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National Weather Service Ammo Buy-Thor’s Hammer is Aimed at YOU. UPDATE DHS is Ordering Even More Ammo!

Posted by M. C. on August 14, 2012

The government is expecting unrest on a huge scale.  It and its bankster buddies have screwed things up so badly even the government knows disaster is fast approaching.  The recent revelation that the government has instructed the big banks to form a survival plan for when the cards come tumbling down is further proof.

What do you want to do when you fear someone?  Put them out of commission, one way or another.  The inherent traits of all governments political, religious or otherwise are the urge to control the lowly unwashed masses and the fear of what they might do in return.  Now even the weather service fears the masses.  I am betting the truth is Big Sis Napolitano probably wanted the extra ammo off its books and didn’t expect anyone to notice the NWS was buying another 46,000 rounds of hollowpoints!  I wouldn’t be surprised to see the farm bureau making a couple million round ammo purchase.  When the DHS buys 450M rounds of (just) handgun ammo that is illegal in international warfare we know it isn’t to fight invaders.  The targets are domestic.

The target is you and me.  If you speak out, fail to conform, have the wrong bumper-sticker on your car, pay in cash to avoid digital tracking, encrypt your data or otherwise cry out against freedom killing government.   You WILL be dealt with, one way or another.

UPDATE:  DHS is ordering 750M more rounds to protect us from ourselves.  I guess the NWS really does expect to fight off the citizens. If the citizenry was going to take out the NWS I would think they would have done it already for bad forecasting.

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2 Responses to “National Weather Service Ammo Buy-Thor’s Hammer is Aimed at YOU. UPDATE DHS is Ordering Even More Ammo!”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    Civil War 2 is coming. The Ruling Elite want it. They are preparing for it. They’re arming. The Detention Camps are ready. All thats needed is the False Flag incident or series of Incidents happening in quick succession to take place. I’m sure elements of the intelligence community are all ready to proceed against the American sheeple. Of course elements of the American military will also fire upon the populace. You can be sure that it’s no accident that 30% of the Army is made up of Green Card holders. Turn in your guns citizen and line up for transit in the Shackle Train. Oh by the way, it’s a one way trip.

    • Hans said

      Sad but true. An ex Navy Seal friend of mine told me a few things that really stuck with me. I had heard about a CIA action they called Operation Spike. I asked him and he confirmed what I suspected. An ex Navy Captain who lives near me resigned after being asked if he would participate in gun seizures when the time came. Simply put, America is screwed and all of us with it. I find it interesting that the right wing call Obama a Socialist but why is all of this being driven by these psychopaths on Wall Street , the big corporations and the international bankers. I also don’t buy the standard 9/11 crap either when bldg number 7 comes down at close to free fall speed. To me, it is a shell game and the classic divide and conquer routine used by Stalin and Hitler.

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