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Forget North Korea, America Is Already Quietly Nuking Itself

Posted by Martin C. Fox on August 14, 2017

MCViewpoint comment: Hanford, Rocky Flats, Subic Bay, military base burn pits, the government pollutes like the worst civilian companies did 100 years ago.

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(ANTIMEDIA) — While senior U.S. officials led by President Trump and media pundits sound the alarm over North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, America has been dealing with a series of nuclear leaks domestically that are already exposing the public to radioactive material.

The most recent case is in Washington State, where a radioactive leak at the Hanford Site nuclear facility that began on June 8 was kept secret for two months while contaminating the surrounding area.

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Earth Day, Nothing Says ‘We Care’ Like a Military Burn Pit

Posted by Martin C. Fox on April 19, 2017

The Colorado River now doesn’t even flow to the sea most years. A direct result of government sponsored damming and irrigation efforts. Your tax dollars paid for this.

There is no bigger polluter than government. The greatest environmental disasters of the last century are all pretty much either directly as a result of government action or knock on effects of government action. Yet so many environmentalists continue to have faith in the state. Read the rest of this entry »

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