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Fauci’s Out and Public Health Officials are Turning on Themselves

Posted by M. C. on August 23, 2022

The petition link is here. This is the beginning of the petition

We are demanding our colleagues and fellow leaders in public health to reconsider and replace Dr. Wen with someone whose work is consistent with anti-racist, anti-eugenicist public health practices and community health

Through her platform on news outlets and social media, Dr. Wen has promoted unscientificunsafeableistfatphobic, and unethical practices during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Robert W Malone MD, MS
Who is Robert Malone

Happy Monday! This weekend, I was on on stage at a private event with Robert Kennedy Jr. Jill and I met with our good friend Bobby, met some grand people at the tabletop discussion and are now home. I am working on the book this week, but the tyranny of the urgent keeps getting in the way.

Today, I am sharing some of the news stories and essays that have had me thinking hard this past week.

The big news – just out!

Well that is… FAUCI IS OUT – come December! (Merry Christmas?). One year after my infamous prediction on the Laura Ingram show regarding Omicron. Which, given Fauci’s likely accrued vaca time – probably means he is all but out the door now.

Why the sudden rush?

Statement by Anthony S. Fauci, M.D.

I am announcing today that I will be stepping down from the positions of Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and Chief of the NIAID Laboratory of Immunoregulation, as well as the position of Chief Medical Advisor to President Joe Biden. I will be leaving these positions in December of this year to pursue the next chapter of my career.

The Washington Examiner published this op-ed this morning. The gist of the story is along the lines of what I was writing last week:

The CDC needs new leadership, not reorganization (by the editorial board)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky admitted this week that her agency made “some pretty dramatic public mistakes” handling the coronavirus, promising to “pivot” the organization so that it can better provide information to ordinary people.

But communication was never the CDC’s real problem. That was its arrogant and politicized leadership, which was unable to tell the truth. That is why no one trusts the CDC anymore or cares much for its guidance, whatever it happens to be. The cure begins with Walensky’s resignation.

One of the more interesting bits of news over the last week is that Public Health leadership and associated community are turning on one of their own leaders. Dr. Leana Wen (CNN health policy analyst) actually has the nerve to suggest that COVID-19 is here to stay. That it is time to open up schools, end mask and vaccine mandates. For those that don’t know, Dr. Wen is also the former public health commissioner of Baltimore and past president of Planned Parenthood.

For the sin of recognizing reality and advocating a return to normalcy, there is an online petition to have Dr. Wen taken off the speaker list at this year’s American Public Health Association (APHA) meeting.

The petition link is here. This is the beginning of the petition

We are demanding our colleagues and fellow leaders in public health to reconsider and replace Dr. Wen with someone whose work is consistent with anti-racist, anti-eugenicist public health practices and community health

Through her platform on news outlets and social media, Dr. Wen has promoted unscientificunsafeableistfatphobic, and unethical practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, in a recent article, Dr. Wen suggested that infection should be accepted as a “new normal.” In another article, she writes about how learning loss is a threat to children from parents who want to keep their kids safe; despite the fact that as of 8/6/2022, 1,376 children have died from COVID-19 infection. In yet another article, she advocated for “hot vax spring,” suggesting – while still in an omicron surge – that municipalities lift all protections except vaccination. Her recommendations also included the unscientific and nonsensical suggestion of designating a section of planes to wearing masks in response to an airborne pathogen.

Whoa! Stop and think about this. A liberal public health spokesperson, known for her pragmatic style but who had previously advocated for rather extreme lockdown/vaccination measures and policies, is being outed as “unscientific, nonsensical, unsafe, ableist, fatphobic, and unethical” – and they basically also call her “racist” – holding “eugenicist public health” practice beliefs!

Oh, just so we are clear, the petition also implies that the Supreme Court Roe V. Wade is also her fault. The petitions goes on to state that many employees under her at planned parenthood were unhappy with her management style and didn’t like that she wouldn’t politicize abortion. You can’t make this stuff up.

Yep- I had to read that portion of the petition again. The petitioners blame Dr. Wen for the Supreme Court ruling on abortion. Reading from the petition:

During her tenure as President of PPFA, Dr. Wen was directly responsible for creating and enabling abusive conditions under which staffers left in mass exodus. As we sit at a moment where abortion access is under direct threat, with multiple states banning abortion with limited exception, it is important to point out that Dr. Wen’s leadership failure and unwillingness to address abortion’s political nature empowered attacks on abortion to escalate to the point we see today.

Is all this anger in the petition because Dr. Wen is now advocating for a fairly moderate points of view on how to handle public health and policy for COVID-19 going forward?

Or is this really about finding a scapegoat for the Roe V. Wade decision? Did these petitioners actually call Dr. Wen the nonsensical one? Pot calling kettle black!

There are currently 620 signatories. Many are from prominent positions in academia and government. The names are all listed at the end of the petition. Personally, I had an interesting time reading the names and job titles. I suggest y’ll taking a look and see who might be in your region – these are our public health officials folks. Making decisions on how to handle COVID-19, Monkeypox and the next new pandemic.

Of course, this all fits into Mass Formation model of crowd formation -where eventually the puritans turn on each other. As no one can be “pure enough” to meet the standards imposed by the group.

Speaking of Mass Formation – I was searching on the term yesterday to write the above and discovered that Google has played with the algorithms for the term again. Most of the articles identified by a Google search were written during January, 2022 , and have been placed above any real analysis of Dr. Desmet’s work or research/news articles written after that time (when the corporate press were reacting to my Joe Rogan interview). Articles defending the term and body of academic work are not listed. The Epoch Times has written many articles on Mass Formation and those also do not pull up in a generic google search on “mass formation”. In fact, Dr. Desmet’s new academic book on the subject isn’t even in the search results. Just articles defaming me and delegitimizing the 100s of legitimate news articles and research tomes on the subject

Of course, there are also the over 100 million views of the Joe Rogan interview. But this episode also does not come up in any search for “mass formation.”

One might say: censorship at its finest.

The thing is, Google always has the last laugh because they can skew the results over time – and there isn’t a darn thing you and I can do about it! They re-write history in real time by controlling what information you are allowed to read.

Read the Whole Article

Be seeing you

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Dr. Anthony S. Fauci: America’s Angel of Death

Posted by M. C. on May 25, 2021

Remember also that Dr. Fauci, while scaring the daylights out of Americans, quietly co-authored an article in the highly esteemed New England Journal of Medicine opining that Covid-19 had the profile of a bad seasonal flu, no worse than what we’d seen dozens of times in the past. Here’s the “cya” (cover your arse) conclusion:

“If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza….”

By Cherie Zaslawsky

“That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain.” –Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 5

Hollywood celebrities recently honored Dr. Fauci with an award for “courage” during a virtual gala for the AIDS Foundation. The glitterati heaped praises on the doctor, best summed up by actor Morgan Freeman who thanked him “for all of his efforts to keep as many of us alive as possible.”

So much for Hollywood virtue signalers. Now let’s do some fact-checking to determine exactly what we can thank Dr. Fauci for:

  • Funding outlawed gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology where fiendish scientists figured out how to make bat viruses “species-jump” to humans, and without which the pandemic of 2019-2020 would never have happened. Think about that. And see the recent article by Nicholas Wade.
  • Dictating the draconian lockdown of America, putting the public under virtual house arrest, destroying the livelihoods of millions of our citizens, and driving many to despair and some to suicide, while killing others via denial of normal medical care to “make room” for the millions of Covid hospitalizations that never materialized
  • Declaring hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) “ineffective,” thereby condemning thousands to death who never got this highly successful treatment
  • Pimping for Moderna and Pfizer experimental mRNA “vaccines” that have already resulted in thousands of deaths–3,848 listed in VAERS as of April 2021—and an additional 44,606 “adverse events,” including stroke and paralysis.


Interestingly, as the keynote speaker at Georgetown University’s forum on January 10, 2017, just days before Trump’s inauguration, Dr. Fauci chose as his topic: Pandemic Preparedness in the Next Administration. Here are a couple of quotes:

“There is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases…but also there will be a surprise outbreak.”

“The thing we’re extraordinarily confident about is that we are going to see this [outbreak] in the next few years.”

Um…Tony…just curious: If this pandemic outbreak would come as a complete surprise to President Trump, how did you happen to know about in advance? That wouldn’t have anything to do with your agency’s sneaking around Congress to fund “gain-of-function” virus research in Communist China’s Wuhan bioweapons lab now, would it?


See the rest here

Be seeing you

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