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NSA Spying – When Dianne Feinstein’s Committee Or A Reporter Gets Zapped It Is A Different Story.

Posted by Martin C. Fox on May 10, 2014

This is a rehash of a recent post but it can’t be helped.  The following was submitted to the Erie Times-News.  The response was typical of what I receive when submitting guest editorials and complaining about the butcher that edits letters – Nothing.

Caroline Little of the Newspaper Association of America in the 5 May Erie Times-News complains about government treatment of the press. Particularly how the NSA hacked reporters’ phone records. It is a “sobering time for the newspaper industry”.

The media had their chance to stop the NSA but there is more for them to worry about.

Where is the condemnation of the public’s privacy invasion? Where is the Newspaper Association’s condemnation of James Clapper after he lied under oath to congress about NSA spying? Decimation of the Constitution was OK because it’s to fight terrorism.

When Diane Feinstein’s committee or a reporter gets zapped that is a different story.

Little says a free press allows journalists to go behind the scenes exposing corruption. Sorry Caroline, mainstream investigative journalism died with Jack Anderson.

The only reason the network news watching public even knows about the extent of NSA spying, aside from a few NYT and WaPo crumbs, is because of Edward Snowden. These activities have been reported on alternative news sites for years, without the fine details but it was there. Mainstream media didn’t get scooped by Snowden; they were keeping this under wraps.

Mainstream journalism and network news are nothing but sounding boards for the government. Ask the wrong question at a press conference and you are shut off. Question what Israel does and you get fired.

Look at recent high-profile events you didn’t read about in the paper or hear from Brian Williams.

The head of the BLM is a former Reid aide that Reid helped appoint to the post. Harry Reid’s son Rory is the front man for the Chinese solar panel company buying public grazing land far below market value. The BLM SWAT team was doing Reid’s dirty work.

Seymour Hersch’s expose that Turkey’s President was the brains behind the sarin gas attack by the Syrian rebels. The Joint Chiefs knew Syrian Al Qaida rebels had sarin gas capability. The Libyan outpost run by Ambassador Chris Stevens and the adjacent CIA outpost was nothing more than a conduit for sending leftover Libyan arms to Syrian rebels.

The Ukrainian coup was sponsored by the US state department and the National Endowment for Democracy. The intercepted Victoria Nuland “EU”cell phone call caught her planning who the US was plotting to put in power. The US state department installed neo-Nazis that worship Stepan Bandera. Bandera headed the German SS in Ukraine during WW II.

You have to dig hard to uncover any of these revelations in newspapers or on network news. Still, If the internet news sites knew of these, so did the big boys. Why does Seymour Hersch, who exposed May Lai and won a Pulitzer, have to present his latest expose in the London Review of Books? Did the mainstream refuse to touch this?

Newspapers are struggling. TV news viewer-ship is sinking too. I saw a recent poll where only 30% of the public gets their news from television. Those that care to look a little deeper for the truth are bailing out. Their parachute is the internet.

The internet is changing everything. It may be a mess clogged with junk but the truth is in there. That is why Hillary wants to put a “filter” on it.

If mainstream news hadn’t spent years covering up for the NSA then maybe phone hacking would have been prevented. Inquiring minds might have more faith in “the media” and its newspapers.

Caroline Little’s problems are self-induced.

Be seeing you


One Response to “NSA Spying – When Dianne Feinstein’s Committee Or A Reporter Gets Zapped It Is A Different Story.”

  1. Screw the Mainstream Press. They sold us out decades ago. Now they have a little problem with the NSA spying on them. Well the NSA has been spying on the Press and Americans enmass since 1947. But now its a problem for jerk provincials who work on small town puissant newspapers. The so called Main stream News both print and electronic is not News, it’s brainwashing. To be avoided. If the Rubes on Main Street want news they have to look to alternative outlets that are cropping up everywhere.

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