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Watch “Got Gas? Biden’s Big Oil Blunder!” on YouTube

Posted by M. C. on November 10, 2021

With gasoline and diesel prices at a seven year high and inflation raging, the Biden Administration’s plummet in the polls continues. The lofty aspirations of those pushing a “green agenda” – with shutdowns of pipelines – is meeting the hard reality of a country on the economic brink. Who will blink? Also today: Dissent within Fauci’s ranks, State Farm stands up for Aaron Rodgers, and MASSIVE Los Angeles protest against vax mandate.

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Posted by M. C. on May 22, 2021

The cost of grocery items has climbed 2.4% overall in the last year, but the jump in retail meat prices has been much more dramatic. Compared to April 2020, pork prices are up 11%, bacon prices are up 16.3%, and beef prices are up 4.8%. Poultry prices are 11% higher than last year. The price for wings, which hit a record $2.92 per pound is 180% higher than they were in early 2020. 

After hitting historic lows in 2020, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the U.S. has risen above $3 for the first time since 2014, according to the AAA.

House price bids are coming in above the asking price, sight unseen. The average house is up 33.9% on a year-on-year basis.

The price for lumber has soared by 377% in the last year, adding as much as $36,000 to the price of a newly built home.

 Retail prices for electronics have recently started to climb, too, led by the price of big screen TVs, which are 30% more expensive than they were last year. 

Used cars and truck prices increased by 10% just last month, and are up 21% over the last 12 months.

The price of renting a car was up 16.2% last month.

It is only the beginning folks, there is much more to come, especially if the Federal Reserve continues its mad money printing.   –RW
(via LifeHacker)

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Why Your Gasoline Won’t Take You As Far As it Used To |

Posted by M. C. on May 6, 2019

Even “W” figured this out long ago. I believe that is why he suggested switch grass.

It takes about as much energy to make ethanol as you get out of it.

Corn to ethanol has managed to mangle the corn for food market.

Plus it is screwing up the environment.

Thank you Washington.

Over the weekend, I saw a passing reference on Twitter to the declining energy content of gasoline. Intuitively I know this to be correct for reasons I discuss below. But the poster linked to data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) that I hadn’t previously seen.

The EIA doesn’t directly tabulate the energy content of gasoline. But they do provide two pieces of data that let us calculate it ourselves from two relevant tables in the April 2019 Monthly Energy Review.

Table 3.5 provides Petroleum Products Supplied by Type in thousands of barrels per day, while Table 3.6 provides Heat Content of Petroleum Products Supplied by Type in trillion Btus per year.

From the annual numbers, doing the appropriate conversions (which includes accounting for leap years) provides the energy content of gasoline, in BTUs per gallon, since 1949. What we find is that the EIA reported a constant energy content of gasoline from 1949 to 1992 of 125,071 Btu/gallon. I have always typically used 125,000 Btu/gal as the standard value for gasoline.

(Click to enlarge)

The energy content of gasoline

Starting in 1993, the EIA shows the energy content start to decline. The decline accelerates in 2006. What happened then? I have seen two explanations floated.

I have heard some suggest that the shale oil boom in the U.S., which created an abundance of light oil, ultimately lowered the BTU value of gasoline. This is unlikely for a couple of reasons.

First, to change the energy content of gasoline you must change the composition. As I explained in a previous article, adding butane is a recipe change that takes place seasonally. It impacts the vapor pressure of the gasoline, but it also impacts the energy content. Butane has an energy content of 103,000 BTU/gal, so the more butane, the lower the energy content of the gasoline blend. This means that winter gasoline, which contains more butane, has a lower energy content. Related: Overly Bullish Hedge Funds Set The Stage For Oil Price Drop

But the other reason that shale oil can’t be the culprit is that U.S. oil production didn’t start to move higher until 2009. By then, the EIA was already reporting that U.S. gasoline’s energy content had fallen to 121,167 BTU/gal.

Here’s the real culprit:

The impact of ethanol blending on the energy content of gasoline…

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Ethanol Free Fuel Vs. Ethanol Fuel - The Great Efficiency ...





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