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The press continues to lie about COVID-19 to generate fear | Behind The Black

Posted by M. C. on June 27, 2020

Oh my! We are all gonna die!

Not. What the CNN article completely failed
to mention is the number of deaths from COVID-19 taking place during
this rise in new cases. Are you curious why? Could it be because, though
the number of people now infected with the virus has skyrocketed, the
number of deaths has remained largely flat, as shown by the graph above (data source here)

Daily U.S. Wuhan flu deaths as of June 24, 2020

They just won’t stop lying: If you have been reading the mainstream leftist press, you are probably now under the impression that the COVID-19 epidemic is once again raging across the land, destroying whole communities while spreading out-of-control everywhere because some Republican governors thought it was now okay to come out of hiding.

The CNN article at the link above is typical, reporting in lurid detail how multiple states across the country are now experiencing record levels of new coronavirus cases.

Oh my! We are all gonna die!

Not. What the CNN article completely failed to mention is the number of deaths from COVID-19 taking place during this rise in new cases. Are you curious why? Could it be because, though the number of people now infected with the virus has skyrocketed, the number of deaths has remained largely flat, as shown by the graph above (data source here). The past two days has seen a slight uptick, but that is entirely within the range of the weekly ups and downs caused apparently by low numbers recorded over the weekends.

I am not the only one to notice this strange dishonest reporting, Nor is CNN the only culprit. This article at Just News noticed the same thing in a Washington Post report.

On Wednesday evening, the Washington Post issued a breaking news email alert headlined “New coronavirus cases in the U.S. soar to highest single-day total.”

“Across the United States,” reported the Post, “more than 36,000 new infections were reported by state health departments on Wednesday — surpassing the previous single-day record of 34,203 set on April 25.”

Yet the article failed to mention that even while new infections are on the rise, new COVID-19 deaths are not.

This vital information gap in the media is causing some health policy experts to worry that fear about the coronavirus — evidenced, for example, by Wednesday’s sharp stock market drop — is not founded in facts, particularly about how the virus disparately impacts different age groups. The spreading of unfounded alarm, the experts fear, could risk deep harm to Americans’ livelihoods and mental health due to a prolonged, widespread shutdown. [emphasis mine]

This dishonest reporting however is par for the course from mainstream leftist outlets like CNN and the Washington Post. Having failed to overthrow Trump with the Russian collusion hoax and the Ukraine phonecall hoax, they are now working hard to gin up more panic and fear about COVID-19, thus allowing their partners in the fascist Democratic Party to use that fear to justify further power grabs, such as in Oregon, where Democratic governor Kate Brown has convened her Democratically-controlled legislature into emergency session for the sole purpose of suspending due process for up to sixty days.

It is all despicable and evil. That the number of actual cases is not rising in any significant way should be a sign of relief and hope. Not only are lots of people easily throwing off the virus with no problems, these flat death numbers combined with the rising new cases strongly proves once again that the virus is simply not that lethal to the general population, and it likely very comparable to the flu.

Relief and hope cannot be allowed however. That might mean that things can go back to normal, that freedom will once again ring out across the land, and that Trump might actually win in November. Heaven forbid. Better to destroy the country with lies and fascist dictatorships then let things unfold as they should, in a free nation.

Be seeing you


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The Science of Fear: How The Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free

Posted by M. C. on May 15, 2020

Fear they name is government.

Mac Slavo

Fear is one of the most powerful tools the elites have at their disposal. Using the mainstream media, politicians and others who want world domination can inject fear into the public at the drop of a hat, making them easy to manipulate and control.

Aristotle once said: “He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.” Fear is a powerful weapon, and it’s been used globally for the past few months.  People have shown that the instant the media tells them to live a life scared in their homes, they will comply in order to “stay safe.” Whether the virus is real or not, is not the point.  The elitists must keep the public in a constant state of panic in order to control them. Unafraid and compassionate people are impossible to control.

Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, the propaganda was injected into schools to eliminate critical thinking.

At school, we were taught to think in certain ways. They taught us what to think, but not how to develop our thinking. And everyone was taught the same. If we thought in different ways than our classmates, teachers would tell us we are bad students. They would give us bad grades and might even expel us from school. Therefore, as students we learned to compromise our thinking so as to get away with trouble. –The Bounded Spirit

The other hard truth most will not like to hear is that if you are still stuck in the left vs. right paradigm, you still haven’t figured any of it out yet. Left vs. right only exists to give us the illusion of choice.  It’s time to question what we’ve been programmed to think, and it should start there. The fear of not electing the right candidate drives people to polls to vote for evil every year. (The lesser of two evils is still evil.) Politicians are being elected by persuading the masses through the use of fear while journalists influence public opinion by terrorizing people’s minds.

Fear is the best weapon of all great manipulators. It can move people to do anything, no matter how nonsensical it is.  Take, for example, the COVID-19 scam.  People are still terrified of a virus that even the government has admitted isn’t any worse than the flu.  Why? Because the media, the government’s lapdog, is telling them they still need to be afraid. The elites have learned to manipulate the public’s emotions to their advantage. With global media corporations in place, controlled and operated BY the elite, they can amplify that fear quite easily. Turn on the news, open a newspaper and you’ll see this.

We have been taught to be distrustful of the mind, however, and of our thoughts. This has been by design and has been perpetuated through society by the elite of this world who understand the power of thought and the nature of the mind. In fact, most of us have been through a long period of mind-programming since we were born to separate our mind from itself so that it does not know or experience this truth. –With One Breath

Obey. That is the name of the game of control. And controlled you are if you do not recognize how innately powerful, creative, and safe you really are. This life is not all you are, but it is everything you’ve been taught to believe.

Our emotions are energy and they all have a frequency. The closer you are to the bottom, the easier it will be to manipulate you into obeying and complying with tyranny.

As David Icke said in a now-banned YouTube video:

“‘I’m more powerful than them and they KNOW IT.’ And within minutes of the interview ending, they were proving me right. Here they are, this cult that I will explain, that control the mainstream media, my God, has that been any more obvious than in the last few weeks?” -SHTFPlan (the video in this article has been deleted and this article has been shadowbanned.)

Icke was discussing the easy way to beat “the cult” as he calls it, the elitists, the government, the establishment, the ones who want to control you and enslave you.  He says living life in compassion and love and doing the right and moral thing will be the fall of the ruling class.

Free yourself by living a life free of fear. Take up critical thinking. Question what you’ve been told.  Believe you are powerful because you are. Stop looking to others for answers and look to yourself.  Find what resonates with you and speak your truth.

Be seeing you



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Watch “Fauci Tells Senate: ‘Indefinite Lockdown!’ Why Do We Keep Listening To Him?” on YouTube

Posted by M. C. on May 14, 2020

Fear, fudged numbers and a psychopath


Be seeing you

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Being Afraid and Eliminating Exposure to Germs Leads to Death by Fear and Germs: Unless the Government Kills You First – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on April 25, 2020

Virtually everything mandated by government to combat this virus is extremely detrimental to life, and this may be by design. As more deaths are falsely attributed to this coronavirus, more power and control will be concentrated in the hands of the State.

Population control through higher mortality and sterilization is evident in the government’s agenda, and distancing, isolation, forced vaccination, and undue stress are sought in order to facilitate this plan.



“Do you begin to see, then, what kind of world we are creating? It is the exact opposite of the stupid hedonistic Utopias that the old reformers imagined. A world of fear and treachery and torment, a world of trampling and being trampled upon, a world which will grow not less but more merciless as it refines itself. Progress in our world will be progress toward more pain.”

~ George Orwell (1961). “1984”

Death is inevitable, so never hide from life, and never allow a moment of life to be taken from you by tyrants. All government is tyrannical, and all government seeks power and control, and today it is using a purposely-created crisis in order to gain that control. We are being told by false rulers to abandon our lives, and hide away from those we care about in order to stop a virus. This is the highest form of deception, and is only meant to divide us so sinister agendas can be accomplished in the shadows.

It has been forgotten in this day and age of total fear that our bodies, not governments, are our defense against viral agents. Maybe a few will learn from this fakery that germs are our friends. Unless our bodies are exposed to germs and viruses, natural defenses against sickness disappear, leaving the body vulnerable to every sort of germ and virus. Listening to these political trimmers therefore is detrimental to our health.

Coronaviruses are not a threat to healthy humans with strong immune systems. Viruses cannot replicate in that environment, which means symptoms and sickness are rarely present. In addition, sunshine and high vitamin D levels are of great importance, as is diet, exercise, sleep, and relaxing calm. What this means is that government and its idiotic mandates are actually killing many people, and those deaths are due to the very governing body that is lying about how to protect your health. They are in fact causing much death, much more so than this so-called Covid-19.

Virtually everything mandated by government to combat this virus is extremely detrimental to life, and this may be by design. As more deaths are falsely attributed to this coronavirus, more power and control will be concentrated in the hands of the State. One major factor in helping a virus to replicate and cause harm is stress. The more stress evident, the weaker the immune system of its host. When the immune system has to go into action in order to alleviate mental and physical symptoms due to stress on the body, this leaves the body undefended, and viruses take immediate advantage of this opportunity. In other words, people will get sick simply because of undue stress, stress now intentionally caused by this incompetent government.

Unemployment causes stress, fear causes stress, financial problems cause stress, foreign agents in the form of vaccines causes stress, hunger causes stress, worry, isolation, and lack of physical activity causes stress, self-imprisonment causes stress, and any relationship or family problems due to these factors causes extreme stress.

In addition, wearing a mask causes immediate stress to the body due to restricting airflow, and anyone with a weak immune system or with any respiratory issues whatsoever, is very susceptible to harm in this circumstance. Also, the state and health idiots claim that one should not touch their face, but wearing a mask vastly increases that touching due to the many obvious reasons to do so. Since viruses do not have the ability to jump from one person to another, masks then are not only ineffective, but may actually cause more viral spread than if not worn at all.

Then there is the ventilator issue, which is very suspect. Ventilators are actually killing those that have a viral infection.

“Some hospitals have reported unusually high death rates for coronavirus patients on ventilators, and some doctors worry that the machines could be harming certain patients. Mechanical ventilators push oxygen into patients whose lungs are failing. Using the machines involves sedating a patient and sticking a tube in the throat. Deaths in such sick patients are common, no matter the reason they need the breathing help. Generally speaking, 40% to 50% of patients with severe respiratory distress die while on ventilators, experts say. But 80% or more of coronavirus patients placed on the machines in New York City have died, state and city officials say.

That is quite a statistic, given that the state and its so-called health “experts” in the administration, at the WHO, and at the CDC, have been pushing the use of ventilators since the beginning, and have used massive resources not only to greatly step up production and purchase of such machines, but have propagated far and wide on a daily basis the effectiveness of these machines in treating coronavirus patients. But with 80% of those patients dying while on ventilators, is another agenda being worked forward? Are hospitals gaining a financial advantage for putting patients on these ventilators? Is this a way to increase the death count, just as is coding any and every death as Covid, regardless whether the patient died due to other factors?

All of the federal and state mandates to supposedly combat this virus have caused more undue death and sickness. While the extreme stress caused by these government mandates has been devastating as far as virus susceptibility is concerned, many more sicknesses, disease, and deaths are occurring simply due to government action. Stress and isolation cause any number of adverse problems, and many of those cause higher death rates than normal. The psychological harm alone is alarming and has been felt nationwide, and due to this harm, suicides have increased as well. While suicide has been increasing every year, with the onslaught of government interventions due to coronavirus, many risk factors that cause suicide have been greatly enhanced, and this will most likely not only lead to many more suicides this year, but will also lead to higher suicide rates for years to come. How many more will kill themselves in the future due to measures initiated by government during this so-called crisis? There is no way to know for certain, but indications are that it will far exceed the deaths of this 2020 virus scam.

The bottom line is this; sickness and death due to the government response to this manufactured pandemic will be multiple times greater than the death toll due to this coronavirus. But it is much worse than that, because the deaths due to this response will continue to rise for years to come, as people struggle to stay afloat in a country whose economy has been destroyed. Early and unnecessary death, suicide, family abuse, violence, despair, starvation, and loneliness will continue to reek havoc on Americans, causing any number of continuing health problems and death.

Population control through higher mortality and sterilization is evident in the government’s agenda, and distancing, isolation, forced vaccination, and undue stress are sought in order to facilitate this plan. The only viable solution as I see it is to eliminate government at every level possible.

“The state lies in all the tongues of good and evil, and whatever it says is lies, and whatever it has, it has stolen, everything it is, is false, it bites with stolen teeth, and it bites often, it is false down to its bowels.”

~ Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra [1896]

Be seeing you



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The Propaganda Of Terror And Fear: A Lesson From Recent History | Zero Hedge

Posted by M. C. on March 29, 2020

It is time for publics to get informed, think calmly and rationally, and to robustly scrutinize and challenge what their governments are doing. The dangers of failing to do this likely far surpass the immediate threat posed by the Coronavirus.

Authored by Dr Piers Robinson, Co-Director Organisation for Propaganda Studies,  via,

The ongoing and unfolding reactions to the Coronavirus look set to have wide-ranging and long-lasting effect on politics, society and economics. The drive to close down all activities is extraordinary as are the measures being promoted to isolate people from each other.

The deep-rooted fear of contagious disease, hardwired into the collective consciousness by historical events such as the ‘Black/Bubonic Plague’ and maintained through popular culture (e.g. the Hollywood movies Outbreak and Contagion), means that people are without question highly susceptible to accepting extreme emergency measures whether or not such measures are rational or justified. The New York Times called for America to be put on a war footing in order to deal with Corona whilst former Army General Stanley McChrystal has been invoking his 9/11 experience in order to prescribe lessons for today’s leaders.

At the same time, political actors are fully aware that these conditions of fear and panic provide a critical opportunity that can be exploited in order to pursue political, economic and societal objectives. It is very likely, however, that the dangers posed by the potential exploitation of Corona for broader political, economic and societal objectives latter far outweigh the immediate threat to life and health from the virus. A lesson from recent history is instructive here.


The events of September 11 2001 represent a key moment in contemporary history. The destruction of three skyscrapers in New York after the impact of two airliners and an attack on the Pentagon, killing around 3000 civilians, shocked both American and global publics. The horror of seeing aircraft being flown into buildings, followed by the total destruction of three high rise buildings within a matter of seconds, and the spectre of a shadowy band of Islamic fundamentalists (Al Qaeda) having pulled off such devastating attacks, gripped the imagination of many in the Western world.

It was in this climate of paranoia and fear that extraordinary policies were implemented. The USA Patriot Act led to significant civil liberty restrictions whilst the mass surveillance of the digital environment became normalized.

In the United States torture was authorized in the name of preventing terrorism whilst the Guantanamo Bay facility in Cuba became a site in which accused individuals have been held without any adequate legal protection or due process.

Remarkably, the individual accused of leading the alleged 9/11 plot, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who ‘confessed’ to CIA interrogators after being ‘waterboarded’ 183 times, has recently received his trial date, set for January 11 2021 and 20 years after 9/11. Civil liberty restrictions, mass surveillance and torture were only a sub-strand of the major war-fighting-policy that was enabled by 9/11.

Presented at the time as America’s ‘New Pearl Harbour’, 9/11 provided the conditions for a series of major regime-change wars which persist until today.

Critically, these wars have not been primarily about combatting ‘Islamic fundamentalist terrorism’/Al Qaeda, but rather attacking ‘enemy’ states. Indeed, the evidence that the 9/11 event and the alleged threat of ‘Islamic fundamentalist’ was then exploited in order to pursue a geo-politically motivated set of regime-change wars which had little connection to the purported Al Qaeda threat is well established.

Former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, Wesley Clark, famously went public in 2006/7 stating that immediately after 9/11 he had been informed that the US was intending to attack seven countries within five years including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan and Iran. Clark stated:

He [the Joint Staff officer] picked up a piece of paper, he said I just got this down from upstairs, from the Secretary of Defence’s office today, and he said this is a memo that describes how we are gonna take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and finishing off Iran.

Clark’s claims have recently been corroborated by retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson (chief of staff to Colin Powell and Iraq War planner) who stated that he had actually seen the same plans Clark was referring to many months prior to 9/11:

My first briefing in the Pentagon from an Air Force three-star general in February of 2001 I almost fell of my chair because their briefing included on the one hand the Air Force’s ability to take out 80 to 90% of the targets in North Korea in the first few hours of an aerial strike on that country to hey when we do Iraq we’re gonna do Syria and Lebanon and we’re going to do Iran and maybe Egypt … but this was more than that [just contingency planning] Wes Clark is right they had these plans they were going to go right through all these countries that they felt threatened Israel all through those countries that they felt threatened 25-30% of the world’s oil passing through the Strait of Hormuz.

Documentary evidence for these claims has come by way of the UK Chilcot Inquiry into the 2003 Iraq War. For example, a report quoted a British embassy cable, dated 15 September 2001, explained that ‘[t]he “regime-change hawks” in Washington are arguing that a coalition put together for one purpose [against international terrorism] could be used to clear up other problems in the region.’ Another document released by Chilcot shows British Prime Minister Tony Blair and US President George Bush discussing phases one and two of the ‘war on terror’ and when to hit particular countries. Blair writes:

If toppling Saddam is a prime objective, it is far easier to do it with Syria and Iran in favour or acquiescing rather than hitting all three at once.

The regime-change wars that have flowed directly and indirectly from 9/11 continue to this day. War and conflict continues in Afghanistan and Iraq whilst the nine-year-long war in Syria has borne witness to extensive and illegal policies pursued by Western governments including the funding and arming of extremist groups coupled with support for groups actually aligned with Al Qaeda. Iran continues to be subjected to US hybrid warfare tactics including sanctions and covert operations whilst the threat of military action is very clear and present.

The human cost of these wars, built upon the ruthless exploitation of public fear of terrorism in order to pursue multiple ‘regime-change’ wars, has been huge. According to the Brown University ‘Costs of War Project’, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have killed a combined 480,000 to 507,000 civilians, coalition military members, and foreign fighters, with an untold number having been maimed and disfigured. IPPNW estimated that the first ten years of the ‘war on terror’ in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan killed 1.3 million people.

Since 2011, in Syria alone, over 400,000 people have died as a result of war. The numbers of people displaced as a result of these conflicts are also extremely high; wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Syria have wrought a combined 9.39 million refugees, 10.78 million internally displaced peoples, and 830,000 asylum seekers. In addition, there are persisting and very serious concerns with respect to the possible involvement of state actors with the event of 9/11.

Recent and critical developments regarding the events of 9/11 include the publication this week of the University of Alaska study of the WTC7 Collapse which confirms that the official US government investigation was wrong if not plain fraudulent. Other important developments include publication last year of the 9/11 Consensus Panel evidence and increasing scrutiny of the official narrative from mainstream academics.

Overall, the 9/11 global ‘war on terror’ is increasingly coming to be understood particularly across the world as, first and foremost, a remarkable propaganda campaign designed to enable violent conflict in the international system and with its effects and objectives being far wider and deeper than had been suggested by official narratives regarding the need to combat Al Qaeda.


The lesson of 9/11 is that major events can become what scholar Peter Dale Scott describes as deep events which are exploited by political actors in order to precipitate and manage major political, economic and social shifts. 9/11 became, in effect, the deep event that enabled 20 years of unfettered Western warfare abroad and severe civil liberty restrictions and extensive surveillance at home.

At the time of 9/11 many people in the West were terrified of terrorism. Public opposition to the invasion of Afghanistan (the first regime war to flow within months of 9/11) was almost impossible without being accused of being reckless in the ‘fight against terrorism’ or of being an ‘Al Qaeda’ sympathizer. Muslims throughout the West were widely despised. US President George Bush declared that ‘you are either with us or against us’. The parallels with what is happening today are obvious.

Is the Coronavirus a new 9/11, a new deep event? We cannot yet be sure, as of this writing. Perhaps the current strategy of suspending basic liberties will work to effectively eliminate all threats posed by the virus. Governments will then restore the civil liberties currently being suspended and all will fairly quickly return to the way things were before. Perhaps the economy will confidently weather the fallout from the ‘lockdowns’ and everything will return to business as usual.

And perhaps a sober ‘lessons learned’ review will lead to public health officials developing reasonable and balanced plans, such as developing sufficient capacity for rapid testing and tracing, which can be deployed the next time a sufficiently dangerous virus starts to spread thus avoiding terrifying publics and implementing draconian measures that inflict significant damage to the social and economic fabric of society.

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The Only Pandemic in America Is Unbridled Fear and a Total Lack of Intelligent Thought – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on March 19, 2020

Coronavirus, according to Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, is a part of all viruses, and 8% to 15% of viruses are coronavirus, so that will show up in testing


“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” ~ Frank Herbert, Dune

Can the common flu cause people in America and worldwide to lose their minds, and lose all ability to think? Apparently, that is the case, as Americans have gone insane over a new monster created out of thin air called coronavirus. I have anticipated a scenario such as this, and written about it for the past decade or more, but the response by the people of this country is more ridiculous than even I could have imagined. It is the most pathetic sight I have seen in my life.

Without any initial testing, without any proof, without any certainty as to what this new fake threat to all mankind actually is, the world is now in lockdown, and therefore very easy to control. A better plan for the globalists could not have been imagined, as the sheep get into line for sheering without any resistance or question. I have watched this take place, and it was structured incrementally, all along testing the gullibility and fear of the populace, and as it progressed, it became obvious to those perpetrating this lie that taking over the entire country was going to be a cakewalk.

What is happening now is exactly as Bill Gates previewed it in his idiocy called Event 201, which seems to have been the initial test and propaganda piece set in place to start this engine. This was no coincidence, regardless of what the mainstream media and globalists’ claim, but was an active exercise for what was to come. And yes, this is real conspiracy, not “conspiracy theory.”

I will not relent in my efforts to expose the fact that the U.S. economy has been decimated due to spending, debt, and money creation for many years. Considering the situation in 2008, when all markets should have failed, the current economic picture is not only far worse, but has reached the pinnacle of disaster. This economy cannot be saved by money printing, QE, or sending checks out to those that have been forcibly relieved of their jobs by government fiat. I firmly believe that a major factor in why this so-called pandemic was created is to shift blame for the impending economic collapse on this virus, and hide the fact that the Fed and central banks around the world completely destroyed the economy. Had the markets and economy been allowed to fail without any fake pandemic, the government and banking system would have been exposed for the criminal thieves they are. This could not be allowed to happen by the ruling elites. Hence, the flu will kill us all!

As I wrote yesterday here:

“It is my belief that the regular flu is being used as a cover for this fake virus, and will serve to hide fault of a state-created economic collapse. In the process, all will become slaves to the state, and this is not a temporary tyranny, as it will last long after this current non-risk is over. Today, Trump and his entourage of idiots stood before the cameras and said now we can do this next spring to help stop the flu! That is basically an announcement that these measures can be used for any excuse deemed “necessary” by the ruling class. They are actually preparing the sheep for ongoing martial law.”

Coronavirus, according to Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, is a part of all viruses, and 8% to 15% of viruses are coronavirus, so that will show up in testing. This is especially the case when testing the already sick and dying, the old and infirmed, and this kind of testing would be far different than random population tests. In other words, if testing is set up to test sick people, up to 15% will show coronavirus. It is a natural part of flu, and will always show up, so it would be easy to use to fool the dumbed-down and dependent herd. They are easily frightened, and expect government to take care of them from cradle to grave, so this test has been successful for those intending to take control of populations around the world.

Today, we all face horrendous consequences of this staged pandemic. The economic collapse alone will devastate much of the population. This will cause unheard of disaster, and will bankrupt many around the country. This will be life-changing for all Americans, and will change forever the landscape of what is falsely considered a “free” country. Voluntary lockdowns will quickly become mandatory lockdowns, which requires martial law and certainly medical martial law. Police will patrol not for real crime, but to force all to stay in a home prison. National guard units have been deployed in many states already, and that will continue to expand, and then the military will take to the streets to enforce government mandates once full martial law is implemented. In cities, gun sweeps will begin soon, as many areas have already banned gun and ammunition sales.

One of the saddest and most pathetic behaviors that have emerged in this chaos is that most all citizens are accepting everything they are fed, are monitoring their neighbors and anyone showing signs of dissent, and reporting them to authorities. They are helping to enslave themselves without any concept of the stupidity of their actions.

Get prepared for total chaos, economic destruction, martial law, forced vaccinations, permanent job loss, lockdowns, panic, riots, and state violence against dissenters and regular citizens that has never been seen in this country before now. Isolation will be universal, and many more will die from these tyrannical measures than any flu could ever cause.

The governing bodies are calling this a war, and they are correct, but this war is an aggressive war against Americans, not against any virus or outside foreign threat. The enemy now is us, and the aggressor forces will include full military power, with the sole objective of total control. The only solution available is mass disobedience and mass dissent. Numbers matter, and without numbers, any individual dissenter will be quickly taken out!

Be seeing you




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PETER HITCHENS: Yes, coronavirus poses a risk – but our response to it is not intelligent or useful. Britain is infected… by a bad case of madness – Mail Online – Peter Hitchens blog

Posted by M. C. on March 16, 2020

I must ask them: are you really worried about our health, or are you just afraid of being blamed for a small number of the deaths that your policies are causing? 

Governments distil fear into power. In a way, they are right to do so. We fear foreign invasion. The State builds a navy to protect us. We fear crime and disorder. 

The State hires police and builds prisons. But they have become less and less good at these basic tasks, and perhaps they now seek other fields, where they can show how much we need them.

PETER HITCHENS: Yes, coronavirus poses a risk – but our response to it is not intelligent or useful. Britain is infected… by a bad case of madness


This is Peter Hitchens’s Mail on Sunday column

Yes, you are right. We have gone quite mad. I know that many people are thinking this, but dare not say so.

I will be accused of all kinds of terrible things for taking this view – but that is another aspect of how crazy things are.

Yes, coronavirus poses a risk. No, our response to it is not intelligent or useful. In fact, I think it is increasingly damaging and will soon become more so.

The key word here is proportion. There is nothing wrong with simple, practical precautions.

I have for many years believed that door handles pose one of the greatest threats to health, and try never to touch them with the naked hand. I was taught from my earliest years to wash my hands before eating.

I am a health faddist. I work at a standing desk. For many years I have walked and bicycled wherever I can. I often take the stairs rather than the lift. I can’t understand how anyone in my generation or younger can smoke, given what we know about it.

I regard sugar as a delicious poison to be avoided as much as possible. I drink little. I get up early and go to bed early. I believe cars are heart-attack machines, noisy, smelly, ugly devices, which depreciate in the gutter while they are not stopping us from exercising and wrecking our lower backs.

Yet our country is so badly planned that few families can manage without them nowadays.

For these reasons, I reckon that my risk from coronavirus is quite small. If I catch it, and I quite possibly will, I doubt it will trouble me all that much.

The truth is, people with what are called ‘underlying conditions’, many of which follow decades without exercise, are in danger not just from coronavirus but from almost everything.

If the Government is so worried about them, why has it followed transport and housing policies that have made it hard and dangerous to walk or bicycle, and so devastated the health of the people?

Why is the sale and possession of cigarettes still even legal? I wouldn’t normally raise these questions quite so fiercely, but the ever-increasing panicky bossiness of the authorities is annoying me.

I must ask them: are you really worried about our health, or are you just afraid of being blamed for a small number of the deaths that your policies are causing?

And are you just anxious to try to demonstrate how good you are? In such matters, we fuss where we do not need to, and do nothing where urgent action is required.

If a train crashed tomorrow and ten people died, it would be huge headlines for days, even though railways are, in fact, extremely safe. An inquiry would be held.

But each year more than 1,700 people die in road crashes, and another 25,000 are seriously injured, and it barely registers, because their lives are ended or ruined in ones and twos.

Governments distil fear into power. In a way, they are right to do so. We fear foreign invasion. The State builds a navy to protect us. We fear crime and disorder.

The State hires police and builds prisons. But they have become less and less good at these basic tasks, and perhaps they now seek other fields, where they can show how much we need them.

I have serious doubts about whether our Government has any idea how to slow the spread of this virus. I suspect it quietly reached these shores long before anyone noticed.

But I am quite sure that many of the current panic measures do far more harm than good. They create the idea that we are in the midst of a terrifying plague that will kill us all, when the truth – though disturbing – is far less frightening.

Their worst effect is to savage the economy by scaring people away from normal activities.

I went to the cinema last Sunday evening and there were six people in the theatre for what ought to be a successful film.

A florist known to me has just lost hundreds of pounds in business from cancelled events this weekend.

We have all seen the staggering, tottering behaviour of the stock markets, possibly triggered and certainly worsened by virus frenzy.

No doubt it will soon become impossible, under some frantic Emergency Powers Regime, to make this point.

I’ll be accused of giving aid and comfort to the virus, or of spreading Alarm and Despondency.

But before the roadblocks go up, and you need a pass to go to work, I thought I’d say it anyway.

Moving reminder of a pointless war

Normally, I might be a bit cool about a movie such as Military Wives, which dramatises the foundation and success of a choir of women worrying at home, as their soldier husbands face danger far away in Afghanistan.

It barely brushes against the other problem – that it was very hard to work out what those soldiers were risking their lives for.

But the film – pictured above – moved me because it reminded me very strongly of that stupid, utterly pointless war whose victims often returned home in their flag-wrapped coffins, along a road not far from where I live.

I went, whenever possible, to stand with my head bowed as they went past, while silently cursing the governments that had sent them there.

I notice that a group of senior officers and MPs have recently written to The Times daftly attacking the new peace deal in Afghanistan – which might at last get Western troops out of a place they should never have entered.

In some way, apparently, the deal will tarnish the memories of the British dead.

Idiotically, they wrote: ‘These hasty negotiations may compromise the Afghan people and the gains that they have made in the past 19 years. They do not want to surrender women’s rights, freedom of speech and their democratic institutions.’

Well, do you know what? I don’t care. If anyone really wants to impose third-wave feminism on Afghanistan, let them get up an international brigade of volunteers and see how they get on.

Our soldiers, who joined to serve Queen and Country, went because they were ordered to.

The real problem with the planned deal is that it exposes the stupidity and vanity of the politicians who sent troops to Afghanistan, and never should have done.

End this wicked trap

I learned last week that a large group of military widows have been caught in a stupid legal trap.

Because they have remarried, they have lost pensions, under former strict rules.

These rules were abolished in 2014 for those bereaved in later years, but the change does not apply to 300 women, widowed by long-ago conflicts such as the Falklands.

According to Julian Lewis MP, these 300 can get the money they are entitled to only if they divorce, and then marry again. This is obviously absurd.

Can Mr Johnson please put it right?

I remember being told in 2010 that I should support David Cameron’s Tories because ‘we must get Gordon Brown out’. Since Wednesday’s terrifying spendthrift Budget could have been written and delivered by Mr Brown, as could most of the government’s other policies, I don’t think that plan worked out very well.

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How active shooter drills are used to terrorize the public into supporting gun control –

Posted by M. C. on October 11, 2019

Fear, Control and of course the Money.

Take my former governor, please. Cashing in.

Another reason to ban Natural News from social media.

(Natural News) In lieu of the media-generated threat over mass shootings, public schools throughout the country are regularly conducting active shooter drills with some of these drills featuring simulated gun fire to further terrorize children.

(Article by Shane Trejo republished from

One such drill happened last week in Dayton, OH – the site of a mass shooting in August by an ANTIFA-linked killer which resulted in 10 deaths.

The Dayton Daily News reported about the drill that took place on Oct. 1:

School Resource Officer Amanda Myers said students will meet in their homerooms and will be taken to the auditorium for a presentation about the drill they are about to experience. She said teachers in the building went through a similar drill two weeks ago.

Myers said after the presentation, students will return to their classrooms and await the start of the scripted drill. She said teachers will have the option to say where the shots were coming from or not during the drill. During each set of shots, the students and teachers will talk about it and a possible plan of action whether to barricade their classroom or evacuate.

Outside of the building, staff members will be wearing safety vests to assist and direct students to pre-determined safe zones. In addition, there will be school buses circulating in the adjacent neighborhood which will also be safe zones. The safety staff members will have a list of safety steps relating to medical treatment, cover and concealment, bus locations.

Following the drill, students will return to their homerooms as well as back to the auditorium for a one-hour debriefing. After lunch, students will have discussions with their teachers and participate in social emotional activities.

Other drills featuring simulated gun fire have occurred without any prior notice and were done to send the message to children that they are never safe.

Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte Springs, FL issued a “code red” lock-down on Dec. 8 of last year. A voice broadcast over the PA system that “this is not a drill,” as teachers were sent text messages telling them that an active shooter was on the premises. It sent the entire school into hysteria, for what turned out to be a cruel hoax perpetrated by the county Sheriff’s Office.

“It took a lot of people a lot of time to process what was happening,” said 17-year-old Miryam Elshaer, who was traumatized by the ordeal, to the Orlando Sentinel. “In my head I was like, ‘Oh my god I could’ve died today.’”

“My first reaction was anger,” said 16-year-old Sabrina Bonadio after the drill tok place. “No one really talked about the emotional impact, which I feel like is more longer lasting. I feel like [administrators] never really recognized that people had panic attacks.”

Experts have indicated that there is no evidence showing that these active shooter drills increase public safety at all. They are routinely compared to the laughable and futile “duck and cover” drills that children were made to do in the 1950s in case of a nuclear holocaust.

Be seeing you



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The Sky is Falling – How Goverments Use Fear and Propoganda

Posted by M. C. on September 20, 2019

Unlike businesses, they don’t operate on a profit basis. In fact, few politicians or civil servants have any grasp of the concept that prosperity is only created when someone invests his money in a venture, creates a profit and saves or re-invests the difference.

The Climate Change concept was invented out of whole fabric by the Club of Rome, which was created in 1968 by David Rockefeller. It was originally called “Global Cooling,

by Jeff Thomas

Governments are in the flimflam business.

Pared down to the bare essentials, governments can be very useful in passing and enforcing a small number of very basic laws. These laws should be limited to policing those who would seek to aggress against others, or their property. Governments may also have a value in providing protection from invasion – organizing an army of able-bodied people to address this collective problem, if and when it occurs.

And that’s about it. Beyond that, the private sector can, and almost always does, do a better job at virtually everything else. Therefore, a government should be small, cost very little to run and do as little as possible.

But since a government already exists, why not have it do more? Why not assign to it some of those tasks that tend not to attract businessmen?

Well, the simple, but almost universally little-understood, reason is that governments do not actually produce anything. They are, in fact, a parasitical construct that consumes money but creates nothing of worth…

Ergo, even the smallest of governments, in the smallest of jurisdictions, will learn to cajole the public. As the government grows, the con-game grows and duplicity, trickery and skullduggery become the lifeblood of the government – any government.

The con-game becomes, “Vote for me and I’ll provide you with something at the expense of someone else.”

“It is the primary business of any government to grow its own power and wealth at the expense of its people.”

At some point, all governments figure out that the greatest way to expand their own power and personal wealth is through fear…

Another highly successful demon is Climate Change.

The Climate Change concept was invented out of whole fabric by the Club of Rome, which was created in 1968 by David Rockefeller. It was originally called “Global Cooling,” as, at that time, the earth was passing through one of its cyclic cooling periods. However, that period soon came to an end and the earth entered a global warming period. So, the same “science” that was used for Global Cooling was then attributed without any change whatever to the new “Global Warming.”

When that cycle ended and the proponents of Global Warming again had egg on their faces for pushing warming during a new periodic cooling cycle, the proponents finally got clever and renamed it “Climate Change.”

From that day forward, any flood, drought, hurricane, tornado or variation in the ice caps has immediately been blamed on “increased Climate Change,” even though such occurrences have been with us forever and will be with us forever…

With government propaganda, the sky is always falling.

All the best propaganda appeals at a gut level. If people can be made to abandon reason and accept government-created fear, they can be controlled.

This doesn’t mean that governments can’t ever be trusted, but it means that they shouldn’t ever be trusted. They should always be questioned, not only as their propaganda is so often false, but as they are, inherently, in the flimflam business.

Editor’s Note: The government never stops growing and extending its reach into new areas of life. It finances this by confiscating wealth through taxation, indebting future generations, and lots of money printing.

Unfortunately, there’s little any individual can practically do to change the trajectory of these trends in motion.

Be seeing you

GLOBAL COOLING is coming, and we’re all DOOMED, warned NYT ...




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