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Watch “Revolution in Italy? Voters ‘Threw The Bums Out!'” on YouTube

Posted by M. C. on September 27, 2022

A political tidal wave broke over Italy over the weekend, as voters by a large majority elected a right-wing government. European Union officials warned Italians not to vote the “wrong” way…but they did anyway. What is the bigger picture? Also today, a vote in Ukraine’s eastern provinces promises escalation. And…guess who’s got covid…again?

Pfizer CEO, that’s who – Second time in just a few weeks.

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Progressivism, brought to you by Pfizer

Posted by M. C. on September 17, 2022

We’ve learned that senior editor Kiera Butler is preparing a hit piece on Dr. Vinay Prasad, himself a political liberal, for questioning the safety of the “boosters”; Prasad has correctly noted that the so-called safety data consists of results on eight mice.

It’s hard to believe now, but not even one human lifetime ago the slogan “question authority” was associated with the left-liberal project.

That’s long gone, having been replaced by “shut up and obey.”

This more recent, more authoritarian approach is much more in line with historic progressivism, which began in the Progressive Era as an elitist movement that favored the management of society by a self-identified expert class, albeit concealed beneath a veneer of “democracy.”

So it should not surprise us that Mother Jones, a progressive publication, isn’t really so skeptical of authority or of big corporations after all. It’s now more or less an unpaid division of Pfizer.

We’ve learned that senior editor Kiera Butler is preparing a hit piece on Dr. Vinay Prasad, himself a political liberal, for questioning the safety of the “boosters”; Prasad has correctly noted that the so-called safety data consists of results on eight mice.

Butler sought comment from Stanford’s Jay Bhattacharya, whom I mention quite a bit in this newsletter. Jay has since reproduced her email, along with his answers.

So here’s Kiera Butler:

I’m writing about the bivalent vaccines, and I saw that you had retweeted Dr. Prasad’s video questioning their safety. I’m wondering if your past activism around opposing Covid protections — with the Brownstone Institute, Hillsdale College, and the Great Barrington Declaration — influenced your opinion on this at all? And I’m wondering if you think it’s fair to characterize your takes on Covid as contrarian?

Jay’s response:

(1) The FDA did not require any human clinical study before approving the bivalent ba4/5 booster, so I don’t have any opinion at all about their safety profile. I simply don’t know.

(2) The GBD was signed and supported by tens of thousands of scientists and doctors around the world. It is not a contrarian position, but represents the standard way of dealing with respiratory virus pandemics that the world has followed for a century until 2020.

(3) I am not paid by any of the organizations you mentioned and received $0 from them. My thoughts reflect my professional training in medicine, epidemiology, and health policy.

Let’s see how much of that winds up in Kiera’s Pfizer press release.

Sorry, article

For people who really do question authority, I recommend being part of the incredible and smart community I’ve built around the Tom Woods Show. I am extremely proud of it, and would love to have you join us:
Tom Woods

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Israel is overrun with Covid. The vaccines have failed. The experiment must stop.

Posted by M. C. on January 29, 2022

Alex Berenson

Israel has always been the most important country to judge the mRNA Covid vaccines.


It has nearly total adult vaccine coverage. Efforts to blame “the unvaccinated” for whatever is happening won’t hold. Israel has good data – far more complete and up-to-date than American figures. And it vaccinates quickly, so whatever impact the vaccines are having rolls through the population (and the data) quickly.

But most of all, Israel matters because Israel was first. It mass vaccinated with Pfizer’s mRNA first and it boosted first. And human biology is the same everywhere.

So what happens in Israel happens in all the other mRNA countries eventually. As the chief scientific officer of Pfizer said in September, Israel is a “sort of laboratory” for the vaccines.

Here’s how the Israeli experiment is going.

This chart tracks serious Covid cases (basically intensive care hospitalizations) in Israel from early 2020, the beginning of the epidemic:

(The United States has 36 times as many people as Israel, so 1,000 ICU patients translates into 36,000. Israel also has a relatively young population, meaning Covid will be less severe overall than in the US.)

See the rest here

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Big Pharma CEO Blows a Hole in Vaccine Mandates – American Thinker

Posted by M. C. on January 19, 2022

Yet the left keeps pushing COVID vaccine mandates, despite the Pfizer CEO, CDC Director, and the US Supreme Court saying, perhaps in a roundabout way, that they are of no benefit. Hopefully, the Supreme Court’s trend continues, with a thoughtful analysis of our public measures, following the science rather than simply saying “do this because I say so.”

Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.

See also: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Makes Startling Admissions About the Vaccines

Vaccine mandates are one of many stifling measures brought on by the ongoing COVID pandemic, a consequence of those trying to “follow the science” and doing anything but or of government and bureaucrat officials using the opportunity to flex their authoritarian muscles. Whether they serve a useful societal function is an open question.

The CDC website cites a book chapter by research scholars Kevin Malone and Alan Hinman that describes vaccine mandates as a means of “drastically reducing infectious diseases in the United States.” Mandates present a challenge “when societal interest conflicts with the individual’s interest.” With vaccine mandates, there is the assumption that “Increased immunization rates result in significantly decreased risk for disease.”

According to the chapter,

Although no remaining unimmunized individual can be said to be free of risk from the infectious disease, the herd effect generated from high immunization rates significantly reduces the risk for disease for those individuals. Additional benefit is conferred on the unimmunized person because avoidance of the vaccine avoids the risk for any adverse reactions associated with the vaccine. As disease rates drop, the risks associated with the vaccine come even more to the fore, providing further incentive to avoid immunization. Thus, when an individual in this common chooses to go unimmunized, it only minimally increases the risk of illness for that individual, while conferring on that person the benefit of avoiding the risk of vaccine induced side effects.

Herd immunity, a term that can get one banned from social media and polite society, is the key. Both vaccines and natural infection can achieve herd immunity. Once herd immunity is reached, the risk-benefit ratio pivots from less benefit for every last person being vaccinated to more risk from vaccine adverse effects. This is the logical way infectious diseases have been approached in the past, until COVID apparently changed relatively settled science regarding vaccines, masks, distancing, and mandates.

The above premise assumes that the vaccine in question prevents contracting and transmitting the underlying infectious disease. Or as the chapter describes, “An important characteristic of most vaccines is that they provide both individual and community protection.”

Are the COVID vaccines providing both individual and community protection? If they are, then a case may be made for vaccine mandates although that is debatable. If not, then such mandates make no sense.

An excellent person to ask is Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, the largest COVID vaccine maker. In a recent Yahoo Finance interview, Bourla let the cat out of the vaccine bag,

And we know that the two doses of the vaccine offer very limited protection, if any. The three doses, with the booster, they offer reasonable protection against hospitalization and deaths—and, again, that’s, I think, very good—and less protection against the infection.

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“Limited protection if any,” is not a strong endorsement. It’s a polite way of saying two doses of the vaccine don’t work as previously described and promised. And with a booster, the protection becomes “reasonable.” He didn’t say robust or excellent, only reasonable, meaning that there is limited benefit. And it’s a benefit to the individual, not to other people.

An umbrella provides “limited protection if any” in a hurricane and a raincoat offers “reasonable” protection but, in both cases, you will get soaked and blown around.

YouTube screen grab.

I must add the standard and necessary disclaimer that I am not anti-vaccine, having been personally fully vaccinated. Nor am I offering medical advice, only an analysis of this recent news item. Any vaccine decisions should be between you and your physician based on a thoughtful analysis of risks and benefits, as is standard for any medical intervention.

When Big Pharma doesn’t believe its own spin anymore, though, why should anyone else?

See the rest here

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Omicron Vaccine To Be Made Available In March For The 12 People Who Haven’t Gotten Omicron Yet | The Babylon Bee

Posted by M. C. on January 18, 2022

U.S—Pfizer has reiterated their commitment to the release of a new Omicron vaccine in March, just in time for the twelve people who haven’t already gotten sick and recovered.

“We intend to save lives,” said Derrick Pfizer while meeting with CDC officials. “Sure, Omicron is spreading so fast that it will have probably run through the majority of people by then, but this is no laughing matter. The dozen or so people who haven’t had it yet will have a vaccine available so they don’t have to deal with a mild cold that puts them out of work for a week.”

Experts at the CDC removed additional safety requirements from vaccine development to try and get it out the door sooner but admitted there was only so much they could do to bypass government regulation.

“There are hundreds of government regulations to consider,” insisted a sputtering Dana Tacoa, a spokesperson for the government agency. “We’re only comfortable ignoring protocol for in-depth human testing. We have to risk the lives of every man, woman, and child so we can save the handful who don’t have natural immunity yet.”

When asked why scientists were working so hard on a vaccine that would be rendered useless by herd immunity Derrick Pfizer calmly reassured the public.

“Don’t worry, we’re not working that hard,” he said. 

Bee seeing you

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Remember how health authorities said serious vaccine side effects always will be seen fast?

Posted by M. C. on January 18, 2022

Turns out that’s not true… as Pfizer (and its veterinarian chief executive) should know better than anyone.

Scientists would discover that the vaccine caused some cows to produce “alloantibodies.” The immune system make antibodies to attack foreign invaders in the body, but alloantibodies attack our own red blood cells instead.

These alloantibodies did not attack red blood cells in the dams – the mother cows – but when the calves received them through colostrum they caused terrible damage.

Alex Berenson

In 2010, German scientists found that a Pfizer veterinary vaccine to reduce diarrhea in cows caused a fatal bleeding disease in their calves.

Even after pressure from Germany caused Pfizer to stop selling the vaccine there, the company kept selling it elsewhere. A top Pfizer official told British farmers it was safe to use and that “other factors” were likely involved.

A month later, Pfizer stopped selling the vaccine. European regulators later found it caused a 1-in-6000 risk of the bleeding disease. “For a prophylactic measure such as vaccination this figure was considered unacceptable for a potentially fatal disorder,” the regulators found.

The risk of Covid-vaccine induced myocarditis – which can be fatal – in young men is now estimated at somewhere between 1 in 2000 and 1 in 3000.

Apparently the rules are stricter for cows.


Six weeks after the final dose is plenty of time to discover serious vaccine side effects. Two months is more than adequate. Three is unnecessary.

Both before and after the mRNA Covid vaccines were authorized in 2020, regulators, politicians, and the media insisted on this point. Long-term safety data were not necessary for authorization – because vaccine side effects happen and are caught fast.

According to the Centers for Disease Control: Side effects generally happen within six weeks of receiving a vaccine dose…


Thus the Food and Drug Administration was actually being conservative when it told Pfizer and Moderna to follow at least half the people who had received the second mRNA dose in their clinical trials for 60 days, vaccine advocates said. At an online conference in October 2020, Dr. Peter Marks, the agency’s top vaccine regulator, said he believed two months was a reasonable standard given the severity of the pandemic and the rarity of long-term vaccine side effects.

That standard meant that fewer than 20,000 people who received mRNA vaccines would be tracked for two months or more – for vaccines that have now been given more than one billion people worldwide.

Dr. Marks of the FDA (from his basement), explaining his views on the amount of time required to be sure a vaccine is safe after its dosing is completed:

See the rest here

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Watch “Pfizer CEO’s Covid Bombshell: Two Shots ‘Offers Very Limited Protection, If Any'” on YouTube

Posted by M. C. on January 12, 2022

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla dropped a bombshell in a CNBC interview yesterday, admitting that his company’s Covid “vaccine” offers limited if any protection! He went on to say that a third shot of the same formula does offer some protection. The Biden Administration is in full panic mode as its Covid response lies in tatters. Also today: LA Times columnist believes it’s a great idea to mock unvaxxed people who die of covid.

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The FDA has Stockholm Syndrome

Posted by M. C. on January 6, 2022

Employees, the lesson for you here is, first seek an exemption.  If your employer denies your exemption request, then consider asking for the specific brand of vaccination they are demanding.  If they say they don’t care, choose Comiranty and wait because the pandemic charade will be over before Pfizer exposes itself to liability by making Comiranty available.


Stockholm syndrome is the psychological condition in which a hostage becomes so emotionally and irrationally attached to his or her criminal captor, that the hostage takes the side of the criminal captor as against those trying to thwart the criminal captor.  

It is a sad reflection of the debased state of the U.S. federal government when a $6 billion federal agency actively harms and discredits itself in order to serve the interests of its agency-napper to the detriment of the public it is supposed to serve.  The FDA’s recent actively misleading statements about the FDA-approved status of Pfizer’s Covid shots sadly show that the FDA is playing Patty Hearst to the Pfizer’s SLA.    

The FDA is misleadingly stating that it has approved the Pfizer Covid vaccine, implying that an FDA-approved Pfizer Covid vaccine is currently being offered in the United States.  

The FDA has licensed and approved “a” Pfizer Covid shot.  The distinctive brand-name for the FDA-approved shot is “Comirnaty.”  Do not, however, expect Pfizer to sell, distribute, or make generally available the Comirnaty shot in the U.S.  This is because Pfizer has not obtained legal immunity for the Comirnaty shot.   If Pfizer were to sell, distribute, or make available the Comirnaty shot in the U.S., then Pfizer could be held legally responsible for the adverse health outcomes caused by Comirnaty.  Comirnaty, unlike child vaccines, is subject to normal product liablity laws.  Because of this fact, expect the FDA-approved Comirnaty shot to remain unavailable as long as Pfizer remains exposed to product liability suits brought by anyone injured by Comirnaty shot.  

Pfizer’s other Covid shot, the BioNTech brand shot, enjoys complete legal immunity in the U.S. market but has not obtained FDA approval.  The BioNTech shot is being administered under the Emergency Use Authorization (“EUA”) and enjoys complete legal immunity under the PREP Act.  EUA is a legal end-run around the FDA approval process made possible by the “pandemic.”  

The “show-me-the-incentive-and-I-will-show-you-the-outcome” outcome of the Comirnaty/BioNTech distinction is of course:  (1) Pfizer’s FDA-licensed and approved Comirnaty shot is not available in the United States and won’t be for the foreseeable future; and (2) Pfizer’s unlicensed and unapproved (but legally authorized for emergency use) BioNTech shot is abundantly available and will remain abundantly available.   The reason?  Financial incentives and disincentives.   If Pfizer were to sell or distribute Comirnaty in the U.S., Pfizer would face product liability lawsuits.  Pfizer would be held responsible for the injuries Comirnaty has caused.   Legal responsiblity and liability for injury = powerful economic disincentive to supply = lack of supply.  

Pfizer’s BioNTech shots, however, enjoy complete and total immunity from any and all death, damages and other injuries that they cause.   BioNTech’s immunity means that Pfizer has no risk and no downside for selling it in the U.S.   No legal responsiblity and no liability for injury and death = powerful economic incentive to sell and supply = abundant supply.  

For a loaf of bread a man will transgress.  Pr. 28:21.  

An honest regulator, after going through an arduous expedited approval process, would likely be indignant that its regulatory subject was withholding from the public, in the middle of a “pandemic” mind you, the only licensed and approved anti-pandemic drug.  Not so the FDA.  It falsely implies that the Pfizer vaccine being sold and distributed in the U.S. is FDA approved when it isn’t.  The FDA claims that the two Pfizer shots are the same, although “legally distinct.”  Yes, legally distinct.  If you are killed by the abundantly available BioNTech shot you will have no legal recourse against Pfizer.  If Comirnaty were available and it killed you, you could sue Pfizer and win because Pfizer has determined a known “death rate” for all of its “vaccines.”  In both cases you are dead.  Pfizer has removed the option that allows your family to get compensated for Pfizer’s killing you by removing Comiranty from the market.  The round-heeled FDA will not tell you this.  

Employees, the lesson for you here is, first seek an exemption.  If your employer denies your exemption request, then consider asking for the specific brand of vaccination they are demanding.  If they say they don’t care, choose Comiranty and wait because the pandemic charade will be over before Pfizer exposes itself to liability by making Comiranty available.  If your employer chooses one of the other EUA shots, then remind your employer of his/her Nuremberg Code obligations to provide informed consent before requiring that you submit to an experimental drug test.  If that doesn’t work, you will have to resign.  

Employers, the lesson for you is–grant each and every exemption request, no questions asked.  You are being played.  

Thanks to RFK Jr.’s website for pointing out the Comirnaty/BioNTech distinction.  

Be seeing you

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New York is Using Race to Determine Access to a Limited Supply of Life-Saving COVID Treatments

Posted by M. C. on January 2, 2022

Glenn Greenwald

Monoclonal Antibody Treatments Save Lives,” announcedthe New York City Department of Health in an October 26 public notice. These treatments “are available and lifesaving,” the agency said, noting that they “have averted at least 1,100 hospitalizations and at least 500 deaths among people treated in New York City.” The agency urged the public to seek out these monoclonal antibody treatments as soon as possible: “When given early after symptom onset, mAb treatments can decrease the risk of hospitalization and death due to COVID-19, which is why it is crucial to get tested for COVID-19 as soon as symptoms begin – the sooner someone is tested, the sooner treatment can begin.”

The city’s health agency quoted its own Health Commissioner Dr. Dave A. Chokshi: “the science shows that monoclonal antibody treatments work and can make all the difference when it comes to the severity of COVID-19 illness.” It thus urged that “treatment should be given as soon as possible after someone tests positive for COVID-19.” Studies from Pfizer, cited by the agency, independently demonstrated just how effective the company’s antiviral treatment, called Paxlovid, can be: it “decreased Covid-19-linked hospitalisation or mortality risk from any cause by 88%.”

New York City Department of Health Press Release, Oct. 26, 2021

But with the Omicron variant now the dominant COVID strain in New York, both the city and state are facing severe shortages in the availability of effective antiviral monoclonal treatments. While Pfizer claimed its antiviral treatment would work against Omicron, the New York State Department of Health issued a memo to all health care providers this week warning that “Sotrovimab (Xevudy) is the only authorized monoclonal antibody product expected to be effective against the omicron variant.” Yet due to “a significant surge in cases and reduced effectiveness of existing therapeutics due to the omicron variant,” the agency warned that “supplies of oral antivirals will be extremely limited initially.” As of this week, the agency also said the same of its monoclonal antibody treatment: “supplies of Sotrovimab are extremely limited.”

See the rest here

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No Politician Dares To Utter The Obvious | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary

Posted by M. C. on December 16, 2021

“The Emperor Has No Clothes!”

By Walt Gelles

Many U.S. governors—all of them Republican—have vowed to resist President Biden’s authoritarian COVID-19 vaccine mandates.  GOP pushback includes executive orders, lawsuits, and legislative bills.  And all three of Biden’s mandates have now been blocked by federal courts, at least for now—the diktat requiring the genetic-cocktail jab for businesses with 100 or more employees, another mandate targeting healthcare workers, and a third aimed at federal contractors.

But while Republican politicians take aim at the vaccine MANDATES, not a single Senator, Representative, governor, or mayor of either party will come out and state the obvious:

“The Covid vaccines don’t work.  They don’t provide immunity, and they don’t prevent transmission of the virus, as the CDC now admits.  Countless people who have been double-vaccinated are subsequently diagnosed with COVID-19 infection.  All that the vaccines claim to do is reduce the severity of (mild) symptoms of COVID-19 illness.  This transient protection supposedly lasts 4 to 6 months.”  

“Even worse, there is overwhelming and irrefutable evidence that the COVID-19 genetic-modification treatments of Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson, falsely labeled ‘vaccines’, are directly killing and severely damaging millions of people both in the United States and around the world.  This is abundantly clear from the U.S. CDC/VAERS data (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) and the adverse-events reporting systems of the United Kingdom and the European Union.”

In Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tale, only one lone boy observing the Emperor’s buck-naked procession through town had the courage to say: “The Emperor has no clothes!”  The throng of cowardly adults milling around the boy were in a trance of collective denial or else feigned ignorance of the obvious naked truth.

Today, the jabbed are in a trance of collective denial.  And not one politician has the courage to stand up and say the obvious naked truth:

“The so-called COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ all need to be taken off the market immediately.  All of these highly dangerous, often lethal ‘vaccines’ should have been withdrawn by February 2021 when it became empirically obvious that these defective products are massively injuring and killing people.  This slaughter is over a thousand times greater than any reputed deaths from COVID-19, a respiratory virus with a lower Infection Fatality Rate than the seasonal flu, according to the governments’ own data.” [1]

See the rest here

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