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Almost Half of Americans Believe FBI Acts as ‘Biden’s Personal Gestapo’ | Neon Nettle’

Posted by M. C. on January 7, 2022

The agency is also accused of playing a significant role in the January 6th riot.

Even left-wing outlet Newsweek cited a group of “shadowy commandos” based at Quantico (the FBI academy) playing a covert role in the riot.

Many American voters now believe the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is acting as Joe Biden’s “personal Gestapo,” referring to Adolf Hitler’s secret German police.

In a new poll, forty-six percent of likely U.S. voters revealed they have a favorable impression of the FBI.

But just 15 percent claim to have a “Very Favorable” view of the agency.

In May last year, 60 percent had a favorable impression of the FBI.

Forty-seven percent now view the FBI unfavorably, and those who have a Very Unfavorable impression sit at 26 percent.

The FBI has been branded as “a group of politicized thugs at the top of the FBI who are using the FBI … as Joe Biden‘s personal Gestapo.”

Forty-six percent of voters agree with this description.

Twenty-nine percent “Strongly Agree.”

The figures come following recent FBI raids on journalists who reported on the diary of Biden’s daughter Ashley, which claimed the President showered with his young daughter.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was also accused of working with insiders on the Governor Whitmer kidnapping case.

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Austria Going Full Gestapo?

Posted by M. C. on December 22, 2021

According to Swiss newspaper Blick, the large Austrian city of Linz is hiring people – at a hefty salary – to hunt down their fellow citizens who have not come forward to take the government-mandated covid shot. They are promised plenty of overtime. Meanwhile, a new study out of South Africa – the home of omicron – shows that those who get the variant are 80 percent less likely to end up in hospital. So…why is Europe becoming a totalitarian hellhole over it? Also today, Bill Gates tries to re-write history.

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Dave Hodges Defines the NFL’s Role as Collaborator with DHS Gestapo in Destroying American Constitutional Rights (And How to Stop Them) Dec. 8, 2013

Posted by M. C. on June 28, 2018

Every NFL Stadium Is a FEMA Camp Hiding In Plain Sight

On September 23, 2011, children, without warning, were abducted from their Denver schools by FEMA and taken to the Colorado Sports Authority football stadium. At my son’s middle school, we cannot even have my son’s aunt pick him unless she is registered with the school and shows identification. Yet, FEMA can literally abduct children from their schools without parental permission or notification…

I am a typical NFL fan. This is outrageous. Someone should do something. Tell me again when do pre-season games start?


Dave Hodges

Whatever happened to just playing football? When I used to watch an NFL game on television, I only wanted to watch the game. I never appreciated listening to their liberal political agenda often being spewed out by their talking heads such as Bob Costas.

The NFL Is An Extension of the TSA

The NFL pat downs.

Invasive  NFL security. What’s the difference?

 The NFL has decided it is not enough for Americans to be abused by the TSA at the airport, the NFL has become the newest version of the TSA.

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Gestapo is Back: German Homes Raided Over Facebook Posts | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. on July 3, 2017

By “right wing extremist” what German authorities really mean is anyone who questions the immigration policies of the Europe, or thinks differently than the general population. Literally simply insulting someone, or talking trash can make you liable for five years in prison in Germany. According to section 130 of their criminal code (emphasis added):

(1) Whoever, in a manner that is capable of disturbing the public peace:

1. incites hatred against segments of the population or calls for violent or arbitrary measures against them; or

2. assaults the human dignity of others by insulting, maliciously maligning, or defaming segments of the population,

shall be punished with imprisonment from three months to five years.

Like one of the commenters said-what about the Stasi? The country is led by a communist youth leader. 

You can’t teach an old dog.

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