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The Age of Resentment – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on January 20, 2020

Even more heretical, he expressed gratitude that his ancestors were taken to America in spite of their true status as victims because life for blacks was so much better in white, racist America than in black governed Africa.


There are several ways of expressing the “wokeness” of the times we are living in. I would argue that this is the age of resentment. It works like this, there is someone or something else, never oneself, to blame for every problem in life.  This concept applies across all (intersectional) groups, a primary example being racial groups. Thus, the 1619 project by the New York Times is intended to make African Americans resentful of white Americans based on the premise that American history is essentially a story of the victimhood of blacks. It follows that deep within the Maleboge of wokeness are white, male, heterosexual, Christians. They are the sole group (even as individuals) that can never claim victimhood, and in the end, are the perpetrators of every injustice ever committed anywhere. If that were not the ultimate indictment, even bad luck or acts of nature can be blamed on white privilege.

A very rare moment of truth-telling on race and the complexity of life was exhibited by the journalist Keith Richburg in his book Out of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa and this excerpt on why the problems in Africa persist,

The reason, of course, is that Africans are black. Too much criticism from white countries in the West comes dangerously close to sounding racist. And African leaders seem willing enough to play that card, constantly raising the specter of “neocolonialism.” Most Africans were born in independent black countries, but their leaders still harp about colonialism the way black America’s self-described “leaders” like to talk about slavery and Jim Crow. There’s another similarity, too. Black African leaders talk about foreign aid as if they’re entitled to it — it’s something that is due to Africa, with no strings attached — the same way many American blacks see government assistance programs as a kind of entitlement of birth. In both cases, you’re left with black people wallowing in a safety net of dependency…

Even more heretical, he expressed gratitude that his ancestors were taken to America in spite of their true status as victims because life for blacks was so much better in white, racist America than in black governed Africa.

While much can be written on the groups who are harmed by wokeness, I think it is critical to understand the impact on those who are “helped” by it. That is, to understand the sad and pernicious effects of fostering resentment in these people. The fact is that resentment is a psychological problem. To anyone I care for I always advise to try to overcome resentment, even when the person has truly suffered from injustice. Of course, Jesus’ message to love your enemies delivered at the Sermon on the Mount resonates with the perspective to eschew resentment.

To reject resentment is a primary assertion of stoics. One of my favorite quotes of Pascal through the years makes this point also through the Christian perspective.

“Thus I stretch out my arms to my saviour, who, after being foretold for four thousand years, came on earth to die and suffer for me at the time and the circumstances foretold. By his grace I peaceably await death, in the hope of being eternally united, and meanwhile I live joyfully, whether in the blessings which he is pleased to bestow on me or in the afflictions which he sends me for my own good and taught me how to endure by his example.”

I think the teaching against resentment has been expressed in many cultures. For example, the Bengali/English writer Nirad Chaudhuri wrote this passage in the second volume of his autobiography “Thy Hand, Great Anarch! India 1921-1952,”

“I have learnt the significance of suffering without understanding why it should be the lot of human beings to have it inflicted on them. It does not regard innocence, nor wrongdoing, but comes upon all impartially. It seems to be some natural, inescapable phenomenon like storms, floods, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions. Looking upon it in this light, I have come to feel that there is nothing more cowardly than to nurse a grievance for it. Above all, I have come to hold that it is frivolity of the worst kind to air cheap compassion over it. There are only two victories over suffering offered to man: either to rise above it or to submit to it without complaining. That is being Homo sapiens in the first instance.”

Unfortunately we are living in a culture of resentment. Young minds are being formed by a zeitgeist of resentment. Yet, to encourage resentment in individuals and groups is truly madness, portending evil for everyone.

Be seeing you






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No, Salon, Hallmark movies aren’t ‘fascist,’ but your magazine proves that wokeness is a new form of ‘cultural imperialism’ — RT Op-ed

Posted by M. C. on January 3, 2020

In August, CNN reported on a study entitled “Robots and Racism” released in 2018 by a team at the Human Interface Technology Lab in New Zealand. The article asserted that it was problematic that most robots were manufactured out of white plastic, since it smacked of imperialism and white supremacy.

Michael Rectenwald

When Hallmark pulled ads featuring lesbian wedding couples, the network was denounced as ‘homophobic.’ But even after agreeing to woke activist demands, its movies were equated with ‘fascist propaganda’ by the media.

The latest in a line of targets that includes the Peloton exercise equipment company – whose stationary bicycle ad raised the ire of feminists for allegedly fat-shaming women – Hallmark has been savaged by the woke brigade. In December, One Million Moms – a division of religious conservative group the American Family Association – pressured Hallmark to remove four ads that end with lesbian wedding couples engaging in the traditional deal-sealing kiss.

The family entertainment network complied – until, that is, the woke crowd caught on to Hallmark’s “wrongthink.” An LGBTQ+ boycott of Hallmark was called – as if the LGBTQ+ community had been avid Hallmark card or movie fans in the first place. But facing the bombardment, Hallmark soon succumbed to the LGBTQ+ activists led by GLAAD.

Hallmark issued a tweet reversing its decision not to air the same-sex wedding ads, and went even further: “Hallmark will be working with GLAAD to better represent the LGBTQ community across our portfolio of brands.”

However, the woke media did not relent. In one of several examples of piling on, Salon politics writer Amanda Marcotte argued that the “family-friendly” channel’s sentimental movies “constitute the platonic ideal of fascist propaganda.” Whatever that means. Who knew that fascist propaganda followed a platonic ideal? Marcotte further suggested that Hallmark’s holiday programming is particularly fascistic: “It’s like watching ‘The Stepford Wives,’ but scarier, since the evil plot to replace normal people with robots is never actually revealed.”

Could it be that Hallmark’s “evil plot to replace human beings with robots is never revealed” because it doesn’t exist? Or that Hallmark’s “very narrow, sentimentalized version of Christmas” doesn’t equal fascist propaganda? Typical of woke rhetoric, it’s Marcotte’s expression that constitutes propaganda, as well as including a logical fallacy. Because some fascist propaganda is sentimental, Marcotte assumes that all sentimentality is fascist. Yeah. Only in the warped worldview of woke hysterics.

The 1944 Italian poster below represents real fascist propaganda. It features a child menaced by the hands of three “evil” forces – portrayed as threats during the interwar years – Judaism, communism, and freemasonry. The head of an innocent and terrified child is lodged within the boot of Italy and featured on a black background of doom. Notice how sentiment is used to elicit bigotry and fear.


To suggest that Hallmark’s “patented holiday season schmaltz” remotely resembles such graphic propaganda represents the hallmark of political illiteracy and historical myopia.

Rather than demonstrating that “empty-headed kitsch fits neatly in the authoritarian worldview,” Salon’s Amanda Marcotte shows that wokeness itself tends toward cultural imperialism, or “the imposition by one usually politically or economically dominant community of various aspects of its own culture onto another, nondominant community.”

Hallmark joins the corpses that continue to mount in the killing fields of wokeness. In January 2019 in the UK, Harry Miller – whose situation and name recall the great American playwrightHenr Arthur Miller and the sex-scandalous American novelist Henry Miller – was investigated by the police for retweeting a trans-skeptical limerick on Twitter. Although not (yet) a criminal, Miller was informed that he was under investigation for thought crimes: “We need to check your thinking,” the Kafkaesque officer told the dock worker.

The casualties from 2019 include not only cultural but also scientific and technological quarry as well. In December, a group of 16 computer scientists – from labs at universities including Cambridge, Oxford, the University of Toronto, and others – wrote a letter to the journal Nature to denounce the use of the term “quantum supremacy” in an article on the “superiority” of quantum over “classical” computing. The use of the word “supremacy,” they wrote, “risks sustaining divisions in race, gender and class. We call for the community to use ‘quantum advantage’ instead.” It’s a wonder that the word “classical” wasn’t also denounced for being “Eurocentric.”

In August, CNN reported on a study entitled “Robots and Racism” released in 2018 by a team at the Human Interface Technology Lab in New Zealand. The article asserted that it was problematic that most robots were manufactured out of white plastic, since it smacked of imperialism and white supremacy.

The litany could go on and on. Soon cumulus clouds will be denounced for their puffy white faces and snow for its white supremacist implications.

The seizure of Hallmark by woke activism amounts to nothing less than the “colonization” of yet another frontier by cultural imperialists. Not satisfied with their incursion into and control over the vast majority of culture, including social media, establishment media, establishment news, and 99.9 percent of Hollywood products, they demand that every expression of humanity conforms to their desiderata.

What will become of Hallmark now that it has agreed not only to run ads with enraptured gay, lesbian, and transgender couples but also that it will bow to the demands for the “inclusion” of everything that its current viewers and card buyers apparently oppose? According to the hegemonic ethos of wokeness, such niche markets catering to specific groups must now be abandoned.

Perhaps it’s due time that traditionalists turn woke rhetoric against wokeness itself and “reclaim their traditional culture” in the next wave of cultural decolonization.

Be seeing you

Christmas Hallmark movie Bingo! | Holidays | Pinterest ...



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It’s Always Funny Until Someone Gets Hurt – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on October 11, 2019

Wokeness is funny when you are poking those who cannot fight back (hint: straight white Christian males).

Bionic Mosquito

Daryl Morey sent, then deleted what is likely the most expensive tweet in history:

Fight for Freedom, Stand with Hong Kong

Why so expensive?  Morey is general manager of the NBA’s Houston Rockets.  The NBA is big business in China.  Several NBA stars make big money in China.  Several NBA teams are currently in China playing exhibition games.

Suffice it to say, the government of China is not happy. Sponsorships are being pulled, events are being cancelled, billboards are being taken down. This could cost the league billions…unless the NBA bows low to the wishes of the communist government.

The poor NBA. They have gone further than any other pro sports league in the US in allowing all employees – players and management – to speak out on social issues, politics, etc.

It seems “wokeness” is not something China wants to import from the United States. The NBA has no good way out of this. Maybe one: put a lid on players and management from commenting on social issues anywhere. The players might go along, given how many hundreds of millions of dollars accrue to them via relationships in China. That would really be funny.

It’s always funny until someone gets hurt. Wokeness is funny when you are poking those who cannot fight back (hint: straight white Christian males).

But watching this self-inflicted circus from hell really is hilarious.

Be seeing you

Business will be the unifier for NBA and China


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Please America, take Meghan Markle back | Spectator USA

Posted by M. C. on October 5, 2019

She has dragged across the Atlantic a garbage truck full of the most emetic US wokeness

…Markle is a nightmare. At the time of her engagement to Prince Harry — hitherto a genial if somewhat dim young man who occasionally enjoyed Nazi dress-up for parties — we were all enjoined to believe that this was Britain’s ‘Obama Moment’: i.e., a rather wonderful thing to behold. It was an Obama Moment because Meghan was — is — of course black and was joining the royal family, which has been pretty resolutely white these last thousand years or so, unless you count Greeks as black. Meghan’s admirable blackness was trumpeted from the rooftops by the liberals who could show you racism in a handful of dust. None of the rest of us cared in the slightest about her skin color or provenance, and still don’t. Truth be told, her skin color is the least objectionable thing about the woman.

It’s the rest of the stuff we don’t like — although when we point this out we are invariably accused of racism. No, what Meghan has done is drag with her, across the Atlantic, a garbage truck full of the most emetic US wokeness and deposited it on our front lawns. She has brought with her the infantile identity politics of Hollywood and US campuses, with all its non sequiturs, its bizarre obsessions, its mutual contradictions and its self-evident hypocrisies. The politics of Taylor Swift and Robert Downey Jr. The sort of stuff which, in the end, convinced your people to vote for Donald Trump, as a kind of blessed relief, a form of deliverance.

She lectures us Brits on poverty and how awful it is. Well, indeed. I say beware of being lectured on poverty by a woman whose engagement ring cost almost $370,000. Beware of being lectured on poverty by a woman whose house was refurbished by the taxpayers at a cost of $30 million so that she could have right-on organic paint on the walls and bring up her child in a ‘gender-neutral environment’, whatever the hell that is. Oh, and also bung in two orangeries and a ‘floating floor’. The two of them then announced with ineffable sanctimony to the world that they would be having no more than two children, because that was the socially responsible thing to do — failing to understand that our birthrate in the UK is stable or actually in decline and that the people who need to be told about family planning all tend to live in sub-Saharan Africa or the Asian third world. But to mention that would be politically incorrect, one assumes.

Then there’s the climate change stuff. She has urged all of us to ‘do our bit’. She’s done hers. Countless trips across the world in private jets — four in 11 days at one point — leaving a carbon footprint equivalent to personally strangling 42,000 polar bears or clubbing to death 500,000 seals. But the sheer hypocrisy does not begin to register with the woman.When the double standards were pointed out in the media we were told that her reaction was to ‘rise above it’. Yeah, in a 19-seater Lear jet, with a lackey pouring you an Aperol with kale juice.

The Duchess of Sussex, to give her the proper title, was invited to guest-edit British Vogue and indulged in a magnificent spate of virtue-signaling. On the cover she chose photographs of ‘inspirational women’ who almost all seemed to have been chosen for their ethnicity, celebrity or progressive opinions and almost all of whom were utterly devoid of talent. There was no room on that cover for her grandmother-in-law, the Queen, who has presided over our nation for nearly 70 years with consummate dignity and reserve, like royals are supposed to do. But dignity and reserve are not part of Meghan’s political lexicon: instead, it’s all about ‘me’,a liberal narcissism dressed up as compassion.

More Meghan? There’s always more Meghan, pouring out of the newspapers on a daily basis. Meghan’s personal team, for instance. She doesn’t need a personal team because the royal family does all that — an established firm, the royals, tend to know their stuff. But presumably as part of the growing feud between Meghan and Harry on the one side and the rather more circumspect (and royal) William and Kate on the other, Meghan has ditched their joint press officer and is now employing American Sara Latham, who did such a brilliant job as Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign adviser. Meanwhile, Harry has been landed with another former Barack Obama aide as his private secretary, Heather Wong.

All of this stuff, this leftish and repulsive political grandstanding by people who are as rich as Croesus, will not be new to you in America. It is a fugue of self-serving imbecility which accompanies you every day, I suppose, from an unimaginably affluent elite which simply has no conception of how ordinary people live their lives.

The extent to which it grates on the populace can be seen by what they do, the thicko voters, once they make their way down to the polls. My suspicion is that for every celebrity video decrying Trump as a white supremacist scumbag, the Republican vote inches up by a few hundred thousand. The message being: we will watch your TV programs and films and listen to your music, but when you lecture us on politics we will either ignore you or use your views as an indication of what not to think.

For Meghan, though, the problem is a little graver. The royal family is supposed to be above the political fray. The Queen of England rarely ends her tweets #MeToo. Indeed, she tends not to tweet. Meghan, though, is palpably not above the political fray, except that I suppose these hyperliberals, as the philosopher John Gray calls them, do not think they are ‘political’ at all, simply that they are totally right about everything and that any and all objections to their vapid pronouncements must come from one or another deeply regrettable condition — racism, for example, or sexism or homophobia. Meghan, in attempting to be the bastard offspring of Rosa Parks and Bono, is alienating the commoners, the very people who are usually most supportive of our monarchy.

Anyway, perhaps we will be in for some respite, sooner or later. Meghan and Harry have let it be known that they are thinking of moving to Hollywood. Good. The woman has already blurred the lines between what she thinks a royal should be and what she knows a celebrity should be. In truth, although there may be some faded, fusty glamour attached to the British royal family, like a slightly foxed first edition smelling faintly of corgi urine, it is light years from Hollywood celebritydom: in a sense it is the very antithesis of it.

Either way, take her back, will you, before we become a republic.

Be seeing you

Prince Harry stood up against homophobia

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