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Teach a Man To Acquiesce – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on June 11, 2021

But my friends and neighbors sometimes appear to be in a literal race to embrace the entire spectrum, from vapid to vicious, of whatever soul-crushing and freedom-smashing offal spews over us from the mouths of the pundits and “news” anchors haunting the corners of our living rooms, offices, and ear buds.

By Jeff Krinock

I watched a recent brilliant interview of Dr. Peter Breggin, a discussion during which interviewer John-Henry Westen and Breggin joined a growing number of COVID realists in expressing amazement that so many of our colleagues and fellow citizens remain, well into 2021, paralyzed or panicked with viral fear. This, even as more and more evidence makes clear that our recent “pandemic” is in every sense of the phrase a plannedemic, and one that even brazenly inflated casualty numbers cannot render any more deadly than is a typical bad flu season.

Don’t get me wrong: Six members of my immediate family tested positive for COVID. (And each recov ered fully, thank God). So I am not a bit cavalier about the real suffering of the last 18 months.

But my friends and neighbors sometimes appear to be in a literal race to embrace the entire spectrum, from vapid to vicious, of whatever soul-crushing and freedom-smashing offal spews over us from the mouths of the pundits and “news” anchors haunting the corners of our living rooms, offices, and ear buds. To wit: last fall there was a local fish monger who shouted me down for the grave crime of not fully covering my nose. Her loud, unrelenting insults showered over me like foul residuum from a sickly sneeze. Or this spring my wife observed a shopper who literally screamed accusations of murder at a fellow shopper, a mild-mannered woman also guilty of the naked-nose atrocity. And how quickly we changed our entire society: just two years ago someone irrationally shouting accusations of murder in the marketplace would have faced potential litigation for slander , or worse, been dragged away for (much-deserved) observation.

Far too many of our erstwhile friends are morally goosestepping their way through supermarkets and dollar stores, ensuring all around them have their scarlet A’s tucked firmly about nose and mouth. The infamous propagandist, Edward Bernays (1891-1995) and his undue influence explain the Nazi-rally-like behaviors of so many of my neighbors and friends. They likely would not have reacted as they did without the groundbreaking, er, make that soul-breaking, work of Sigmund Freud’s most famous nephew

I came to Bernays and the pernicious influence of his writings via the same question Westen and other realists are asking increasingly: How in the name of all that’s holy have we come to the place that we offer up with nary a whimper our right to assemble, the health of our businesses and economy, our religious freedoms, medical privacy, and even the simple dignity of being deemed innocent until proven COVID- guilty?

Having given these questions some thought, here’s my short response:

If Christ held out to us “the Way, the Truth and the Life” as the goal of our existence, anyone, any system, or any philosophy that pulls us further from encountering His ontological foundation is, by definition, of the devil. What follows are a few specifics as they relate to Bernays’ enabling of the simpering surrender we see all around us.

What is truth?

Yesteryear we had the concept of “the noble lie”. Whatever else one could say about that concept, it was understood that “good leaders” would use the noble lie to withhold information from the public (read, “the people”) by exception, never by rule.

People like Bernays helped change all of that in a flash. Before Bernays, we of course already had the word (and the concept of), “propaganda”. That phrase had known baggage and came with widely acknowledged negative connotations. If any would -be dictator – whether said person walked the halls of congress or enjoyed the padded seats of a corporate boardroom – became too comfortable with the use of propaganda, reputations of both the leader and the related institution would suffer rather directly.

But Bernays reflexively used his own verbal gymnastics and manipulations to cover his purveyance of propaganda in a thin, shiny veneer of respectability: by renaming propaganda as “public relations”, in one fell swoop he both swept the concept of the noble lie into the dustbin of history and normalized the manipulations, machinations and ubiquity of propaganda. No longer was selectively hiding and showing elements of the truth considered to be a lie. In fact, if one reads Bernays’ various justifications, it’s apparent that he was quite happy to repackage intentional prevarication as much-needed public discourse.

He systematized use of the lie, of the half-truth, in order to dampen the once-n ecessary thuds and blows of the most important of public-affecting decisions. Did he quell fears and fevers? Certainly. But those fevers once served the purpose of alerting us to the threats of disease to the body politic. Bernays and his inevitable followers, having made it broadly acceptable to enable only a select few to have the “big picture” of the impacts of various events and policies, did the devil’s work of reducing the masses to sheep for the slaughter.

Among the many, many fallouts from this change to our understanding of our relationship to the truth are the following:

  1. Slow but steady erosion of the ability to discuss any topic in depth, regardless of how profoundly said topic impacts our souls, our existence, or our salvation
  2. Movement of horrifying spy-world concepts and actions to the mainstream
  3. Tweeting (aka, bumper stickers for millennials)
  4. Shallowness (in every corner and byway)
  5. Disposal of the town hall
  6. Court jester as a broad and deep career field
  7. Willingness to accept online chatter as a substitute for face-to-face relationships
  8. Political intelligence as a cheap and ready replacement for genuine statesmanship

Government secrecy and deception are no longer necessary (and rare) evils, but are now “cool” and have, in the most literal sense, become societal norms. And if there be any doubts about the evil nature of this normalizing of deception, just reflect on what now-common phrases like “limited hangout”, “gaslighting” or “cancelling” really mean. If even that consideration is too much effort, simply think of your own reactions to the name, 007.

The heinous character of Bernays’ impact can hardly be overstated. And to paraphrase an old saying, “there’s no new evil under the sun.” When Bernays normalized propaganda in the svelte new clothing of public relations, he tapped into the ancient Christian heresy of gnosticism. That heresy is many things to many people, but its central tenet — that only those with special knowledge are chosen — found fertile soil with Bernays and his ideological heirs.

When any of today’s legions of Bernays wannabes uses manipulation in lieu of reason-based discussion and persuasion, he is, exactly at the point of that manipulation, helping to subvert at least one more facet of an erstwhile human being into a sheep (at best) or a machine/automaton at worst. The ligament or limb that yesterday could be persuaded to action through the growth of the human spirit is now instead spasm ed into movement via an edgy jolt of external manipulation. And the newly-manipulated-one is now twice deprived: his action of the moment is tainted (as is any action whose lofty ends nevertheless fail to elevate the agent above the depravity of unmoderated means) and some aspect of his ability to rise above the level of an automaton is dulled, and dulled permanently.

Bernays’ push for propaganda represents the inverse of “teach a man to fish….” Specifically, under Bernays’ deft touch the old chestnut transforms to, “teach a man to acquiesce and you’ll teach him permanent dependency”. Follow Bernays’ advice — deem the masses incapable of rational conduct, give them only enough stimulation to act according to your will, and steadfastly resist any urge to educate and uplift — and you will simultaneously feel in control and solidify your future ability to maintain that feeling.

Perhaps saddest of all is that for Bernays, the dependencies his technique s generated were not a liability to the type of society he proffered. In his world view, some among us can see “the big picture”, and among those an even more “select” group can recognize and wield the means to move others in the direction of that big picture. And all of that matches perfectly with what we see today: the government-media-corporate complex can invent one boogeyman after another, and the public reacts (or worse, acquiesces) with truly alarming predictability and regularity.

Yes, the genuinely insane reactions all around us, the window smashing, the banner waving, rallies held for the express purpose of persuading the few remaining lovers-of-freedom to fall in line — all of this is heartbreaking in the most literal sense. It was put in place, however, quite deliberately. And that is perhaps the saddest aspect of the hell burgeoning all around us.

Jeff Krinock [send him mail], a former USAF pilot, works as a Managing Consultant for the Global Business Services division of IBM. He lives, works and writes in the hills around Johnstown, PA, where he lives with his wife and three vicious Labs. His published writing ranges from poetry to technical papers to essays. His second book about Orthodox theology and its relationship to digital tech is underway.

Be seeing you

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Watch “The Man Who Created the Modern Elite” on YouTube

Posted by M. C. on June 9, 2020

By Joe Jarvis

Be seeing you

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What you need to know to make it through the tough times ahead

Posted by M. C. on June 2, 2020

The Black Paper offered is worth a read.

  • How Epictetus, who rose from a slave to a respected philosopher, approached events he could not control with Stoicism.


By Joe Jarvis


My content is for three types of people.

For the revolutionary, this is the study of guerrilla warfare. You are up against an entrenched and powerful enemy, but they don’t understand the landscape of the changing times.

For the entrepreneur, this is the study of how powerful people market themselves and advance their interests.

For the intellectual, this is the study of history and classic texts, applied to modern-day problems.

It’s all about power. Who has it. How did they get it. And how do you take your power back.

The exposure and infiltration of the elite is not meant to replace them with another batch of psychopathic predators.

But by mimicking what works, we can invite ourselves into the currently walled-off city of the elite, and destroy it from the inside.

Why now?

Even if the worldwide lockdown and economic destruction is part of some grand elite plan for ultimate power, this is still when they are most vulnerable.

Yes, the elite take advantage of a crisis to gain power.

We too can take advantage of their crisis, and gain power by serving the people the elite would destroy.

If the elites are intentionally causing poverty and turmoil, they are creating an army of people in great need.

People need help. They need food, medicine, and shelter. They need effective supply chains, safety, and leadership.

And those who truly help the people will see massive rewards.

This could be a new Renaissance of enlightened thinking. We can break away from the draconian policies of the current elite, born out of 20th-century fascism.

If you don’t want to live under the current style of governing by the sick elite, you better equip yourself to take their place in this new world.

All of my content is about the most effective ways to gain and keep power.

Because a lot of this knowledge is considered taboo, or off-limits, people are generally unaware of the tactics elites use to gain power over them.

I want to spread that knowledge, not so that more people act unethically, but to democratize power.

Understanding how the elite operate allows you to protect yourself against them. It has already become harder for the elite to get away with the same old tricks.

And this information allows you to compete with the elite by employing their tactics against them.

This is how we remove power from the current elite, and allow it to be reclaimed by individuals.

But in addition to reclaiming the power the elites currently hold over us, we can grow new sources of power, by serving the needs of our fellow man.

We’ve already seen how the coronavirus has shifted the focus from global to local. It has disrupted supply chains, travel, and turned an eye back to our own backyards.

Suddenly, there is a catalyst to democratize and decentralize the control the elite have over food, travel, commerce, and even government.

Instead of factory farms, people are turning to local producers. Instead of federal rules, states and cities are calling the shots. People are working from home, homeschooling, and rethinking college.

Trust in large centralized institutions is crumbling.

No one trusts the CDC or WHO. We see the FDA and USDA standing in the way of treatment and food supplies. We see the Federal Reserve and Congress bailing out corporations and Wall Street, while destroying the economy and currency.

It’s never been more obvious that we are on our own. So now is the time to rebuild a society where people occupy nodes of influence based on merit, not force or trickery.

But that movement requires proper knowledge, tactics, and context.

You need to know how the old guard will react– know the enemy.

And you need to know how to gain and keep the trust and support of the people– your compatriots, customers, employees, partners, associates, investors, and even friends and family.

So take a look around at my videos and articles.

You’ll find stories of the rise and fall of kings and queens. You’ll learn the millennia-old tactics of guerrilla warfare. You’ll hear the true stories of government overthrows and media manipulation. It’s stranger than fiction.

And throughout it all, you’ll pick up the marketing tactics of power– how to move the masses, make people want to listen, inspire, sell, and grow your power by delivering value to the world.

But why should you trust me to deliver valuable insights on reclaiming your power?

These lessons are not coming from me.

The true teachers are the likes of Sun Tzu, Epictetus, and Niccolò Machiavelli.

I discuss, for instance:

  • How Machiavelli exposed and trolled the elite with The Prince— after working for them, and being tortured and banished by them.
  • How Epictetus, who rose from a slave to a respected philosopher, approached events he could not control with Stoicism.
  • How Breakthrough Advertising teaches us to tap into mass desire. This classic ad book is out of print, but still popular enough to cost $260 used on Amazon.

We also learn from the enemy:

  • How Mao Tse-Tung used The Art of War to conquer China for the Communists.
  • What Edward Bernays revealed about the elite while trying to sell his services to them in his 1928 book Propaganda.

And we explore the psychological and historical insights of modern writers such as:

  • Robert Cialdini, Ph.D who wrote Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, and Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary way to Influence and Persuade.
  • Robert Green, author of The 48 Laws of Power, Mastery, The Laws of Human Nature, and The Art of Seduction.
  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb who wrote Antifragile: things that gain from disorder. He grew up during war in Beirut, and now writes about the folly of trusting “experts” with no Skin in the Game (another of his books).

I’m just your guide. My job is to distill the lessons of these historical figures, authors, and scientists and apply them to our goal.

That is, dethroning the elite. Gaining the power it will take to build the world up in a new and better way.

I’m no elite myself. But I can say that studying and applying these tactics has already yielded me quite satisfying results, over just a few short years. That’s a subject for another article.

But the knowledge I have gained from studying the elite is an asset that no one can take away from me.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, you will always benefit from understanding the laws of power.

Click here to subscribe so that you won’t miss out on any of the secrets of the powerful elite. 

Joe Jarvis

Editor of The Daily Bell


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