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America’s elites want a racial apocalypse – spiked

Posted by M. C. on April 9, 2021

The woke may be winning in cyberspace and the corporate suite, but economic factors may prove more decisive in the long run. By 2032, minorities will constitute the majority of the American working class. They did better in terms of income under President Trump than previous administrations from both parties. This was one reason for the shocking move of Latin voters, devastated by the lockdowns, to Trump last year.

These populations are also voting with their feet and moving to red America. In a newly released report, the fastest growth in minority populations are occurring in the south, intermountain west and parts of the Great Plains. Demographer Wendell Cox also notes they are leaving the big progressive cities seeking lower house prices, more opportunities, and, yes, also lower taxes. As minorities move to these places, buy homes, and start businesses, they may tend to become more conservative in their values.

Joel Kotkin

Jamil Ford still recalls the disorders of late May. ‘It was like Baghdad’, he recalls, even as jurors listen to the arguments during the trial of Derek Chauvin, the police officer accused of killing George Floyd. ‘I constantly think about it. The past history does not go away’, the African-American architect recalls, noting with trepidation possible National Guard deployments. ‘The mental part is still there.’

I know how he feels. In 1992 we went through this same process in Los Angeles when the police were exonerated in the beating of Rodney King. This unleashed a three-day explosion of often violent protests, resulting in $1 billion in damages and over 50 fatalities. In the end, the disorder led to some necessary shifts in police procedures but ultimately left the area relatively poorer and considerably less black than before.

Will things be different this time around? No politician in American history owes more to African-American leadership and voters than Joe Biden. His flailing campaign was rescued from the respirator by South Carolina’s heavily black Democratic electorate. African Americans sustained his path through states such as Texas. Since taking office, Biden’s commitment to battling the ‘sting of systemic racism’ and encroaching ‘white supremacy’ has accompanied his early actions and seems to have shaped many of his appointments.

The left’s and the media’s embrace of racial apocalypse, both in the US and in Britain, remains sadly selective. The recent Atlanta murders, given exhaustive coverage, appear to be the product not of Trumpista brownshirts but a singular, screwed-up madman. Meanwhile, attacks on Asians historically have come in large measure from minorities, largely African Americans. The most recent attack on Capitol Hill came not from Trumpistas but a follower of the ultimate anti-white, Louis Farrakhan.

The same media that hypes anti-Asian violence by whites usually ignores that by other ‘people of colour’. When the perpetrator is a Muslim jihadi, as was the case in Colorado, coverage has been less, even if the body count was twice as high. The ‘people of colour’ solidarity that bleeds over the pages of mainstream media has little room for nuance. It tends to ignore the fact that many Asians, and many Hispanics, oppose such things as quotas to selective high schools and colleges. Podcast ‘Lockdown is an assault on our humanity’ spiked

Similarly, most minorities seem not to share common ground with posturing politicians, and progressive intellectuals, who have excused looting as a form of racial redress. Minority business people generally don’t regard random violence as justice; the impact on business enterprises is felt particularly keenly in Minneapolis. A focus on police abuse is clearly needed, but the vast majority of Americans – including millennials and minorities – do not favour defunding law enforcement. They may be more concerned with the resurgence of violent and other crime in our core cities, even though it is often downplayed in the media.

The impending threat of violence in Minneapolis and elsewhere, offers manna from heaven for some but disaster for most. The racial-protest industry, perfected by the openly neo-Marxist Black Lives Matter, has raised a reported $90million, much of it from corporate largesse. What civil-rights activist Bob Woodson calls ‘race-grievance predators’ – like Ibrahim Kendi – are being bankrolled by oligarchs, like Twitter’s Jack Dorsey.

Thanks to the Floyd incident, diversity departments of corporations, universities and governments now have permission, indeed a mandate, to embrace open discrimination against whites and, when convenient, Asians as well. Companies like Coca-Cola now impose expensive racial ‘diversity training’ on their employees. Other businesses, like Uber Eats, have gifted free delivery for African-American-owned firms only, while Oakland has initiated a $500-a-month basic-income programme for poor people, funded by rich non-profits, but with the proviso that whites need not apply.

Racialism also holds short-term political benefits for Democratic politicians. Every Republican move now made – getting rid of the Senate filibuster or challenges to electoral laws – has morphed into a ‘return to Jim Crow’. A discussion of controls, whether at the voting booth or the border, is immediately labelled as racist. Anyone suggesting otherwise risks being sent into the digital gulag by the dominant oligarchy. Podcast Do we need a licence to be free? spiked

The experience of the past 50 years shows, consistently, that civil disorders reduce investment in core cities, and lead companies to invest elsewhere. South Los Angeles is worse off, relative to the rest of the region, than in 1965. Research reveals riots have had this effect in much of the US. After last summer, many downtowns, notably Minneapolis and Portland, have suffered enormous setbacks in terms of business activity.

Businesses generally are loath to invest in places where violence lurks, and law enforcement seems unequal to the task of controlling it. One friend, himself a minority, had a medical warehouse in central Minneapolis that was burned down in the riots. He says the company has plans to rebuild – in suburban Atlanta or in Florida. ‘We can’t afford to destroy the economy’, warns Jamil Ford, who, with his church, tried to protect businesses last spring. ‘These are all the ones who can drive things after the fires happen.’

Already struggling with the pandemic, urban centres have been the hardest hit of America’s geographies in terms of employment losses. One recent survey found that today barely 10 per cent of corporate executives would consider investment in a big city; the vast majority are now opting for suburban and small-city locations.

In the coming days, we will hear repeatedly from Black Lives Matter and its media allies about police brutality and the need to assault remaining residues of dreaded ‘whiteness’ in our society. One black journalist, writing in Newsweek, warns about how African Americans will experience another bout of ‘trauma’ during the trial. Certainly they will cringe as the defence tries, as is its sad duty, to lessen or even eliminate charges against Chauvin.

This worry, given the past, is understandable, but legitimate concern over police abuse does not suggest minorities embrace the prevailing narrative. The vast majority of all races, noted a 2018 survey, reject the political correctness increasingly embraced by the billionaire class as well as corporate HR departments. Indeed, the most extreme people on racial issues are not Blacks and Hispanics but radicalised whites, whose Antifa shock troops well represent the lunatic fringe.

The woke may be winning in cyberspace and the corporate suite, but economic factors may prove more decisive in the long run. By 2032, minorities will constitute the majority of the American working class. They did better in terms of income under President Trump than previous administrations from both parties. This was one reason for the shocking move of Latin voters, devastated by the lockdowns, to Trump last year.

These populations are also voting with their feet and moving to red America. In a newly released report, the fastest growth in minority populations are occurring in the south, intermountain west and parts of the Great Plains. Demographer Wendell Cox also notes they are leaving the big progressive cities seeking lower house prices, more opportunities, and, yes, also lower taxes. As minorities move to these places, buy homes, and start businesses, they may tend to become more conservative in their values.

Red Guard-like seminars may make money for the practitioners of redress but it is what my friend Sergio Munoz calls ‘the multiculturalism of the streets’ that will save us. The idea of America as a kind of apartheid regime seems surreal in a country where one in 10 babies born in the US has one white and one non-white parent and 12 per cent of all African Americans are now immigrants from Africa, the Caribbean and elsewhere. Interracial marriage has gone from three per cent in 1967 to roughly one in six now.

It’s also time to ditch the West Side Story of repressed urban minorities. The suburbs, not the cities, now dominate the non-white experience in America. In the 50 largest US metropolitan areas, 44 per cent of residents live in racially and ethnically diverse suburbs, ranging from 20 to 60 per cent non-white. Even after the death of George Floyd and the subsequent unrest, most minorities still seek out ‘the American dream’, notes a recent study, but many lack the conviction that they can realise it.

These people, for the most part, are not seeking to create their own Bantustans or Barrios. They want a shot at making it in America, and we should do whatever works to ensure they get a chance.

Joel Kotkin is the Presidential Fellow in Urban Futures at Chapman University and executive director of the Urban Reform Institute. His latest book, The Coming of Neo-Feudalism, is now out from Encounter. You can follow him on Twitter @joelkotkin

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If 2020 was Divide, in 2021 the Elites Plan to Conquer

Posted by M. C. on March 18, 2021

By Joe Jarvis

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Odysee/ LBRY


Earlier this year, a fitness magazine tweeted “It’s a great day to burn off those Christmas calories.”

It’s hard for me to think of a tweet LESS controversial. And yet, a psychologist led the woke mob, responding that the language was “hugely concerning and problematic,” because it casts exercise as a punishment, and not a normal part of everyday life. Other Twitter mobsters jumped on the bandwagon to call out the tweet.

This is where we are at. There is nothing you can say that a proper social justice warrior couldn’t twist to be offensive in one shape or form– a micro-aggression against one of many victim groups.

I don’t know about you, but that’s made me police what I say less. If I can’t win, why bother even trying? And that, in essence, is the solution– but I’ll get back to that.

Political correctness is nothing new. But it’s clearly been escalating in recent years.

For instance, we’re now supposed to believe that gender is a social construct, BUT you can get gender confirming surgery by altering your sex organs. So gender doesn’t correspond to sex, but by changing sex characteristics, you can confirm that your gender corresponds to your sexual appearance…

And when someone declares themselves the opposite gender, we are expected to pretend they have changed sex– a biological impossibility, since sex is denoted by X and Y chromosomes, which at this point in scientific development, cannot be changed.

It’s basically Orwellian double-think, where you are supposed to believe two contradictory “facts” at the same time. But just saying all this would make countless SJWs label me “transphobic,” as if I had some problem with the people themselves, as opposed to the psychological operation being run on the masses.

Which, by the way, the victims I am most concerned about are the young, vulnerable trans people convinced to make permanent body and life altering medical decisions– many who later come to regret it– egged on by people who don’t care the slightest about actually helping these people feel more comfortable in their own skin, and only care about pushing a social agenda.

That’s just one example.

You certainly can’t actually address any political issues in a rational conversation.

Militarized police have too much power, are not held accountable due to qualified immunity, the thin blue gang code of silence, and powerful police unions. Civil asset forfeiture is a complete violation of the Fourth Amendment.

ALSO, Black Lives Matter, the organization, is an admittedly Marxist front with motives far beyond police accountability. Raise your fist in solidarity, or you’re a white supremacist, right? Simple as that. You’re either with us or you’re against us.

One of the biggest things I value in the people around me is the ability to have a rational discussion despite disagreements. And I make sure to retain those friends and peers.

But it seems like the general public can barely have a conversation these days. We might be able to talk about the weather without arguing, maybe.

Except it would probably veer into a climate change debate, which yet again, cannot be addressed rationally. I care about the environment and think less pollution will obviously be a good thing. And yet, it would be insane to give governments and bureaucrats the power to destroy capitalism and enslave humanity to allegedly stop climate change.

And of course, the COVID dictators delivered the master-stroke in dividing society, testing mass compliance with illegal government mandates, making everyone suspicious of each-other, and providing a great excuse to rat out your neighbors to the Gestapo.

And also, it might make sense to protect grandma from the virus– not lock healthy people inside for a year. Imagine if all the effort and resources it took to shut down society went to protecting the most vulnerable, instead of oppressing young healthy people in an essentially 0% risk category.

That would have beat the virus and solved the problem. But it wouldn’t have given politicians the power they crave. To them, that would have been allowing a good crisis to go to waste.

We are told to cover our faces, which is dehumanizing and makes everything more difficult. People are harder to understand, it’s harder to communicate, and the depth of conversations break down.

Don’t talk to strangers, don’t meet new people, don’t mingle– those are all potentially infected disease carriers, do you want to die, or worse, asymptomatically spread the virus and kill your mother?! No? Swear off all social contact.

Are you one of those people who hesitates to inject a brand new vaccine with unknown long term consequences, and concerning side effects? We’ll label you an anti-vaxer, and anti-science. And no, you can’t talk about this rationally, it has to be an emotionally charged condemnation of the selfish people who don’t care if they murder their parents.

But the real kicker in all of this was how COVID-lockdowns have made us compartmentalize. The politicians have tried to convince us to shun the family, friends, and support groups we do get along with.

The amount of fear being spewed from the corporate media made families fight over who was invited to holiday parties, and who was the dirtiest among them, likely to spread COVID.

Out of work people are dependent on government handouts. Isolated people are dependent on government support structures.

And, isolated targets are easier to take out.

That is where conquer comes in.

As a mob, storming the Capitol or burning down a police station feels safe. But the mob’s not there for you when you’re getting prosecuted. That’s the basic idea behind compartmentalization of society.

And they have divided people so well, that one side cheers when the other is finally conquered.

For example, some of the same people who wanted abolish the police last summer, enthusiastically support police breaking up parties and arresting the maskless in the name of COVID.

The big tech companies also moved to conquer this year. They apparently started to believe the propaganda that they were monopolies. So they arrogantly moved to conquer all those who haven’t adopted the correct opinions yet.

First it was the Trump supporters, Parler, and Facebook/ Twitter purges. And the left suddenly believed that private businesses have the right to refuse service.

Then the tech companies came for the Wall Street Bets crowd when they threatened to make the hedge funds lose money. Retail investors were shut down by Reddit, purged from Discord, and blocked from buying certain stocks on Robinhood.

But these tech companies moved to big, too early, and their attempt to conquer will have the opposite effect. It decentralized their targets, and scattered them across alternative social media and messaging apps. In many cases, apps that include encryption and that don’t harvest user data, at least to the same extent.

They gave people a great reason NOT to trust them, and hastened the need for alternatives. They pushed people to their competitors. I personally stopped using Google Docs, and started posting all my videos to Bitchute, LBRY, and Rumble.

And When it comes to the stock market, this is just a jolt for cryptocurrencies hosted on a decentralized blockchain– not so easily shut down by NASDAQ, Etrade, and Robinhood.

Of course they will continue to try to conquer, but you can take your power back by adopting alternatives to the big tech companies.

It might seem count-intuitive that spreading across apps and platforms could help avoid being conquered. After all, isn’t that a tactic of division?

But think of it instead as guerrilla warfare. It was easy to conquer a group who all used Facebook, or all use the US dollar, or all vote Republican. But how do you conquer when the enemy is everywhere and nowhere all at once?

Shut down a single app or platform, another springs up. Crash a cryptocurrency through market manipulation, there’s always another waiting to compete.

Therefore a solution is to be a leader in one of these decentralized nodes of opposition power to the establishment elites. You can build and maintain support networks of likeminded people. Likeminded in whatever way that means to you, because we are not all after the same thing. Give people a rallying point, or a gathering place for whatever your particular cause or interest is.

Keep the social interaction going. Start clubs. All the better if they teach and trade important skills.

Organize a group to drill together. Create a skill exchange where one person teaches pickling, and another foraging, or one teaches marketing, and another bookkeeping. Set up trade networks at the local level, and even emergency response for a safety net.

Now I realize you may not feel that you have enough likeminded people around you. So mix technological outreach with in person contact.

It may be hard work, but I bet you could build a group almost anywhere.

I have always been more interested in curating the type of people I am around.

And this gets me back to my, “stop caring” comment at the beginning, in response to the elites’ attempts to divide us.

I care less and less about watching what I say, because by telling the truth and speaking my mind, like-attracts-like. I am naturally calling together a group of people who have things in common, who get along, who are on the same page.

So if you hate the direction cancel-culture is going, the best thing you can do it ignore it entirely. This will naturally repulse the Social Justice Warriors, and attract people who think you are brave for saying some basic truths which have somehow become taboo.

I am going to articulate this idea better in an upcoming video about self selecting your friends, lovers, and audience– so make sure you subscribe and hit that bell so you’ll be notified.

You can help protect us from BIG TECH DE-PLATFORMING by joining our email list.

This is the single biggest way to ensure we can’t be silenced for speaking out against censorship, and the elite/ cabal’s plans for a “Great Reset”– their New World Order meant to render you impoverished and powerless.

Plus, when you subscribe, you immediately receive TWO FREE TACTICAL REPORTS:

1. Four Ways The Elite Control You

2. How to Infiltrate the Elite and Take Their Power for Yourself

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Watch “20 Million Unemployed; Biden Wants A Super Lockdown? – The Fed Is At Fault!” on YouTube

Posted by M. C. on November 14, 2020

“The elites don’t care about the middle class because it is a hindrance to their plan.”

Be seeing you

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What you need to know to make it through the tough times ahead

Posted by M. C. on June 2, 2020

The Black Paper offered is worth a read.

  • How Epictetus, who rose from a slave to a respected philosopher, approached events he could not control with Stoicism.


By Joe Jarvis


My content is for three types of people.

For the revolutionary, this is the study of guerrilla warfare. You are up against an entrenched and powerful enemy, but they don’t understand the landscape of the changing times.

For the entrepreneur, this is the study of how powerful people market themselves and advance their interests.

For the intellectual, this is the study of history and classic texts, applied to modern-day problems.

It’s all about power. Who has it. How did they get it. And how do you take your power back.

The exposure and infiltration of the elite is not meant to replace them with another batch of psychopathic predators.

But by mimicking what works, we can invite ourselves into the currently walled-off city of the elite, and destroy it from the inside.

Why now?

Even if the worldwide lockdown and economic destruction is part of some grand elite plan for ultimate power, this is still when they are most vulnerable.

Yes, the elite take advantage of a crisis to gain power.

We too can take advantage of their crisis, and gain power by serving the people the elite would destroy.

If the elites are intentionally causing poverty and turmoil, they are creating an army of people in great need.

People need help. They need food, medicine, and shelter. They need effective supply chains, safety, and leadership.

And those who truly help the people will see massive rewards.

This could be a new Renaissance of enlightened thinking. We can break away from the draconian policies of the current elite, born out of 20th-century fascism.

If you don’t want to live under the current style of governing by the sick elite, you better equip yourself to take their place in this new world.

All of my content is about the most effective ways to gain and keep power.

Because a lot of this knowledge is considered taboo, or off-limits, people are generally unaware of the tactics elites use to gain power over them.

I want to spread that knowledge, not so that more people act unethically, but to democratize power.

Understanding how the elite operate allows you to protect yourself against them. It has already become harder for the elite to get away with the same old tricks.

And this information allows you to compete with the elite by employing their tactics against them.

This is how we remove power from the current elite, and allow it to be reclaimed by individuals.

But in addition to reclaiming the power the elites currently hold over us, we can grow new sources of power, by serving the needs of our fellow man.

We’ve already seen how the coronavirus has shifted the focus from global to local. It has disrupted supply chains, travel, and turned an eye back to our own backyards.

Suddenly, there is a catalyst to democratize and decentralize the control the elite have over food, travel, commerce, and even government.

Instead of factory farms, people are turning to local producers. Instead of federal rules, states and cities are calling the shots. People are working from home, homeschooling, and rethinking college.

Trust in large centralized institutions is crumbling.

No one trusts the CDC or WHO. We see the FDA and USDA standing in the way of treatment and food supplies. We see the Federal Reserve and Congress bailing out corporations and Wall Street, while destroying the economy and currency.

It’s never been more obvious that we are on our own. So now is the time to rebuild a society where people occupy nodes of influence based on merit, not force or trickery.

But that movement requires proper knowledge, tactics, and context.

You need to know how the old guard will react– know the enemy.

And you need to know how to gain and keep the trust and support of the people– your compatriots, customers, employees, partners, associates, investors, and even friends and family.

So take a look around at my videos and articles.

You’ll find stories of the rise and fall of kings and queens. You’ll learn the millennia-old tactics of guerrilla warfare. You’ll hear the true stories of government overthrows and media manipulation. It’s stranger than fiction.

And throughout it all, you’ll pick up the marketing tactics of power– how to move the masses, make people want to listen, inspire, sell, and grow your power by delivering value to the world.

But why should you trust me to deliver valuable insights on reclaiming your power?

These lessons are not coming from me.

The true teachers are the likes of Sun Tzu, Epictetus, and Niccolò Machiavelli.

I discuss, for instance:

  • How Machiavelli exposed and trolled the elite with The Prince— after working for them, and being tortured and banished by them.
  • How Epictetus, who rose from a slave to a respected philosopher, approached events he could not control with Stoicism.
  • How Breakthrough Advertising teaches us to tap into mass desire. This classic ad book is out of print, but still popular enough to cost $260 used on Amazon.

We also learn from the enemy:

  • How Mao Tse-Tung used The Art of War to conquer China for the Communists.
  • What Edward Bernays revealed about the elite while trying to sell his services to them in his 1928 book Propaganda.

And we explore the psychological and historical insights of modern writers such as:

  • Robert Cialdini, Ph.D who wrote Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, and Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary way to Influence and Persuade.
  • Robert Green, author of The 48 Laws of Power, Mastery, The Laws of Human Nature, and The Art of Seduction.
  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb who wrote Antifragile: things that gain from disorder. He grew up during war in Beirut, and now writes about the folly of trusting “experts” with no Skin in the Game (another of his books).

I’m just your guide. My job is to distill the lessons of these historical figures, authors, and scientists and apply them to our goal.

That is, dethroning the elite. Gaining the power it will take to build the world up in a new and better way.

I’m no elite myself. But I can say that studying and applying these tactics has already yielded me quite satisfying results, over just a few short years. That’s a subject for another article.

But the knowledge I have gained from studying the elite is an asset that no one can take away from me.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, you will always benefit from understanding the laws of power.

Click here to subscribe so that you won’t miss out on any of the secrets of the powerful elite. 

Joe Jarvis

Editor of The Daily Bell


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The Transformation of Religion and the Control Over Society – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on December 4, 2019

Is this the new authoritative religious paradigm that Americans seek? Will mass ignorance and indifference allow for this systematic takeover of all individual behavior to flourish? Will the new lord of religion be Technocracy,


“Religion is still useful among the herd – that it helps their orderly conduct as nothing else could. The crude human animal is in-eradicably superstitious, and there is every biological reason why they should be. 
Take away his Christian god and saints, and he will worship something else…” 

~ H.P. Lovecraft

Worship by the human animal began long ago, and has taken many forms. The human species has forever looked for the answers to life, and has looked toward those who claim to speak to God, and has also looked to science. The reverence shown toward those wearing royal robes, vestments of service to God, has never been completely isolated to the claimed devout. Mankind has always been filled with fear and has been gullible, so those he followed and worshipped could be any port in the storm. Fear and gullibility is a dangerous pairing to be sure, and in this progressive and multicultural world of today, the end result of false religious fervor could be one of total societal control.

Religion has always been about control. In the church a thousand years ago, the highest member of clergy might claim that he talked directly to God, and that because he had exclusive knowledge of divine power, all should do as he says. They should turn over their money and individual freedom in order to comply with God’s will. At that time, this was accepted, as the masses of common people put faith in such beliefs as these, and due to fear, complied. That is not the case today, as with time, this bowing down to “holy” masters is mostly seen as foolish. So those seeking to control others needed a new religion, one that would be more widely accepted.

Rulers by definition seek to rule, and in order to accomplish their mission, control over others is necessary. In modern times, control over society has remained in place, but the basis of that control has dramatically changed. There is an old saying that a “Tiger never changes his stripes,” and this is an accurate description concerning the ruling elites, as money, power, and control have always been their only gods. Instead of magic and superstition, instead of faith-based religious rule, instead of the rule of royalty, and instead of rule by the majority, the planned rule sought will be one guided by “science” and technology. Real science is not considered in this equation, as future rule will be based on politicized science, which is completely immune from steadfast scrutiny, from question, from doubt, and from unrelenting challenge. In other words, the politicized science of today is not science at all, but is merely agenda driven fake science.

Legitimate individual scientists understand the concept of extensive and continuous research, of challenge, of new information, and of dissent, but when science is politicized, it is no longer valid. When most all science agrees, it is false. No truth can come from the group, as any group is essentially made up of different individuals, so mass scientific consensus is a certain sign of corruption. That corruption is guaranteed because the bulk of science today is funded from outside sources, and therefore is agenda driven. When scientists are paid to study and research, they are bound to a particular outcome, an outcome that is desired by those funding the research. This is obvious in the entirety of today’s scientific research at the university level, at the corporate level, and at the government level. In fact, all these shameful entities work together to achieve a particular end. The result sought is the control of everything and everybody.

Those who have an agenda to control the United States, as well as the rest of the world, are committed to rule administered by a select few experts that relies on science and technology as the basis for curing the human condition. This is a rule called Technocracy, and is now being quietly implemented at a rapid pace. The public at large so far is going along without much resistance, and this is a dangerous precedent to set.

While this anticipated rule by the elites is multi-faceted in nature, the single most important aspect of the propaganda necessary to fuel this takeover of human behavior is the con-game called “climate change.” This lie of politicized science is the driver of a technocratic agenda that will allow for domination of the world’s populace. In my opinion, this is the most dangerous type of control possible, as it will be all consuming, and based on capturing the entirety of humanity. This is a plan to affect a total behavioral change through technological means in a system without escape, and on a worldwide scale.

The choice now is clear. If the people at large decide to accept technocratic rule, they will be doomed to outright social and societal control. In a society such as this, living in a herd will take on new meaning, as people will voluntarily join the ranks of fenced in farm animals, dependent on their masters for their very lives and existence. Those who resist will be a minority, and a chaotic war of sorts amongst the people will likely follow. This resistance if it fails, will lead to an attempt by the elites to propagandize this failure in an effort to solidify the crowd, so they can hasten the implementation of a top-down technologically dominated system.

Technocracy finds that the production and distributions of physical wealth on a global scale for the use of all citizens can be accomplished only by an accounting of technology – a holarchial style of governance of efficiency and function; A technate.”

“The term “Technate” refers to an operational area where the resources, means of production and other technical aspects of a civilization come under the management of technical experts. A Technate works through a distributed, holonic power structure, where technical decisions are made at the local level by those with the necessary technical expertise. All social decisions are being made in a direct democratic, consensus-driven process.”

Is this the new authoritative religious paradigm that Americans seek? Will mass ignorance and indifference allow for this systematic takeover of all individual behavior to flourish? Will the new lord of religion be Technocracy, and if so, what will it bring? Only time will tell, but total social and societal control will not be utopia, it will be dystopia.

Be seeing you




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Elites ‘Have No Credibility Left’—Chris Hedges

Posted by M. C. on October 17, 2017

that their unpopularity is the outcome of their policies of deindustrialization and the assault against working men and women and poor people of color…

David North: How do you interpret the fixation on Russia and the entire interpretation of the election within the framework of Putin’s manipulation?

Chris Hedges: It’s as ridiculous as Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. It is an absolutely unproven allegation that is used to perpetuate a very frightening accusation—critics of corporate capitalism and imperialism are foreign agents for Russia.

I have no doubt that the Russians invested time, energy and money into attempting to influence events in the United States in ways that would serve their interests, in the same way that we have done and do in Russia and all sorts of other countries throughout the world. So I’m not saying there was no influence, or an attempt to influence events. Read the rest of this entry »

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