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Hard talk with Václav Klaus: “The people should say NO to all of it.”

Posted by M. C. on January 15, 2021

VK: The restrictions on basic civil rights that were introduced so swiftly and so easily demonstrate the power of the modern state, with all its new, “smart“ technologies and drastically expanded enforcement capabilities. Economists often talk about the so-called “ratchet effect”, or the limited ability of existing processes and dynamics to be reversed and to return to normal once a specific event has radically altered them. It is true of prices, of productivity and it is also true of social and political systems. Therefore, I am afraid it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to return to the pre-corona days.

As we get deeper into this crisis and we get used to our “new normal”, it’s easy to focus on the daily corona-horror stories in the media or the latest shocking unemployment numbers, and lose track of the bigger picture and of what is really, fundamentally important. Even as the lockdown measures begin to get phased out, the scale of the economic damage is unimaginable and the idea of returning to “business as usual” is no longer tenable. The last couple of months have had a severe impact not just on the economy, but on our societies and geopolitical reality too. These changes are most likely irreversible and we as citizens and as investors will have to be prepared to deal with this massive shift and all that it entails for a long time.

Amid the panic, the distractions and the hyperbole that are prevalent these days, my own daily task has been an effort to separate the signals from the noise. In order to do so, I’ve also reached out to the few people whose views and insights I have long found invaluable and who have prioritized critical thought and kept their principles intact throughout this crisis. Straight talk and direct answers are very hard to come by these days from most Western leaders and institutional figures, this is why I turned to Former President of the Czech Republic, Prof. Ing. Václav Klaus, who has long been a voice of reason and whose unique perspective is even more important now. In the interview that follows, he shares his views on the current crisis and on what’s to come, in a succinct and resolute way and with a directness that is as rare and as it is essential in times like these.

Claudio Grass (CG): The magnitude and the global scale of the lockdown and shutdown measures we’ve seen during this corona-crisis are unprecedented. How do you evaluate the response compared to the threat itself? Do you believe it is justified? 

Václav Klaus (VK): I don‘t pretend to be an expert in epidemiology, but my background in economics and statistics tells me that the threat is smaller than the consequences „organized“ by governments all over the world as a reaction to this pandemic. I would add unnecessary consequences. The authorities reacted in an exorbitant way, in a moment of fear. This is partly the result of the current „online democracy“.

CG: The “emergency measures” and the restrictions that have been imposed on civilians’ basic rights have served as a reminder of the true extent of the state’s powers. Do you find this worrying and do you see a risk that these new, extraordinary powers might not be as easy to roll back once the crisis is over? 

VK: The restrictions on basic civil rights that were introduced so swiftly and so easily demonstrate the power of the modern state, with all its new, “smart“ technologies and drastically expanded enforcement capabilities. Economists often talk about the so-called “ratchet effect”, or the limited ability of existing processes and dynamics to be reversed and to return to normal once a specific event has radically altered them. It is true of prices, of productivity and it is also true of social and political systems. Therefore, I am afraid it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to return to the pre-corona days. 

CG: On an economic level, what is your assessment of the impact of the shutdown measures? 

VK: Most, if not all, of the circulating quantitative estimates and forecasts, are wrong. The “experts” should first say how long the quarantine restrictions will last and when the economic shutdown will be fully lifted. Their economic forecasts depend on the length of the quarantine period. They should announce explicitly when they plan to end it. Until this is established and known, the current forecasts are economically meaningless. 

CG: The monetary and fiscal interventions that we’ve seen so far are as extreme and as shocking as the shutdown policies themselves. Do you think they’ll be enough to keep the economy afloat though, or is a deep and long recession simply inevitable? 

VK: The monetary and fiscal measures – unacceptable for the true democrats – may have positive short-term effects, but they will destabilize the economy and public finances for a very long period of time. They could lead to very high inflation. 

CG:  Trillions upon trillions are being injected into the system, while wild ideas like the Universal Basic Income have become mainstream. Apart from the obvious monetary and economic risks of these policies, do you also foresee political and social implications? 

VK: Those of us in the ex-communist countries were used to living in a world of something like “Universal Basic Income”. We wanted to get rid of communism because of principles like this. These principles destroyed the motivation to work, which proved to be ruinous.  

CG: Within just a few weeks we have witnessed an abrupt and absolute turn towards centralization. The free market has been brought to its knees, individual voluntary exchanges, productivity and the very right to work and to create were all suspended and replaced with central planning. Do you think this approach has any chance of being sustainable? 

VK: I would not call it “central planning” yet. I prefer Walter Eucken’s term (used for the description of the German economy in Hitler’s time), “centrally administrated economy”. It is not planning in its original meaning. It is the very heavy and visible hand of the government at work, instead of the “invisible hand” of the market. 

CG: The corona-crisis has also had some very serious geopolitical ramifications, especially vis-à-vis China. What are the main changes that you expect to see going forward in this arena? 

VK: We shouldn’t use this situation for the introduction of new dangerous foreign relations policies and to strengthen the demonization of countries such as China and Russia. To my great regret, however, we see this is already happening.

CG: What about the future of the EU? Do you think this crisis has further weakened it and what is your outlook for the bloc? 

VK: The EU will – unfortunately, in my view – survive the corona-crisis. Its exponents will use it to further weaken nation-states. They are on the defensivenow, but they will reemerge again in full strength very soon. I wish I’ll be proven wrong, but I do believe they’ll use this crisis to their advantage and I fear they’ll do so successfully.

CG: Citizens, investors and savers everywhere are justifiably scared, if not of the virus itself then certainly of financial ruin. In your view, what can we do to take back at least some control of our own future? 

VK: It’s quite simple. The people should say “NO” to all of it. Otherwise, what lies ahead is a real-life approximation of the dystopian “Brave New World” of Aldous Huxley. 

Claudio Grass, Hünenberg See, Schweiz

This article has been published in the Newsroom of pro aurum, the leading precious metals company in Europe with an independent subsidiary in Switzerland.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Be seeing you

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Sweden Has Had Schools Open, Over One Million Kids & No Deaths – Collective Evolution

Posted by M. C. on January 13, 2021

In Brief

  • The Facts:A letter to the editor published in the New England Journal of Medicine outlines how despite no lockdowns, school closings, or mask mandates no school children have died from Covid-19, and 1 in 130,000 have been admitted to the ICU.
  • Reflect On:How dangerous is Covid for children? Is it less dangerous than the flu? Does the data justify lockdown measures and school closing? All of this is discussed within the article.

What Happened:  A letter to the editor published in the New England Journal of Medicine titled “Open Schools, Covid-19, and Child and Teacher Morbidity in Sweden” has found that “Despite Sweden’s having kept schools and preschools open, we found a low incidence of severe Covid-19 among schoolchildren and children of preschool age during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic…No child with Covid-19 died…Among the 1,951,905 million children who were 1 to 16 years of age, 15 children had Covid-19, MIS-C, or both conditions and were admitted to an ICU, which is equal to 1 child in 130,000.”

Sweden was one of the few countries that decided to keep schools open. The study points out that the number of deaths from any cause among the 1,951,905 children in Sweden (as of December 31, 2019) who were 1 to 16 years of age was 65 during the pre-Covid-19 period of November 2019 through February of 2020 was 65, and 69 during 4 months of exposure to Covid-19 between March and June of 2020. The data shows that there was no significant difference here.

When it comes to teachers, the study showed that  “fewer than 10 preschool teachers and 20 schoolteachers in Sweden received intensive care for Covid-19 up until June 30, 2020 (20 per 103,596 schoolteachers, which is equal to 19 per 100,000). As compared with other occupations (excluding health care workers), this corresponded to sex- and age-adjusted relative risks of 1.10 (95% confidence interval [CI], 0.49 to 2.49) among preschool teachers and 0.43 (95% CI, 0.28 to 0.68) among schoolteachers (see the Supplementary Appendix).

In a Karolinska Institute press release, lead author and pediatrician Jonas Ludvigsson, MD, PhD, indicated he was hopeful about the results. “It is very gratifying that serious COVID-19, defined here as needing treatment in an intensive care unit, is so rare among children despite schools being open during the pandemic,” he said.

“The next step will be to follow up the children who were treated in an intensive care unit for COVID-19 to see if they have recovered fully. My gut feeling is that children who have been seriously ill because of MIS-C seem to recover fully eventually.”

The point is, children are not being admitted to the ICU in Sweden for C0vid-19, and children are not dying from Covid-19. Severe Covid-19 among children seems to be rare, and also has a 100 percent recovery rate. Given the fact that many infections are also asymptomatic, it really has no impact on their life. So, while we continue to hear that cases are soaring, it’s important to ask if this is really a big deal? And why is it that other viruses prior to this one that infect hundreds of millions and kill tens of millions a year were not subjected to the same scrutiny? Is it because authorities are worried that children will be a vector of transmission? Do asymptomatic people spread Covid?

This data also echoes what many doctors and scientists have been expressing regarding the severity of the virus, not just for children but for everybody. For example, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, MD, PhD, from the Stanford University School of Medicine in California recently appeared on a JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) Network conversation alongside Mark Lipsitch, DPhil and Dr. Howard Bauchner, who interviews leading researchers and thinkers in health care about their JAMA articles.

During the conversation, Dr. Bhattacharya said that the survival rate from COVID-19, based on approximately 50 studies that’ve been published providing seroprevalence data, for people over 70 years of age is 95 percent. For people under the age of 70, the survival rate of COVID-19 is 99.95 percent. He went on to state that the flu is more dangerous than COVID-19 for children, and that we’ve (America) had more flu deaths in children this year than Covid deaths.

Bhattacharya is one of the initiators of The Great Barrington Declaration. The declaration has an impressive list of renowned scientists who have come on board as co-signers, and has now been signed by more than 50,000 doctors and scientists. It’s an initiative that strongly opposes lockdown measures.

Why This Is Important: This information is important because lockdown measures, according to many, aren’t really doing anything to stop the spread of the virus and may be delaying “herd immunity.” Furthermore we are taking all of these measures based on case counts, and a virus that has an extremely low mortality rate. Respiratory viruses prior to Covid already infected hundreds of millions and killed tens of millions a year. What’s even more concerning is the fact that medical professionals and scientists who share information that opposes the measures being taken by multiple governments are being subjected to extreme amounts of censorship. Scientific discussion is being shut down and we are seeing one opinion and side receive all of the attention.

Be seeing you

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The Burning Platform

Posted by M. C. on January 1, 2021

We have a nation of infants sucking on pacifiers while trapped in their cribs by sociopathic parents/politicians. Infants are incapable of critical thought, must be fed to survive, and diapered at all times. Sounds like the majority of adult Americans today, except the diaper is on the other end.

Patrick Henry and "Give Me Liberty!" – Lesson Plan
This is my face diaper" Mask by Pnwswag | Redbubble

One month ago I wrote an article – Silent Obedient Consent – about our day in Cape May Lighthouse State Park and my disappointment in seeing so many perfectly healthy young people obediently wearing their face muzzles, as dictated by government bureaucrats,  on a bright crisp autumn day in a 244 acre state wild preserve. I found it sad that so many could be controlled so easily by so few.

Since my state has been on lockdown since our escape to Cape May and the weather has been cold, wet and snowy, we’ve been mostly cooped up in our home prison. The fear propaganda campaign has worked wonders, as our traditional Christmas Eve bash with 50 or so relatives and neighbors, was limited to six relatives. Monday, when I saw the temperature was going to 48 with bright sunshine, I insisted we needed to go to the 3,500 acre Valley Forge National Park to take a long walk.

Valley Forge Park Visitor and Tourism Information

We have lived eleven miles from Valley Forge Park for the last twenty-five years. I’m a student of history, so living this close to a national treasure, where a ragtag army of farmers showed tremendous fortitude and courage during the brutal deathly Winter of 1777-78, has been an endless source of enjoyment and learning for me, my wife and sons. The walking trails wind through beautiful rolling hills of trees, dotted with soldier quarters as they appeared 242 years ago.

Valley Forge National Historical Park in King of Prussia, PA

Many an afternoon did we hike up Mount Joy over the mountain to reach General Washington’s headquarters. The museum on the headquarters site is filled with interactive displays describing the tremendous sacrifices made by these men to keep a the hopes of a fledgling country alive. You can’t help but be inspired by the bravery and courage of these men. They left their families and were willing to die for a cause that seemed unreachable. They were willing to sacrifice their lives to gain freedom from tyrannical monarch mandates.

Inventory and Monitoring at Valley Forge National Historical Park (U.S. National Park Service)

The park rangers have always been friendly and helpful. We signed our two youngest sons up for a program where we took them there every Saturday and they were trained as recruits in the Continental Army with pretend muskets. It was fun for them and they learned about an important event in the founding of our country. Our three boys were full of energy and we would do the five mile trek around the park every time. They would roller blade, scooter or walk, but we always made two stops. One was the battery of cannons, where they would imagine blasting some redcoats.

The other was a huge climbing tree which we assumed was around in 1778 when General Baron von Steuben was drilling his Continental Army recruits, instilling discipline and teaching them tactics. Picturing the past heroic actions of true patriots is easy to do at Valley Forge. When we could get them down from the branches we would set the timer on our camera and take a picture for posterity.

All of my memories of time spent at Valley Forge Park were positive, until this past Monday. Once again, I was aghast at what I witnessed on a sunny brisk winter day. At first I was surprised at the huge number of cars in the parking lot. Many people had the same idea, as indoor dining has been banned by Generalissimo Baron von Wolf for the last month. Our level of enthusiasm for our enjoyable trek through this national treasure of a park waned immediately as we witnessed hundreds upon hundreds of young people, families, bikers, and joggers fully muzzled, as demanded by covid czar Dick/Rachel Levine and dictator in chief – Tom Wolf.

Family walking with their dog in park and wearing mask - Promise
How to keep kids safe during this COVID-19 summer | UCHealth Today

We were going to enjoy our unmasked walk no matter how many compliant sheep we had to pass. Lone bikers, near no one, were masked. Lone joggers were masked. One jogger would pull up her mask when she passed someone and then pull it down after passing. Little kids were masked. Mothers, fathers, teens on dates, and young guys were all masked.

I couldn’t help but think how government school indoctrination had worked wonders on these obedient serfs. Have years of helicopter parenting created such a pathetic generation of infant like rule followers? Are they so willfully ignorant they can’t do the basic research to realize masks don’t work, based on CDC studies and the actual case rates in states and cities with mandatory masking and lockdowns?

Based on my observations, at least 60% of these people, out getting exercise and fresh air (not too fresh with a filthy diaper on their faces), were obeying their tyrannical politicians and bureaucrats, or entrapped in fear by a flu with a 99.7% survival rate. We didn’t have the slightest hesitancy in walking next to or passing others resisters (aka anti-maskers, aka granny killers) who chose to live on the edge by breathing fresh air. I never have a problem choosing not to be one of the crowd and not following the lemmings.

A Fable for Our Time: Why Lemmings Jump Off Cliffs | Arranology

The most embarrassing aspect of our afternoon was when fully masked sheeple would take a wide berth into the grass when they saw we were un-muzzled. They treated us like plague carrying super spreaders. This happened at least a half dozen times. When we passed two young fully masked parents pushing a stroller with an infant sucking on his pacifier, I jokingly said to my wife that I should patent a face mask with a built in pacifier. Too late. They already sell them on the internet. We truly must be living in some dystopian Twilight Zone episode.


If it was in my power, anyone who willingly wears a mask in the fresh air should be required to wear this mask. It would represent the infantilization of Americans during this era of idiocracy.

Pacifier 2" Mask by DCiabo | Redbubble

We have a nation of infants sucking on pacifiers while trapped in their cribs by sociopathic parents/politicians. Infants are incapable of critical thought, must be fed to survive, and diapered at all times. Sounds like the majority of adult Americans today, except the diaper is on the other end.

As we passed maskers by the dozens on the walking path, I found myself wondering if any of these people appreciated the irony of the cowardice and dishonor shown to those brave, honorable men who spent a brutal winter battling bitter cold, snow, starvation, typhus, small pox, dysentery, and the threat of attack from the most powerful army on the planet only thirty miles away in Philadelphia. These men faced death every moment of their existence. Meanwhile, our current army of Valley Forge maskers cower from the phantom menace of a highly non-lethal flu bug.

The Continental Army at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania | Britannica

There are hundreds of statues scattered throughout the park honoring the patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice to create a new nation of self-reliant, strong, independent minded, citizens who didn’t require coddling by a massive overbearing Federal government. They just wanted to be left alone to work their farms, raise their families, and live as free men. Statues to honor our current day “heroes” would look like this.

Pennsylvania plans 'small steps' toward economic reopening; Murphy says N.J. needs federal help, more coronavirus testing capacity

When assessing the state of our nation, it is always a prudent choice to seek out the wisdom of our founding father who led the troops at Valley Forge – George Washington. I think the quote below captures the essence of what has been happening in this country over the last ten months.

The downward spiral crisis in this country is reflected in the apparent trivial submission of a vast swath of the populace to a psychotic belief a thin piece of cloth will save them from a moderately annoying flu that won’t kill 99.9% of Americans. This is a turning point in the history of our country. And not one which will go down in glory, taught in history books as a story of courageousness, fortitude, bravery and common sense.

“The turning points of lives are not the great moments. The real crises are often concealed in occurrences so trivial in appearance that they pass unobserved.”George Washington

If General George Washington was alive today, he would be praying for the end of this societal mass delusion and for leaders who were not cunning, ambitious, unprincipled and intent on destroying everything he fought for during those times that tried men’s souls. The subversion of power by a cadre of extremely wealthy globalist traitors has succeeded beyond their expectations.

The future of our country hangs in the balance, just as it did in the Winter of 1777/78. The question is whether we remain sunshine patriots wearing masks as demanded by the monarchy or will we stand now, shed our masks and fight the tyranny engulfing this nation. The choice is ours.

George Washington at Valley Forge - YouTube

“However political parties may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.” ― George Washington

Be seeing you

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Costs Must Be Weighed Against Benefits – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on December 9, 2020

By Walter E. Williams

One of the first lessons in an economics class is every action has a cost. That is in stark contrast to lessons in the political arena where politicians virtually ignore cost and talk about benefits and free stuff. If we look only at the benefits of an action, policy or program, then we will do anything because there is a benefit to any action, policy or program.

Think about one simple example. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 36,096 Americans lost their lives in motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2019. Virtually all those lives could have been saved if we had a 5 mph speed limit. The huge benefit of a 5 mph speed limit is that those 36,000-plus Americans would have been with us instead of lost in highway carnage. Fortunately, we look at the costs of having a 5 mph speed limit and rightly conclude that saving those 36,000-plus lives are not worth the costs and inconvenience. Most of us find it too callous, when talking about life, to explicitly weigh costs against benefits. We simply say that a 5 mph speed limit would be impractical.

What about the benefits and costs of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic? Much of the medical profession and politicians say that lockdowns, social distancing and mask-wearing are the solutions. CDC data on death rates show if one is under 35, the chances of dying from COVID-19 is much lower than that of being in a bicycle accident. Should we lockdown bicycles? Dr. Martin Kulldorff, professor of medicine at Harvard University, biostatistician and epidemiologist, Dr. Sunetra Gupta, professor at Oxford University and an epidemiologist with expertise in immunology, and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor at Stanford University Medical School, a physician and epidemiologist were the initiators of the Great Barrington Declaration. More than 50,000 scientists and doctors, as well as more than 682,000 ordinary people, have signed the Great Barrington Declaration opposing a second COVID-19 lockdown because they see it doing much more harm than good.

Efforts to keep very young from getting COVID-19, given most will not even realize they have it or will suffer only mild symptoms, may be counterproductive in that it delays the point where a country has herd immunity. According to the CDC, COVID-19 deaths in young people (from babies to college students) are almost nonexistent. The first age group to provide a substantial contribution to the death toll is 45-54 years, who contribute nearly 5% of all coronavirus deaths. More than 80% of deaths occur in people aged 65 and over. That increases to over 92% if the 55-64 age group is included.

Thus, only a tiny number of people under age 25 die of COVID-19. Yet, schools have been closed, and tens of millions of schoolchildren have been denied in-class instruction. Mandating that 5-year-olds wear masks during their school day is beyond nonsense. Virtual learning can serve as a substitute for in-class teaching but it has mixed results. Some parents can provide their children with the necessary tools, perhaps hire tutors, and take an active interest in what their children are doing online. Other parents will not have the interest, ability or the time.

Here is a lockdown question for you. Government authorities permit groceries and pharmacies to remain open during lockdowns. They permitted stores likes Walmart, Costco and Sam’s Club to remain open. However, these stores sell items that are also sold in stores that were locked down such as: Macy’s, J.C. Penney, J. Crew Group, Neiman Marcus and Bed Bath & Beyond. The lack of equal treatment caused many employees to lose their jobs and many formerly financially healthy retailers have filed for bankruptcy.

As political satirist H. L. Mencken said, “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” By the way, the best time to scare people, be wrong and persist in being wrong is when the costs of being wrong are borne by others.

The Best of Walter E. Williams Walter E. Williams is the John M. Olin distinguished professor of economics at George Mason University, and a nationally syndicated columnist. To find out more about Walter E. Williams and read features by other Creators Syndicate columnists and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate web page.

Be seeing you

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Open letter to patriots everywhere « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Posted by M. C. on November 26, 2020

We are in a tunnel. We are carrying the light. Around us are sheep and doomsayers and hostile actors. They have redefined freedom in Orwellian terms to mean obedience. They now see privation and isolation as consecrations to a new cause: allegiance to a phantom germ.

That America could be brought down in such a preposterous way is evidence of how far this country has traveled from its origins. Its founding ideas.

by Jon Rappoport

In the modern secular church of fakers, they tell us anger is wrong, outrage is wrong, acceptance in hypnotic sleep is what we must aim for.

Always bow to “smooth transitions.” When there is disagreement, swallow your bile, give in, make peace with tyranny. The pain will only last for a little while. Then you will reach a higher understanding.

The authorities and their minions of the press have the final word. Our job is to fit ourselves into their scheme of things.

WE must be flexible. THEY can be inflexible.

If these rules seem backwards and upside down, that is OUR problem, not THEIRS.

This is the position of our would-be masters.

I realize your attention is focused on the election and vote-fraud right now. But I want to comment on the disaster we’re all facing these days:

The COVID restrictions. Lockdowns—de facto in-house arrest. Limits on public gatherings. Economic devastation.

Cutting to the bottom line: There is NO state of emergency that justifies sweeping away Americans’ basic freedoms. No war, natural or manmade disaster.

NO emergency can override the meaning and spirit of the Constitution.

There is a line that can’t be crossed for any reason. Otherwise, an official or legislature or court could, armed with an excuse, cancel the Constitution.

That’s exactly what’s happened. COVID. It’s diabolically clever, because officials will say: “You can’t make a choice about how to live your life, because what you do affects other people. If you carry the virus and live out in the open, you’ll infect those around you. Therefore, you must obey the commands we lay down…”

You must agree to in-house arrest, if a gangster governor deems it necessary. You can’t go to church. Your children can’t go to school. You have to shut down your business. You can’t earn a living. You need to go on the public dole.

The infernal logic of this is inescapable, once you allow the crossing of the Constitutional line. Then, freedom is gone. The United States is gone.

I’ve spent the past nine months proving that COVID is a medical and scientific fraud. There is no emergency or great danger. But even if there were, that bright line from freedom to slavery cannot be breached. Or we all go down.

Instead, we have to rise up. We have to live life, work, move forward. WE HAVE TO OPEN UP THE ECONOMY OURSELVES, every which way we can, regardless of orders from governments—federal, state, or local.

Protests? Yes. But more than that, we go back to work.

All over this country, we stand on our natural and Constitutional freedoms. We don’t give in.

Our government is based on the consent of the governed. WE decide. We aren’t property of the State. We aren’t products shaped by the State. We weren’t born to be medical patients all our lives.

No one said this would be easy. We aren’t living in easy times. It does no good to park ourselves in a swamp of complaining about what should be and spin our wheels.

Again: WE OPEN UP THE ECONOMY EVERY WHICH WAY WE CAN. We FIND a way. We barter and trade, if necessary. I’m told that, during the Depression of the 1930s, local citizens in America created 3000 currencies. Their own forms of money.

It’s an option. There are many options, if people think and plan. Right now (and I receive reports), there are pockets all over the country where the economy is wide open. People are ignoring government mandates. And they’re not wearing masks or distancing.

What about the political Left? They seem to want the COVID restrictions. They want to obey political dictates. They are willing to submit to governors’ edicts. They bow down and believe and accept the statements of public health officials as if they were written in stone.

What was written in stone, with a war just past, was the Constitution. And that law of the land has remained visible, despite all attempts to erase it.

“The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.” Thomas Paine, 1776.

Should we be sidetracked and tricked and bedeviled now, by these politicians and their official experts, we will find ourselves in a new world not of our making; surely not a world matching our desires.

Instead, we will be nothing more than units and numbers, organized to fit into slots, our labor harvested for purposes beyond our control, in a new normal no free human can tolerate.

We are being told to walk on a road that leads to that place.

As strong as the State seems, this is an illusion, because if enough of us refuse—millions of us—we will win. The State and its machinations will be exposed as just another tyranny, in a long line of tyrannies that fell and failed.

Be free. Live free. If there is Rescue From Above, isn’t it possible the Rescue is waiting to see, first, whether we show the courage that signals we will use that help?

Whether you believe the COVID operation was designed to wreak economic destruction, or whether the devastation was an offshoot managed and directed by lunatic politicians, the effect is the same—and the giant X painted across the Constitution is apparent to those who can see. We are living in a post-Constitutional America. That has been the case for a long time, but the violations are so egregious now, no one who is a patriot can look away without betraying his principles.

We are in a tunnel. We are carrying the light. Around us are sheep and doomsayers and hostile actors. They have redefined freedom in Orwellian terms to mean obedience. They now see privation and isolation as consecrations to a new cause: allegiance to a phantom germ.

That America could be brought down in such a preposterous way is evidence of how far this country has traveled from its origins. Its founding ideas.

Our enemies want to destroy those ideas. They attack them from all sides. They say justice never existed here, and they will bring it about now.

But all they know is destruction.

We will outflank them if we have the will.

So let us have the will.

“There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty.” John Adams, 1772.

The night appears long, but we can end it.

We are the cure.

This is the war.

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America’s Economy Cannot Survive Another Lockdown, and the Cult of the Reset Knows It – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on November 25, 2020

For a real free market to function, weak or corrupt elements must be allowed to fail and die. Instead, central banks around the world and most prominently the Fed kept all of those destructive elements on life support.

This has created what amounts to a “zombie economy:”

The “great reset” is just another phrase for “the new world order.” It is important to understand that the reset these people are talking about has actually been engineered and staged for many years.

By Brandon Smith

The U.S. economy has been on the verge of collapse for at least a decade, ever since the crash of 2008 and the subsequent explosion in fiat stimulus from the Federal Reserve. While the mainstream media has always claimed that central bankers “saved” us from another Great Depression, what they actually did was set us up for a far worse scenario — a stagflationary implosion of our society.

Here is the primary problem: By injecting trillions of bailout dollars into the system, the Federal Reserve prevented the economy from going through its natural purging cycle. This cycle would have been painful for many, but survivable, and it would have removed large amounts of excess debt, parasitic corporations that produce little or nothing of use, as well as numerous toxic assets with no legitimate value. For a real free market to function, weak or corrupt elements must be allowed to fail and die. Instead, central banks around the world and most prominently the Fed kept all of those destructive elements on life support.

This has created what amounts to a “zombie economy:” a system that needs constant outside support (stimulus) in order to continue moving forward. In the process of keeping zombie corporations and other parts of the body alive, healthy parts of the economy, like the small business sector, get devoured. Jenga Classic Game Check Amazon for Pricing.

The zombie economy is, however, highly fragile. All it takes is one or two major shocks to bring it down, and the moment this happens the whole facade will disintegrate, leaving the public in panic and disarray. This is what is happening right now in 2020, and it will get much worse in 2021.

Bailouts encourage and reward unhealthy financial behavior, and this is why national debt, corporate debt and consumer debt have recently hit historic highs. When every pillar of the economy is encumbered with the weight of debt, any instability has the possibility of bringing all those pillars down at once. The Federal Reserve turned the U.S. into an economic time bomb, and the Fed is itself more like a suicide bomber than some kind of fiscal savior.

The “Great Reset”

I first heard the term “global reset” or “great reset” back in 2014/2015. I wrote an article about how the reset was actually a long term process in my article The Global Economic Reset Has Begun. Christine Lagarde was the head of the IMF back then, and she mentioned it briefly in multiple interviews.

I made a mental note of it because it seemed planted into the discussion very awkwardly, as if it was scripted. I rarely heard it mentioned for years after that. In 2020, as we descend into social and economic chaos, I’m seeing the phrase used everywhere in the media and by globalists.

Over the past decade, globalist institutions have come up with numerous phrases that seem to refer to a worldwide planned and dramatic shift in human society sometime in the near future. The “great reset” is just another phrase for “the new world order.” It is important to understand that the reset these people are talking about has actually been engineered and staged for many years. This is not something that just popped up in 2020 — they have been talking about it since at least 2014. And before that, they talked about the new world order, and “multilateralism,” and the “multi-polar world order,” and Agenda 2030, etc. Exploding Kittens Card… Buy New $9.99 (as of 06:08 EST – Details)

The reset is the catalyst phase of an agenda that has been in the works for a long time now. The goal, as they have openly admitted many times, is to centralize the entire globe into one monetary structure, one highly interdependent and socialized economy, and eventually one faceless and unaccountable governing body.

One of the biggest obstacles to the finalization of the reset and the formation of the new world order has been liberty-minded populations across the planet — most of all, the liberty-minded people within America. The U.S. has to be destabilized or eliminated; the old world order has to be brought down before the new world order can be introduced. The people have to be beaten down and desperate, so that when the globalists offer their “reset” as the solution, the people will gladly accept it without question — simply because they want the economic pain and uncertainty to stop.

A common statement made by globalists from Klaus Shwab at the World Economic Forum to the current Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is that the coronavirus pandemic is the “perfect opportunity” to trigger the “great reset.” As globalist Rahm Emanuel is famous for admitting, in crisis there is opportunity to do things you were not able to do before.

In other words, when people panic in the face of crisis, they become easy to manipulate. And, if a crisis doesn’t happen naturally, then why not create a crisis from thin air and use that to cause panic?

Enter the economic lockdowns…

The lockdowns have not only been proven to do nothing to stop the spread of the coronavirus, but they are also a clear attack on what’s left of our economic system. The small business sector in particular is being gutted as more than 60% of those that shut down during the first lockdown were unable to reopen. Small businesses provide more than half of all employment in the U.S.. When they collapse, the U.S. economy will have nothing left except the big-box corporations that the Fed put on life support over a decade ago. Throw Throw Burrito by… Buy New $24.99 (as of 06:08 EST – Details)

Real unemployment, which is already at 26%, will skyrocket even further if a second national lockdown is initiated. The speedy collapse of the U.S. economy will be assured, and the “great reset” can commence. At least, that is what the globalists want to happen…

With the U.S. presidential election currently being contested, it is hard to say how the next few months will play out in detail. As I have been pointing out since July, a contested election is the best possible scenario for the globalists because it creates a Catch-22 situation:

  1. If Trump stays in office, the political left will accuse him of usurping the presidency and there will be mass riots in the streets. Conservatives will be tempted with the idea of bringing in martial law to suppress rioters, and such measures will undermine the flow of the U.S. economy, causing its fragile structure to implode.
  2. If Biden enters the White House, then he will attempt a Level 4 lockdown similar to the lockdowns we have seen in Australia, France, Germany and the UK; perhaps even worse. Our economy will crumble, conservatives will revolt, and Biden will attempt martial law measures.

Either way, the globalists get their crisis, and therein their opportunity.

Surviving the lockdowns and deterring the globalists

Taco Cat Goat Cheese P… Buy New $9.99 (as of 06:08 EST – Details) But here is where things get less certain for the elites. If liberty-minded Americans organize immediately for security and mutual aid, we can defuse the Catch-22. If we provide for our own security within our own communities, there will be no rationale for Trump to institute martial law. Community security is an awesome deterrent against leftist rioting and looting, and basic economic trade can continue.

By extension, if we organize our own community security as well as localize our economies with barter and trade, we also act as a deterrent to Biden and any ideas he might have of enforcing national lockdowns. The point is, we can’t allow the globalists to dictate the terms of the crisis. We must act to change the rules of the game.

The reset is not a natural inevitability, it is a con, a trap. No matter how bad the crisis in our nation becomes, it is the people — namely the liberty-minded people — who will determine the future, not the globalists. Their plan relies on our panic. Instead of panic, let’s show them a unified front and a plan of our own.

This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at Birch Gold Group

Be seeing you

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Watch “‘Dark Winter’ – Biden’s Coming Lockdown” on YouTube

Posted by M. C. on November 14, 2020

Shun your children @ 14:00.

Be seeing you

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The Question I’ve Wanted To Answer for Twenty Years Is Suddenly So Clear to Me – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on November 14, 2020

The Formula Our Technocratic Class Has Borrowed From The Totalitarians Of The Last Century 

2.) Stoke fear.

3.) Implement a new normal.

By Allan Stevo

Shortly after the turn of this century, I found myself standing in one of the halls of political power in former Czechoslovakia, after hearing the umpteenth horror story from communism, and saying to myself “I wish I could live through a little bit of communism to see how normal people allowed it to all happen.”

You see, I just couldn’t believe how this stable and prosperous interwar democracy could find itself in the throes of Stalinist communism and its psychological turmoil. It was shortly after World War II though, in 1948, that the communists came to power and there was a lot of “new normal” to deal with after the horrors of war. Akin to our current era, there was even a period of Czechoslovak communism called “normalizacia” or normalization.

What was this thing called normalization? It was the “second wave” of Stalinism led by the old guard, a return after the liberalization of the 1968 Prague Spring to the most oppressive communism, a “new normal.”

Normalization lasted from the fall of 1968 until November 17, 1989, when a peaceful revolution was set into place in former Czechoslovakia.

The Normalities Of Life Under Communism 

From the surveillance state, to the uranium mines for political prisoners, along with other horrific impacts for thinking the wrong thing: no college for your kids, no permission to pursue your desired career path, no permission to travel (unless you were really awful, hard to repress, and they wanted to get rid of you), to the total control of almost all aspects of life for all people, political prisoner or not, to the total domination of media and culture for the political ends of government, in which there was even well-funded and encouraged official culture and unofficial culture.

If you stayed obedient, you were mostly treated okay compared to the others. If you got close to the most powerful, you were treated better. Within a few years, no one in society — from the highest echelon down —was living all that well. As time went on, the difference between west and east grew more stark. Virtually everything was chintzy in the east.

How could a people put up with it? How could anyone treat this as normal?

The stories I heard from so many seemingly normal and logical people in my many lengthy visits to post communist countries was “It was all so normal” and “We never realized anything was wrong with it.” Plenty will also speak openly about the abnormality of it all. To this day, in the post-communist lands, large percentages of the population, who are more comfortable being obedient to authority than figuring out how to add value in the world around them, lament the shift from communism.

Some people such as that have not made the shift to the logical and generous environment of capitalism very well. They miss the warm paternalistic embrace of being a lackey in communist society.

As I write this, on Friday, November 13, 2020, seven months into our free trial of corona communism, on the 241st day of lockdown in this most heavily locked down American city in which I hang my hat, I’m beginning to see the many similarities that made it all so possible for the people of Czechoslovakia to see it as all so normal.

Compliance Is At The Heart Of Totalitarianism 

I stood with a European two weeks ago as he intimated to me the descent of the world into a state of compliance at all cost, and he related those details from his corner of the world since World War II, imbued with the memories of his forefathers.

Totalitarianism is compliance. Compliance brings totalitarianism. Whether it be more like fascism or communism matters little, widespread individual compliance inevitably leads a society to a bad place. Lack of compliance is generally protective to the individual in the early days of totalitarianism as the non-compliant are not worth the trouble.

How Does Your Compliance Benefit You Or Anyone Else? 

The benefit of compliance to the individual in the present era of corona communism is unclear and unquestioned. The insistence to comply is the primary definition of what is taking place today. There is no rigorous reason to it. There is no prevailing logic to it. There is certainly no genuine public debate.

Many governments and cultures in a self-perpetuating loop of fear that has been stoked and re-stoked have shifted toward this totalitarian demand toward compliance at all cost.  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo even admits to happily riding the tide rather than leading.

The Empire State Fear-Monger Criticizes His Work

Cuomo, seemingly the biggest reactionary of all state governors instead of leading, tries to claim cynically that he rides the wave of fear, while blaming others for the fear-mongering behavior that he engages in that so feeds that fear. On a Tuesday, October 6, 2020  (h/t Robert Wenzel) conference call, trying to make peace with Orthodox Jewish leaders who he later “stabbed in the back,” by their account, Cuomo calls his government’s corona response an over-reaction:

See the rest here

Be seeing you

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Elon Musk Tweets ‘Something Bogus is Going On’ as He Obtains Conflicting COVID Test Results – Sputnik International

Posted by M. C. on November 14, 2020

by Sergei Gridnev

In late-September, entrepreneur Elon Musk revealed that neither he nor his family are in the risk group and therefore they won’t take the coronavirus vaccine.

Elon Musk tweeted on Friday that he had received conflicting coronavirus test results over the course of one day, saying that two of the tests came back negative, while the other two were positive.

Something extremely bogus is going on. Was tested for covid four times today. Two tests came back negative, two came back positive. Same machine, same test, same nurse. Rapid antigen test from BD. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 13, 2020

Responding to a tweet from a follower, the entrepreneur revealed that he had the symptoms of a typical cold and that it was nothing unusual.

Symptoms of a typical cold. Nothing unusual so far. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 13, 2020

The tech maverick later tweeted that he will get tested by separate labs; the results will be available in 24 hours.

If it’s happening to me, it’s happening to others. I’m getting PCR tests from separate labs. Results will take about 24 hours. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 13, 2020

​Previously, Musk had called several times for an end to coronavirus lockdown measures, saying that we should consider population life-months lost from lockdowns and other restrictions versus life-months lost from any given disease.

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Criminal NY governor declares new fascist COVID rules « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Posted by M. C. on November 5, 2020

“Most people who visit New York will have to quarantine for three days and then prove they are negative for COVID-19 before they are ‘free to go about their business,’ Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Saturday.”

by Jon Rappoport

Face it, if the NY governor hadn’t been born into the family of Cuomo, if his father hadn’t been the governor of NY, he’d have emigrated to China where he’d be sweeping streets for a living. In Beijing, he’d be under 24-hour surveillance as a crazy man who might go off and do something bizarre and harmful.

Chinese security man staring at a screen: “Who’s that idiot on the corner poking people with his broom?’

Colleague: “Oh, that’s Cuomo, the American. He loves our system. He moved here a few years ago. We’ll leave him alone for now. He’s good press for us. We can say, ‘See, that’s what Americans are like.’”

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is presiding over the lockdown death of his state, and of NY City. Many of his rich citizens are bailing out of NY with their tax money and moving to Montana and other points west and south. Soon, NY, minus billions in tourist dollars, will be collecting so few taxes they wouldn’t fill a single garbage pail on a desolate boarded-up city street.

NY, another Democrat share-and-care-and-love state, is hitting new highs on boot-clicking and saluting and fascist clampdowns.

The NY Post has the story:

“Most people who visit New York will have to quarantine for three days and then prove they are negative for COVID-19 before they are ‘free to go about their business,’ Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Saturday.”

“Now, travelers must show proof of a negative test taken within three days of arriving in the Empire State, and must also quarantine for three more days — and get a new COVID-19 test on the fourth.”

“If that’s positive, they must isolate for two weeks, the governor said at an Albany press briefing.”

“’Four days plus three days is seven days, and that’s basically, by all probability, the incubation period,’ Cuomo said, as he announced 2,049 new cases across the state and 8 deaths reported yesterday.”

“Anyone who refuses to be tested must quarantine for 14 days.”

“New Yorkers who return home within a day of leaving must take a test within four days of their arrival, Cuomo said. But if they are gone longer for 24 hours, then the new rules apply.”

“Those who commute to New York between bordering states are not required to be tested each trip, he noted.”

He noted, he declared, he announced, he ordered. Achtung!

What if my first two tests are indeterminate and the third test is negative but the fourth test is weakly positive and the fifth test is definitely negative but the sixth test is positive? Do I stay in quarantine in a fleabag hotel for three weeks or six weeks or a year? What if I start seeing cockroaches from the sixth dimension invading my baloney sandwich? Who do I call? Ghostbusters? I thought I was just taking a cheap flight to the City to see the Empire State Building and Central Park. I didn’t realize I’d be marked as a political prisoner. Do I get one call to a lawyer?

Damn, the Democrats missed their golden chance. They should have run Cuomo for president instead of old crazy Joe. Cuomo would show the country what law and order really looks like.

Within 24 hours of taking over the White House, he’d have checkpoints on every interstate highway in the land. He’d bring in Chinese and Australian and UK cops to man them.

“Sir, get out of the car and show us your proof of a negative PCR test taken within the past 48 hours. Open your trunk. Empty your pockets. Are you carrying cash? We’ll take it. We have to test it for the virus. You’ll get it back within two weeks. Where’s your cell phone? We need to transfer all the data to our center in Utah. Write down a list of your 50 closest contacts. Lying is a federal offense. Look straight at me. I’m taking your photo…”

Congratulations, New York. You elected an empty name, Cuomo, as your governor, in your Billy Joel New York State of Mind.

Wake up and smell the slavery. Suck it in through your masks.

Be seeing you

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