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Facebook And Twit-ter Sell Out Their Subscribers Again

Posted by Martin C. Fox on November 23, 2016

The last post described the all too common pot/kettle situation with the press. Those screaming ‘fake news’ are the ones causing the problem.

Facebook feigns shock all the while giving China custom censorship tools in exchange for access. Censored news is fake news no matter what weasel words are used to justify it.

Now we learn:

Facebook has restricted content in other countries before, such as Pakistan, Russia and Turkey, in keeping with the typical practice of American internet companies that generally comply with government requests to block certain content after it is posted.

But the new feature takes that a step further by preventing content from appearing in feeds in China in the first place.

I think it is safe to say Facebook does not have it’s subscribers best interest at heart. It is more concerned with it’s parents (CIA) interests…and oh yah $$$.

Twit-terers are in no better shape.

This week, the FBI gained a powerful new mass surveillance capability: It can access every single one of the 500 million messages posted on Twitter each day.

The FBI got this access through a contract with Dataminr, a company partly owned by Twitter itself and the one company able to give users access to the full “fire hose” of Twitter data. (The publicly-available API only allows access to about 1 percent of all tweets.)

Social media is nothing more than a data mining operation. Selling to the highest bidder. When their owners are the government or their useful idiots they keep the best for themselves.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google CEOs are no idiots. They are more than willing minions.

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