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America First: A Tribute to Pat Buchanan – Revolver News

Posted by M. C. on February 6, 2023

Not perfect but who is? Hey, I voted for him!

There may be no more iconic moment in Donald Trump’s entire presidential campaign than his February 2016 debate showdown with Jeb Bush. The debate, held in Greenville, South Carolina just days before a crucial primary, was rigged against Trump from the start. While polls showed Trump with a big lead, the actual crowd in Greenville was full of movement conservative die-hards nostalgic for George W. Bush. Jeb Bush thought he could use the memory of his brother as a secret weapon to turn the tide, win the state, and save his flailing campaign. It did not go as planned:

For eight years, Republicans had danced awkwardly around the Iraq War, so obviously a national calamity, out of dogmatic loyalty to their last president and to the idea of interventionism itself.

But Donald Trump broke the taboo. He called Iraq what it was, an idiotic near-criminal disaster, and didn’t back down even as a crowd of the people he was trying to win over booed and heckled.

Seven years on, the battle has been almost won. In 2020, Republicans celebrated Donald Trump as the first president in forty years not to start a war on his watch. They praised him for negotiating an end to Afghanistan, and avoiding new quagmires in Syria or Iran. On Ukraine, it is Republicans rather than Democrats who question the wisdom of spending hundreds of billions of dollars with no strategic endgame on a war that never needed to happen and serves no U.S. interests.

By making the Republican Party turn against interventionism and forever wars, Donald Trump changed the country for the better. And when he did so, he was channeling one very specific man: Pat Buchanan.

See the rest here

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Pat Buchanan and the Menace of Anti- Anti-Semitism

Posted by M. C. on November 4, 2022

A free and diverse society requires candor and vigorous debate, which is what we had in the United States until left-Puritanism did its work.

Tho Bishop

Hence, it is no accident that the ADL picked the occasion of Buchanan’s hard-hitting critiques of the war hawks to unleash its dossier, to issue and widely circulate a press release smearing Buchanan as anti-Semitic, which was then used as fodder for an extraordinarily extensive press campaign against Buchanan.

In August 1990, Pat Buchanan voiced opposition to potential war in Iraq, arguing that any sort of military conflict went against the interests of American citizens. “There are only two groups that are beating the drums for war in the Middle East,” said Buchanan, “the Israeli Defense Ministry and its amen corner in the United States.”

In response, Buchanan was harshly scolded in the majority of major American media outlets. Writing in the New York Times, A.M. Rosenthal repeatedly accused Buchanan of “anti-Semitism,” and denounced “his venom about Jews.” Evoking the specter of the Holocaust, Rosenthal went on to say “I apologize for not confronting the ugliness sooner. The man reaches millions.” The result of Rosenthal’s article was a coordinated campaign to have Buchanan’s newspaper column dropped around the country.

The following article by Murray Rothbard, published in December 1990, looks at the history of the ADL – aka, “the Smear Bund” – of attacking opponents of American military adventurism in the Middle East and the threat posed of censoring debate.

As Murray notes, “A free and diverse society requires candor and vigorous debate, which is what we had in the United States until left-Puritanism did its work.”

I have it on good authority that Barbara Branden is spending a good portion of her time lately brooding about the rising menace of anti-Semitism.” Poor Barbara; like all Randians, she is perpetually out of sync. There is indeed a menace in this area, Barbara, but it is precisely the opposite: the cruel despotism of Organized Anti-Anti-Semitism. Wielding the fearsome brand of “Anti-Semite” as a powerful weapon, the professional Anti-Anti-Semite is able, in this day and age, to wound and destroy anyone he disagrees with by implanting this label indelibly in the public mind. How can one argue against this claim, always made with hysteria and insufferable self-righteousness? To reply “I am not an anti-Semite” is as feeble and unconvincing as Richard Nixon’s famous declaration that “I am not a crook.”

So far, Organized Anti-Anti-Semitism has been able to destroy, to drive out of public life, anyone who receives the “anti-Semite” treatment. True, “anti-Semitic” expression is not yet illegal (though it is banned in many Western ”democracies,” as well as increasingly – as with other “hate speech” – serving as grounds for expulsion, or at the very least compulsory “reeducation,” on college campuses). But the receiver of the brand is generally deprived of access to organs of influential opinion, and is marginalized out of the centers of public life. At best, the victim of the brand may be driven to abase himself before his persecutors, and, by suitable groveling, apologies, and – most important – the changing of positions of crucial interest to his enemies, he may work his way back into public life – at the expense of course, of self-emasculation. Or, if, by chance, the victim manages to survive the onslaught, he may be induced to exercise due caution and shut up about such issues in the future, which amounts to the same thing. In that way, Organized Anti-Anti-Semitism (OAAS) creates, for itself, a win-win situation.

The real menace is organized Anti-

See the rest here

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Being an Enemy of the State

Posted by M. C. on January 20, 2021

We lost the culture war that Pat Buchanan warned us about. I mean, we were slaughtered. Shut out. And so we watch helplessly as the “educators” who have such influence over our kids devise ideas like transgender story hour in elementary schools. Or “gender reveal” parties where parents often manipulate their very, very young children into “identifying” as the opposite sex. If that’s not child abuse, what is?

Posted by donaldjeffries

It isn’t easy being a contrarian, to instinctively go against the grain. It certainly isn’t financially rewarding. I would love to support something about our society, or someone who has a hand in running it. But I just can’t. The corruption is so immense, and so prevalent even at the local level, that it cannot be confronted by anything less than hundreds of thousands of coordinated opponents.

This situation has always existed. Think of the very accurate old canard “You can’t fight city hall.” The difference is that now the tyranny has grown well beyond crass political rivalries or even feuds between organized crime families. The mafia and more recent offshoot intercity gangs at least have some kind of twisted code, and lines they won’t cross. The elite that rule us appear to have no such lines.

The entire world was basically shut down in March of this year, over an alleged deadly virus. There were no overt signs that something dangerous was afoot. No bodies being carted away, and death visiting every family, ala the Great Plague that wiped out so many in Europe centuries ago. Most of us personally knew no victims. And yet all were quarantined to some degree. As a few critics pointed out, you don’t quarantine healthy people. Well, not until now. Sports, movies, churches, and schools were cancelled. Millions lost their jobs. The public donned ridiculous masks and followed “social distancing” rules that have no scientific basis.

And all of this was accomplished without any country needing their police to enforce it. No troops in the streets. Without a single shot being fired. The opposition to such unprecedented state control was confined to “conspiracy theorists” on the internet. Like me. Those of us who pointed out the emperor was stark naked lost many friends, and angered close family members. Our skepticism made us second-class citizens. I was called “dangerous,” and it certainly didn’t help any potential career opportunities. My own niece deleted me on Facebook. So did some of my celebrity friends, like Candy Clark of American Graffiti and Barry Livingston from My Three Sons. Oh well, at least I know they were reading.

It’s always easier to second a popular motion, to be a well-paid “Yes” man. After all, if you’re saying the president, Congress, the Supreme Court, state and local officials, corporate America, the medical profession, the insurance profession, the educational system, the legal system, the media, and the entertainment world are all hopelessly corrupt, you’ve alienated yourself from a lot of people. You’re no fun at parties. Most people used to enjoy it when I pontificated and ranted in social gatherings, or at work. If we still had social gatherings, I wouldn’t be invited. And I would be fired pretty quickly from any job, if I simply conducted myself the way I did for 44 years, until experiencing one of the most unjust terminations imaginable. Which I am helpless to do anything about, because of that corrupt system.

Reason hasn’t prevailed in any battle since perhaps the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, which established the forty hour work week, overtime, and other employee benefits Baby Boomers like me took for granted. Every war pushed for, since JFK stood up against the Military Industrial Complex during the Cuban missile crisis, has been given the green light. Well, I guess we should count that as a victory for reason as well. So sanity hasn’t won the debate since 1962. The list of losses for the people is lengthy. NAFTA, open borders immigration, coverups of every important state crime from the JFK assassination to 9/11, the Patriot Act, the NDAA, the Supreme Court upholding tyrannical asset forfeiture laws, and many others.

We are left now to fight a forced vaccination we don’t remotely need, perhaps even being forcibly chipped. Or to try to counter the creeping sprawl of “hate speech” and “hate crime” laws. To meekly mutter “I’m not a White Supremacist.” To argue for schools, businesses, churches, and cultural events to be reopened. But only with proper precautions, of course. Must keep up that “social distancing.”

We lost the culture war that Pat Buchanan warned us about. I mean, we were slaughtered. Shut out. And so we watch helplessly as the “educators” who have such influence over our kids devise ideas like transgender story hour in elementary schools. Or “gender reveal” parties where parents often manipulate their very, very young children into “identifying” as the opposite sex. If that’s not child abuse, what is?

For years, I argued that this casino economy of ours had to inevitably collapse. In my youthful idealism, I imagined something better emerging from the ruins. Now I’m much older, and have no such expectations. They appear to be able to keep this mess afloat on life support, no matter what. The fact that it hasn’t collapsed after thousands of businesses were forced to close, millions were thrown out of work, and huge parts of the economy like sports and movies were effectively cancelled, is very telling. They will just keep creating money out of thin air under their counterfeit banking system. Maybe we’ll get another $1200 check.

Our “representatives” in the Senate just voted unanimously to eliminate the cap on foreign Visa workers. That’s quite a strange thing to do during a deadly “pandemic,” and when millions of American citizens have lost their jobs due to the unconstitutional lockdown. Don’t expect a veto from Donald Trump, who of course pledged to eliminate the unnecessary foreign worker programs. Maybe we’ll get an exasperated tweet.

The people have actually been losing ever since the tyrant Lincoln crushed that whole “consent of the governed” thing. You know, the main premise behind the War for Independence. We lost every time when their laughable false flags, from “Remember the Maine” in 1898 to the “weapons of mass destruction” lie was believed by a gullible majority of the public. That’s our problem- that gullible majority. They’re the ones phoning the authorities to report “social distancing” violations, or screaming “there’s no evidence!” of voting fraud, and they will be first in line for the mandatory vaccine. They have been trained, like Pavlovian dogs, to be skeptical of the “conspiracy theorists,” not any authority figure or institution. Except Donald Trump. They have been brainwashed to hate him, like Orwell’s fake opposition leader Goldstein in 1984.

Speaking of Orwell, his dystopian world is here. What exactly is the distinction between his Thought Crime and the “woke” Left’s “hate crime?” That gullible majority again parrots the phrase “hate speech” without understanding how such a concept is incompatible with free speech. The majority of Americans now don’t believe in free speech for those they disagree with. Since that is the significance of the First Amendment, they really don’t believe in free speech. Period. And since they don’t consider a thousand or more witnesses signing sworn affidavits about electoral fraud, to be “evidence,” they don’t appear to believe in free and secure elections, either. But they hate “racism.” And they support every war.

If the Founders could see what a shocking Banana Republic we’ve become, they would be heartbroken. They didn’t secede from British rule so that society could celebrate 57 different genders. Or claim that even the poorest residents of Appalachia have some kind of “White Privilege” that Black billionaires don’t. Or permit our militarized police to abuse their authority and confiscate the property of those who haven’t even been charged with a crime. Or give benefits, public schooling, job preferences, and legal favoritism to noncitizens, including those who entered the country illegally. Or spend most of the federal budget on a centralized permanent armed forces, and shadowy intelligence agencies with secret budgets.

Our “representatives” still swear allegiance to a Constitution they don’t believe in, or pay attention to. The gargantuan federal government is as far removed from what the Founding Fathers intended as a One Percenter is from a timeclock and a demanding boss. And yet, while it’s taken on a power and scope it’s not supposed to constitutionally have, it provides virtually no services in return. It just takes. And mandates.

We are like a boxer, who’s been beaten relentlessly for fourteen rounds. We’re in the fifteenth and last round, trying desperately to hold on to the ropes. The referee is openly against us, and the judges are not scoring the rounds fairly. The fans, who stand to lose if we do, are wildly cheering on our (and their) opponent. Our only hope is if those fans storm the ring and save us (and themselves).

As Orwell stated in 1984, “If there was hope, it must lie in the proles, because only there, in those swarming disregarded masses, eighty-five percent of the population of Oceania, could the force to destroy the Party ever be generated. The Party could not be overthrown from within.” We are the Proles, and we outnumber our corrupt and incompetent leaders by the millions. But if we don’t come together, that’s irrelevant.

As we enter the holiday season, that same gullible majority is embracing even more tyrannical restrictions. Cases are surging- we must cancel Christmas! It’s like we’ve gone through the looking glass- where the spirit of Ebenezer Scrooge is being celebrated.

We’re all in this together. Take your vaccines. Trust the “science.” Listen to the “fact checkers.” Embrace the “great reset” and the “new normal.” Yes, Virginia, there is a conspiracy. God bless us, everyone.

About donaldjeffries

Author of the critically acclaimed best sellers “Hidden History: An Expose of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover Ups in American Politics,””Survival of the Richest: How the Corruption of the Marketplace and the Disparity of Wealth Created the Greatest Conspiracy of All,” and the newly released “Crimes and Cover Ups in American Politics: 1776-1963.” Author of the 2007 sci-fi/fantasy novel “The Unreals,” which has been described as a cross between The Wizard of Oz and The Twilight Zone, and compared to A Confederacy of Dunces and classic Russian literature. A second edition of “The Unreals” was published in February 2015 by Pocol Press. Long time JFK assassination researcher. Seeker of truth, proponent of justice and fairness. Enemy of corruption. Sender of as many “tiny ripples of hope” as possible. View all posts by donaldjeffries »

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What’s Paleo, and What’s Not

Posted by M. C. on December 20, 2019

by Paul Gottfried

In a recent Townhall commentary, the young author Michael Malarkey marvels over “the resurgence of refined paleoconservatism.” Supposedly Donald Trump has absorbed quintessential paleoconservative positions and is now putting them into practice. This now triumphant creed is “a political stance that posits the importance of strong borders, economic protectionism, and vehement anti-interventionism.” According to Malarkey, “[Trump’s] political orientation resembles that of Patrick J. Buchanan, a wildly influential former Nixon aide…and lifelong ‘Paleocon.’”

As the person who invented or co-invented the term under consideration, it seems to me that Malarkey doesn’t know much about the “stance” or movement that he claims is now surging. Exactly how many self-described paleocons are serving in Trump’s administration? Except for the editorial board of this magazine, how many conservative or Republican publications have identifiably paleoconservative names on their mastheads? How many paleos are on the executive boards of foundations, or even invited to participate in conservative movement events? I can’t think of a single name—certainly not mine.

In 2016, I teamed up with another paleoconservative, Boyd Cathey, and a paleo-libertarian, Walter Block, in collecting the names of academics for a declaration of support for then-candidate Trump. Our list was taken over by the West Coast Straussian website American Greatness, whose editorial board proceeded to delete our names before posting the document. The vanished names were hardly an oversight, any more than when the anti-clericalist French command after the Dreyfus Affair removed from consideration for promotion the name of every officer seen walking into a church on Sunday. The West Coast Straussians undoubtedly remembered which side we took when Southern conservative literary scholar M.E. Bradford tangled with their mentor Harry V. Jaffa. They, not we, were in a position to make their displeasure known.

Malarkey speaks of a “refined” paleoconservatism that has taken the place of the older kind and which now seems to be ascendant. Paleoconservatism, we are told, has captured the mind and imagination of the president partly because it “lacks the religious sanctimony and fundamentalist undertones of prior decades.” Curiously enough, I have no recollection of these qualities being present in the movement in question when I was part of it in the 1980s. But then I’m not sure that Malarkey understands the paleocon movement, the return of which he’s celebrating. I bet he couldn’t name a single paleoconservative other than Pat Buchanan, who, by the way, was not yet a paleoconservative, when he was Richard Nixon’s speechwriter.

Malarkey is correct that paleoconservatism is, or was—among other things—a “political stance.” Read the rest of this entry »

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My 50 Favourite Quotes From ‘The Death of the West’ – Aussie Nationalist Blog

Posted by M. C. on December 18, 2018

Here is one I’ll bet you would never consider. There are no “heroes” among  our Middle Eastern “friends”.

[37] On the slave trade: “Western man was among the many villains, but Western Man was also the only hero” (Pat Buchanan, page 220).

[1] On the demographic situation in 17 European countries: “There are more burials than births, more coffins than cradles” (Pat Buchanan, page 9).

[2] On how the New Economy has stifled the Western birthrate: “Forced to choose, women are choosing career, or career and the joy of motherhood, once” (Pat Buchanan, page 33).

[3] On the consequences of boundless hedonism, and individuals not thinking beyond themselves: “Societies organised to ensure the maximum pleasure, freedom, and happiness for all their members are at the same time, advancing the date of their own funerals” (Pat Buchanan, page 34).

[4] On communism’s plan for women: “The first condition for the liberation of the wife is to bring the whole female sex into public industry and… this in turn demands the abolition of the monogamous family as the economic unit of society” (Karl Marx, page 35).

[5] On the end of the family wage: “Is it not a remarkable coincidence how global capitalism’s view of women–as units of production, liberated from husbands, home and family–conforms so precisely to the view of the fathers of global communism?” (Pat Buchanan, page 35).

[6] On the end of the family wage: “There was a consensus in America… that employers should pay fathers a ‘family wage’ sufficient to support their wives and children in dignity without their having to leave the home to go to work. That was considered one of the defining characteristics of a good society… The system fell apart in the 1960s, when feminists managed to add ‘sex’ to the list of discriminations forbidden by the sweeping Civil Rights Act of 1964” (Pat Buchanan, pages 35-36).

[7] On the conservative fixation on economic concerns: They “believe man is an economic animal, that free trade and free markets are the path to peace, prosperity and happiness… But when the income tax rate for the wealthiest was above 90 percent in the 1950s, America, by every moral and social indicator, was a better country” (Pat Buchanan, page 37).

[8] An early feminist view on the effect of abortion: “It will burden her conscience in life; it will burden her soul in death” (Susan B. Anthony, page 39).

[9] On feminism’s effect, due its promotion of male-hatred: “The rise of feminism spells the death of the nation and the death of the West” (Pat Buchanan, page 42).

[10] On the new cultural order: “The cultural revolution is not about creating a level playing field for all faiths; it is about a new moral hegemony” (Pat Buchanan, page 53).

[11] The true meaning of Jefferson’s ‘All men were created equal’: “I agree with you that there is a natural aristocracy among men. The grounds of this are virtue and talent” (Thomas Jefferson, page 62).

[12] On the importance of hierarchy and the limitations of democracy: “What America is about is not equality of condition or equality of result, but freedom, so a ‘natural aristocracy’ of ability, achievement, virtue and excellence–from athletics to the arts to the academy–can rise to lead, inspire, and set an example for us all to follow and a mark for us all to aim at.

“Hierarchies are as natural as they are essential. Consider the American institutions of excellence, from Microsoft to the New York Yankees, from the US Marine Corps to the Mayo Clinic. How many are run on a one-person, one-vote principle?” (Pat Buchanan, pages 62-63).

[13] On mere tolerance alone: It is “the virtue of men who no longer believe in anything (G.K Chesteron, page 64).

[14] On the fate of pro-choice boomers: “The baby boomers of Europe may live to see their lives ended, without their consent, by a society that has turned as callous toward their wish to stay alive as they were to the unborn in their own time. What goes around comes around” (Pat Buchanan, page 112).

[15] On pro-infanticide arguments: If we concede parents’ rights to abort an unborn infant up to nine months, why do they lose the right to ends its life the moment the foetus slips out of the womb?” (Pat Buchanan, page 113).

[16] On Islam: “the Islamic world retains something the West has lost: a desire to have children and the will to carry on their civilisation, cultures, families and faith” (Pat Buchanan, page 118).

[17] On the nature of power: “Is it in the nature of things that nations and civilisations rise, expand, dominate, and rule, only to recede and offer equality to their subject peoples–an offer accepted until those subject peoples acquire the power to rise, expand and dominate themselves? Is our era of the equality of nations really the end of history or but a temporary truce? (Pat Buchanan, page 120).

[18] On the nature of power: “It is in in the nature of things that nations and religions rule or are ruled” (Pat Buchanan, page 121). [[Personally, I would note the nature of power has a similar application to the culture, identity and institutions]].

[19] On the nature of power: “I put for a general inclination of all mankind, a perpetual and restless desire of Power after power, that ceaseth only in Death” (Thomas Hobbes, page 121).

[20] On multiracialism: “free institutions are next to impossible in a country made up of different nationalities. Among a people without fellow feeling, especially if they read and speak different languages, the united public opinion necessary to the working of representative government cannot exist” (John Stuart Mill, page 146).

[21] On how civilisation is decomposed: “To destroy a people, you must first sever their roots” (Alexander Solzhenitzyn, page 147).

[22] On how civilisation is decomposed: “Dishonor or disgrace a nation’s heroes, and you can demoralise its people (Pat Buchanan, page 147).

[23] On what a proper public school system once did: “We established public schools in America to create good citizens and patriots who will protect and preserve their country” (Pat Buchanan, page 152).

[24] On how attacks against the Lost Cause, give way to anti-Americanism: “Though the Cross of St. Andrew only flew over the Civil War battlefields for four years, the American flag flew for more than four generations over a country whose constitutions countenanced slavery. It was thus inevitable that the turn of Old Glory would also come” (Pat Buchanan, page 170).

[25] On secularism: “Wherever secularism triumphs, populations begin to shrink and die” (Pat Buchanan, page 180).

[26] On secularism: Could not the whole nature of our civilisation with its shortsightedness, with its proud emphasis on the individual… could it not all be but the natural manifestation of a simple phenomenon which, in simple terms, amounts to a loss of God? (Vaclev Havel, page 180, 181).

[27] On the misleading pretenses used to uphold the separation of church and state: “If you wish to reshape American society through the law… you may use as guides the books written by Karl Marx… but not the books written by Matthew, Mark, Luke or John” (Pat Buchanan, page 183).

[28] On the misleading pretenses used to uphold the separation between church and state: “The struggle for moral hegemony will end only when one side is defeated and the other triumphs” (Pat Buchanan, page 192).

[29] On the misleading pretenses used to uphold the separation between church and state: “With our public schools and public square de-Christianized, our private schools and private institutions are next” (Pat Buchanan, page 204).

[30] On the Portland State commencement, and how white students cheered on their future demographic demise: “Surely it is a rarity in history that a people would cheer news that they and their children would soon be dispossessed of their inheritance as the majority in the nation their ancestors built” (Pat Buchanan, page 209).

[31] On the Republican obsession with cutting taxes: “At times, it seems that is the only reason they were put on Earth” (Pat Buchanan, page 210).

[32] On Cultural Marxism’s relentless nature, even against rivals shy of racial, moral or cultural issues: “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you” (Leon Trotsky, page 211).

[33] On the Left’s perennially aggressive nature: “In a culture war, the revolution is always on the attack, and traditionalists are always on the defensive” (Pat Buchanan, page 212).

[34] On the beneficial nature of proactive tactics: “Strength lies not in defence but in attack” (Adolf Hitler, page 212).

[35] On weak conservatives: “They just want to get along. But, in a culture war, where the other side is always making demands, and the other side is always ready to fight, this translates into endless retreats and eventual defeat” (Pat Buchanan, page 214).

[36] On the need for conservatism with a defined context: “If our culture is going to be conserved, then we need to de-throne the dominant authorities that threaten it” (Sam Francis, page 215).

[37] On the slave trade: “Western man was among the many villains, but Western Man was also the only hero” (Pat Buchanan, page 220).

[38] On the new demographic realities for right-wing political parties: “If professional elites are moving left, poor whites are moving to the right” (Pat Buchanan, page 223).

[39] On the nature of our struggle: “The West does not lack the power to repel these dangers, but it seems to lack the desire or will to maintain itself as a vital, separate, unique civilization” (Pat Buchanan, page 223).

[40] On the place of large corporations in our traditionalist, right-wing struggle: “With share price and stock options its reasons for being, it will sacrifice everything and everyone on the altar of profit” (Pat Buchanan, page 229).

[41] On the necessity of winning the culture war: “Regimes not rooted in culture cannot endure. The Stalinist regimes in the captive nations of Eastern Europe never put down roots in the culture. When the threat of Russian tanks was gone, so were the regimes” (Pat Buchanan, page 230).

[42] On the state’s duty to promote pro-natal policies: What is more important than the permanence of the American nation and people?” (Pat Buchanan, page 232).

[43] On if the established US foreign policy continues: “We shall know no end of war and no security or peace in our own homeland” (Pat Buchanan, page 242).

[44] On the necessity of gender roles: “Women are not the same as men, and saying so does not make it so” (Pat Buchanan, page 244).

[45] On world government: “A world government in which all nations and peoples have an equal voice in determining the destiny of man is absurd. The pilot flies the plane, not the passengers, and parents do not give toddlers a voice and vote in family decisions” (Pat Buchanan, page 246).

[46] On how engaging in conflict to reclaim Western culture, is preferable to the status quo for Christians: “The government used their tax dollars to fund what they believe is the slaughter of unborn children… This is the asking price of peace in the culture war, and, for millions of Christians, the price is too high” (Pat Buchanan, pages 247-248).

[47] On the shortcomings of political change: “Politics cannot pull the West out of its crisis, for it is not a crisis of material things, but a crisis of the soul” (Pat Buchanan, page 252).

[48] On the need for certain decisions to be exempt from the democratic process: “Not all decisions by the people are going to be warmly received by traditionalists. After all, the adversary culture has made deep inroads” (Pat Buchanan, page 260).

[49] On the importance of faith in upholding morality: There is “no significant example in history, before our time, of a cosset successfully maintaining moral life without the aid of religion” (Will Durant, page 265).

[50] On the limitations of democracy: “It (democracy) can easily be transformed by them (the forces you dislike)” (T. S. Eliot, page 267).

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Hannity Shilled for Israel Yesterday – Guest Pat Buchanan Nailed Him

Posted by M. C. on May 13, 2018

I can remember warmongers Hannity and Rick Santorum lying through their teeth about poison gas in Iraq on the radio show. We should ask him what Israeli boot leather tastes like.  I asked My Senator Bob Casey the same thing a few years ago, he forgot get back.

Michael Quinn

Sadly we can’t have all our TV show hosts be as great as Tucker Carlson.

Sean Hannity hosted Pat Buchanan on his radio show yesterday, and things got pretty heated. They discussed the geopolitics of Iran, Israel, and American foreign policy. Buchanan dismissed Israeli evidence of Irans program by bringing up the excellent counter that Americas foreign policy should rely solely on intelligence gathered from American intelligence services like the CIA and DIA.

Hannity debased himself pushing the typical Zionist warmongering propaganda while Buchanan held his ground insisting “I don’t want my country getting into another war” as well as reminding Hannity that Bibi has been “crying wolf for decades” about the middle-east.

Buchanan is completely right and absolutely nailed it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Obamacare On Steroids (Or Is It Acid?)

Posted by M. C. on October 16, 2013

Perhaps you have wondered as I have how regulatory agencies can make regulations.  The Constitution says only Congress can make laws yet the BATF, FCC, IRS ad infinitum create regs.  The stock response I get is the Supreme Court said it was OK.  I can believe that considering the SCOTUS OK’d Obamacare.

Obamacare legislation is so complex one of its primary creators, Pelosi, can’t tell us what is in it.  We are only beginning finding out. Read the rest of this entry »

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