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Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya-Going In Circles

Posted by Martin C. Fox on February 13, 2016

Spanish born philosopher Santayana said those who ignorant of history are bound to repeat it. He also said only the dead have seen the end of war.

There was a predominate superpower hell-bent for world hegemony via compliant puppet governments. Military bases and an all powerful navy were spread throughout the world. Control of the Middle East was crucial. This superpower played allies and enemies against each other to further it’s agenda. Promises were repeatedly made and broken. Western powers all wanted a piece of the Middle East action.

The Middle East was made up of numerous tribes and sects, each of which had their own particular needs and goals. Many of these groups were at odds with their neighbors and religious variants.

This superpower was unable to recognize these rivalries let alone deal with them. The overall situation was incredibly complex. The superpower did not let ignorance hinder its efforts.

The superpower had other issues. The left hand often did not know what the right was doing. Intelligence agencies were inaccurate, inefficient and data was manipulated to support this or that agenda. Communication between competing organizations was poor due to innate ineffectiveness and by intent.

The superpower was over extended militarily and financially. Discord grew both in government and the military.

Whahhabism and Sharia law grew from second tier entities to predominate culture in Arabia as a result of hated foreign intervention in sacred land.

Gains made in recent wars, expensive in lives and resources, were lost as various groups sought to throw off unwanted Western presence and influence. The poorly managed military was at a loss to deal with the revolts.

The country was the United Kingdom (along with France and Italy). The time was the war to end all wars, WW I. The book is A Peace to End all Peace by David Fromkin. A dissertation on how the West helped turn the Middle East into what it is today. Similarities to our current Middle East predicament fly off the pages like drone fired missiles.

One curious anomaly was the Zionist movement. Zionism was enthusiastically promoted by the UK for religious reasons like some in the US promote it today. There was not yet an AIPAC to bribe and bully Parliament. Many Arab factions looked sympathetically or at least benignly at a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Postwar manipulation, lies and power plays put the kibosh on that.

Currently we are set to surge in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan…again. Starting over…again. Quite a legacy one hundred years of trying.

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