C. Fox on August 1, 2016

Peace prize ‘winner’ Barack Obama wants to spend a $Trillion to upgrade the US nuclear arsenal.

The latest and greatest is ‘adjustable yield’. Want to take out a reinforced bunker, a few square miles, a city or a whole province? Just twist a dial. How can a general have more fun?

What better way to justify a nuke strike than to say we will make a PRECISION nuclear strike. Precision as in when we make a signature strike on a wedding party or a gaggle of farmers carrying rakes and shovels that someone looking at a screen in Kansas thinks are AK 47s.

This not a good thing. People are talking seriously about using low yield nukes. Read the rest of this entry »

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