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The Erie Times Ed Matthews Has It For Hillary – Part 2 The Real Issue

Posted by Martin C. Fox on November 26, 2012

So What is the Real Issue?  It is not Ed.  It is his Enabler.

We had an incumbent president that tried to appoint an admitted communist and capitalism hater, Van Jones, as green czar.  Obama said he wants to destroy the coal industry.  He inhibits oil drilling in US waters so drillers can go to other countries to help them “catch up”.  He admits he is an advocate of redistribution (stealing) of your money.  He wants to grow government and run private companies (GM).  He goes to NATO and the UN to get an OKey Dokey to go to war instead of congress.  He has given himself the right to detain or execute anyone, anywhere without representation or habeas corpus.  He uses drones for indiscriminate execution and premature endings of Afghan and Pakistani weddings.  He will use the UN to implement domestic gun control (the Erie Times should be OK with that).  He panders to unions with Obamacare waivers and screwed auto company investors to the UAW’s advantage.

If the Erie Times thinks a drone addicted, progressive, mercantilist, corporatist, UN run New World Order advocate like Obama wants to promote peace and freedom, reduce the deficit and government size they should get out of the business now.

Romney’s foreign policy philosophy is whatever Bill Kristol, (secret nuclear power, lying, spying Israel’s) Bibi Netanyahu and the Pentagon tell him it is.  He offered no detail at all on any issue in the campaign except we can be pretty sure he will invade Iran.  He offered a flicker of insight on how GM and Chrysler should have been dealt with, chapter 11 re-organization instead of funding more of the same failed policies.  Romney hates Romney/Obamacare except for the parts he likes.  He certainly can’t be trusted to maintain any position (hear that NRA?) except possibly starting yet another war in Iran.  Mitt would have been a fine puppet for his neo-con masters.

What more can you say about what Mitt will do when even Mitt doesn’t know?

Did I mention he wants war with Iran?

Some choice.

Neither candidate nor anyone in congress except Ron Paul came close to addressing the deficit.  The candidates and presstitutes blather about a $1T reduction over ten years when the deficit increases $1T every year.  That is just the tip. The 75 year projections I see for unfunded mandates like Medicare and SS are in the $200T range.  That averages $3T a year on top of what is being discussed now.  That is a lot of debt to print your way out of.  Default is the only long term option.  Default is the 200T pound gorilla in the room.  It should have been front page, above the fold every day.  Maybe if Ron Paul got some intelligent coverage it would have been.

It wasn’t.  He didn’t.

Both Romney and Obama are worthless and a danger to peace and freedom.  The Times should have done the right thing and said this straight out in their endorsement. 

It didn’t.

Be seeing you


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