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What a Nobel Peace Prize, the Federal Reserve, and endless war have in common | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. on August 22, 2019

War funding is the main reason the government needs this hidden tax power.

With the help of the Federal Reserve, about $8 trillion of the $22 trillion national debt was spent on the wars in the middle east since 2001.

By Joe Jarvis

It was ten years ago that Congressman Ron Paul released his book, End the Fed.

It immediately shot to number six on the New York Times Bestsellers list.

Paul’s message was that the Federal Reserve was created to bail out banks. It privatized profits for them and socialized losses for the rest of us.

He said the system works against us by killing competition among banks and hiding taxes through inflation.

He’s right. The Federal Reserve can create money out of thin air, and lend it to the government to spend. But increasing the supply of money– when it’s not backed by anything– leads to inflation.

That’s because there are more dollars chasing the same amount of goods in the economy. So every dollar is worth less.

But the government benefits from the value stolen from each existing dollar… because it makes each dollar of government debt worth less in the future. Therefore inflation is just a hidden tax.

War funding is the main reason the government needs this hidden tax power.

In 2009, nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize closed just 11 days after President Obama took office.

Later that year, The Nobel Committee selected Obama to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Somehow, they knew that Obama– the new Commander-in-Chief of a nation embroiled in two wars– was truly a peaceful man.

At the same time, the Federal Reserve went to work on “quantitative easing”– a.k.a printing money. Ostensibly to save the country from a recession, the Fed conjured up trillions of new dollars.

But as you know, the wars continued…then they expanded.

The US gave air support to Libyan rebels in 2011, ousting Ghadaffi. Ghadaffi was no angel, but at least the country was stable under his regime. Today Libya is lawless and serves as a breeding ground for terrorism. Open public slave-markets have returned to Libya after being virtually non-existent during Ghadaffi’s four-decade rule.

The same year, America’s Nobel-peace-prize-winning President escalated drone bombings in Yemen which continue to this day, causing countless civilian casualties.

And then the US started bombing Syria, siding with rebels in the fight against Bashir al-Assad. Again, not a great guy. Yet the opposition forces, which the US funneled weapons to, included ISIS…

By 2015, Obama had sent in US ground forces to stop ISIS from gaining a foothold in the country which the US destabilized.

With the help of the Federal Reserve, about $8 trillion of the $22 trillion national debt was spent on the wars in the middle east since 2001.

But it hasn’t helped.

Today, the US is still bombing Yemen, is still at war with Afghanistan, still has troops in Iraq and in Syria, where the civil war continues.

And now you can hear the war drums beating once again, this time for Iran.

The wars have not ended, and neither has the Fed.

Today, the same banks that got us into the 2008-2009 recession exist, because the Federal Reserve helped bail them out.

They engage in the same behavior that got us into the last recession– essentially betting customers’ deposits on toxic investments, without enough reserves to back even a fraction of the potential catastrophic losses.

The US isn’t going to voluntarily end the Fed any more than it will pull out of all its wars and overseas interventions.

But the inflation needed for the war (and created by the Fed) threatens both the perpetual warfare system and the Federal Reserve…

Be seeing you

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Trump can have Nobel Peace Prize: S. Korea president

Posted by M. C. on April 30, 2018

Former winners: Al Gore, E (silence on mass rape by immigrants) U, UN peacekeeping forces (sex slave division no doubt), Barack (drone attack) Obama and Yassir (allowed to carry his side arm into the UN) Arafat. Meaningless.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Monday played down the prospect of winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his historic summit with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, saying Donald Trump can have it instead…

Be seeing you


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Obama’s Legacy: War Without End | The American Conservative

Posted by M. C. on January 17, 2017

Gene Healy comments on the dreary foreign policy legacy Obama leaves behind:

In a speech to US troops last month, he denounced the “false promise” that “we can eliminate terrorism by dropping more bombs,” and piously proclaimed that “democracies should not operate in a state of permanently authorized war.”

An audacious statement—given that it is Obama himself who’s made perpetual warfare the new normal, and the president the ultimate “decider” in matters of war and peace. Where George W. Bush secured congressional authorization for the two major wars he fought, Obama has launched two undeclared wars (in Libya and against ISIS), ordered 10 times as many drone strikes as his predecessor, and this summer bombed six different countries just over Labor Day weekend. And it is Obama who is largely responsible for warping the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force—passed three days after 9/11 to target Al Qaeda and the Taliban—into an enabling act for endless war, anywhere in the world.

This is the Nobel Peace Prize guy, right?

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Nobel Prize For Nuclear Re-Armament/Serious Consideration Of Low Yield Nukes

Posted by M. C. on August 1, 2016

Peace prize ‘winner’ Barack Obama wants to spend a $Trillion to upgrade the US nuclear arsenal.

The latest and greatest is ‘adjustable yield’. Want to take out a reinforced bunker, a few square miles, a city or a whole province? Just twist a dial. How can a general have more fun?

What better way to justify a nuke strike than to say we will make a PRECISION nuclear strike. Precision as in when we make a signature strike on a wedding party or a gaggle of farmers carrying rakes and shovels that someone looking at a screen in Kansas thinks are AK 47s.

This not a good thing. People are talking seriously about using low yield nukes. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Nobel Peace Prize Winner’s Version of No Child Left Behind-A Message to the Nobel Committee

Posted by M. C. on December 14, 2012

Dear Peace Prize Committee

A lot of people in the Middle East carry weapons.  It is a dangerous place.  They could be terrorists or family men trying to protect themselves from US sponsored bandits.  They are all targets.  Now we kill eight year old children collecting dung for a fire, looking for water, or just digging a hole.  Anything sort of, that might be or looks kind of like carrying a bomb makes kids fair game for remote control death.  As noted here, Obama and company have opened the aperture.  It has been open season for a while as long as you didn’t get fingered by someone with morals. Following accepted rules of war or practicing the Geneva Convention in the US military now earns a naked year in solitary.  Child murder, a war crime, has an official OK.

Where is the outcry against collateral splat the murder of children?  Nothing is heard from Congress or the kill crazy white house and Pentagon.  It is deathly quiet in Norway also.

You must be proud of your Peace Prize choice (“W” on steroids) Obama.  Who could have guessed you would surpass your Yasser Arafat moment.

Be seeing you

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